50 Amazing Harry Potter Gifts 2022

What do you get a Potterhead? The possibilities are truly endless, but a Harry Potter themed gift is a good place to start. As the books and movies have taken on a life of their own, it’s not hard to find Harry Potter gifts, but you don’t want to give just any Harry Potter gift? No. You want to give thee gift, the gift that will make them feel like they have a piece of this amazing story forever.

Here are a plethora of Harry Potter gifts that will make your loved one feel like they’re in Hogwarts.

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1. Harry Potter Book Collection

You can’t go wrong with the classic gift of the Harry Potter book series. Having all of the books, perfectly neat and ready to be read is truly the perfect gift for any Harry Potter lover. It’s also a great gift to give someone who hasn’t yet heard of this magical world.

2. Harry Potter Movie Collection

Though it may be scandalous to say, not every Potterhead has read the books and watched the movies. The Harry Potter series of DVD’s is the kind of gift that keeps on giving. They can be watched again and again without losing a bit of the magical feelings of happiness they bring to each person who views them.

3. Wizard’s Chess Set

Now, for more serious Potterheads, a game of wizards chess is among the more serious games you can play. It only comes second to Quidditch. Just like the intense scene from the first book, this game will give people a new hobby while reminding them of the world of wizards that they love so well.

4. The Noble Wand

Having your own wand is great, but some people feel that they’d much rather have Harry’s/ Luckily, this is now an option. This Noble Collection Harry Potter Wand is a direct replica of the one used by Harry Potter himself. It comes in an Olivander’s wand box, much like you would receive at the store in Diagon Alley.

5. A Gryffindor Robe


Everything is better when you’re wearing a robe. A Gryffindor robe will be a great gift to give the Potterhead in your life. Choose between the four houses of Hogwarts colors’ to sport while you walk around home or hang out in bed!

6. Harry Potter Doormat

Your doormat sets the tone of your home. It lets people know what to expect of the space you’ve created. This doormat will make a big statement and be a warm welcome to any other Harry Potter lovers who stop in for a visit.

7. Quidditch Bean Bag Toss Game


Though many people have created full on Quidditch leagues of their own, some people prefer more classic ways to incorporate their love of the game into their lives. Quidditch bean bag toss is very similar to corn hole, but with a Harry Potter twist.

8. Marauder’s Map

This map was one of the cooler items in the Harry Potter series. Holding it gave Harry Potter access to the whereabouts of everyone in the castle. Keeping it on hand might make people question where they roam while in your home.

9. Harry Potter Jigsaw Puzzle

A classic puzzle, with a Harry Potter twist. Jigsaw puzzles make great gifts for anyone, but it helps when its theme is something they love. Spend a few hours reminiscing about the story while you work on putting this puzzle together.

10. Gryffindor Scarf

Harry Potter Gryffindor Patch Knit Scarf, Multi, One Size at Amazon Men's  Clothing store

You’ll need an item like this when you’re outside watching Quidditch games, or roaming around the castle’s halls. Keep your neck warm with a Gryffindor scarf, and let everyone know which house you belong to.

11. Wizard Wand Brushes

Wizard Wand Brushes,WeChip 5 PCS Potter Makeup Brush Set

Perfect your look with this awesome Harry Potter inspired gift. These wand shaped brushes are perfect for Harry Potter lovers who enjoy wearing makeup. Find the perfect witchy palette and go to town!

12. Butter Beer Chapstick

Harry Potter Butter beer lip balm all natural Harry Potter image 0
Photo courtesy of CrazyMooseGifts on Etsy!

Even muggles get chapped lips from time to time, but they can easily find a solution that reminds them of the wizarding world. These Butter Beer scented lip balms are a nice small gift to give, that smells of the delicious drink Harry & friends get at the Leaky Cauldron.

13. Snitch Iceballs

HARRY POTTER™ SNITCH™ Ice Balls - Set of 2 | Williams Sonoma

On a hot day, you’ll need a little something to cool down with. Give your beverage a Harry Potter punch with these awesome Snitch ice molds. They might slip out of your hands faster than a real snitch would.

14. Harry Potter Chocolate Frog

Hold onto this gift tightly, as it was known to have jumped right out of Harry’s hands on the train to Hogwarts. A delicious treat that gives you pleasant memories of a young Harry Potter is a great gift to give.

15. Alohamora Key Holder

harry potter gifts
Photo courtesy of TreasureFromTheBayou

Alohamora was the spell used to unlock doors and windows, but you probably already knew that. this Alohamora key holder is the perfect addition to any entry or doorway. This way you won’t need to use the spell because you won’t lose your keys!

16. Bertie’s Botts Every Flavor Beans

Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, 1.2oz boxes ~ 6 Pack

Imagine yourself on the train to Hogwarts, and being offered a pack of these delicious jelly beans. Harry loved them, Ron loved them, and you will too! With a variety of flavors to choose from (some that will possibly gross you out!), they’re a nice small gift to receive.

17. Harry Potter Light-switch Cover

Lumos/Nox Harry Potter Light Switch Cover Aged | Etsy
Image courtesy of CoverWorldCreations on Etsy!

The wizarding world can be a part of your every day life with this light-switch cover. When the switch is up, it will be pointing to Lumos, a spell that means to give light. And when you turn your lights off, it will be switched to Nox, a spell that means to take away light. We love these Harry Potter gifts for it’s creativity, but also because it looks awesome!

18. Personalized Harry Potter Pajamas


Waking up Christmas morning (or any morning for that matter) feels so much better when you’re in Harry Potter pajamas. These customizable ones allow you to choose your house

19. Golden Snitch Clock

harry potter gifts

There’s nothing like waking up to a bit of magic. This golden snitch clock is the perfect piece to put in an office or on your bedside table. It looks just like a golden snitch, will give you a feeling of satisfaction each time you catch it, because we all know, these things are hard to get ahold of.

20. Harry Potter Candles

Let your home smell the way you wish it would smell, like the halls of Hogwarts. These candles come in 4 different varieties, representing each house at Hogwarts. It’s a great gift for the Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff in your life.

21. Crest Bookmarks

A bookmark is one of the best gifts you can give to a reader because they can never have enough. These bookmarks feature the crest of each house at Hogwarts, and are the perfect place keeper for someone reading the books, or any book for that matter.

22.Harry Potter Cookbook

harry potter gifts

Some of the best scenes in the Harry Potter series are those that take place in the great dining hall. The food on those long tables will make anyones mouth water. But now, you don’t have to just dream of what those foods taste like. This cookbook brings them to live with over 150 magical concoctions to bring to your very own kitchen.

23.Polyjuice Potion Flask

Polyjuice Potion inspired by Harry Potter   6oz Engraved Hip image 0
Photo courtesy of DrinkingBuddy on Etsy!

In the wizarding world, Polyjuice potions was taken to assume the form of another person. We’re not telling you what to put in this flask, but the decor of this will frighten any Potterhead watching you drink from it.

24. 6 pack of Butter Beer

These Non-Alcoholic Butter Beers will make you feel just like you’re in the Leaky Couldron, grabbing a drink with your favorite wizards. Get a 6-pack to enjoy with friends while you enjoy rewatching the movie for the 100th time.

25. A Wand

Random Wands Custom Wands Magic Wands Wood Wand Magic image 0
Image courtesy of HeartwoodWands on Etsy!

One of the most classic Harry Potter gift ideas you can think of is a wand. Anyone who has read the books or watched the movies has pictured themselves, wand in hand, casting a spell. Will these wands give you the magic you’ve always wanted? It’s hard to say. But it will definitely make you feel like you’re in another world!

26. Harry Potter Wine Glasses

Amazon.com | Harry Potter Stemless Wine Glasses, Set of 4 - Gold Harry  Potter Symbols and Designs - Glass - 17 oz: Wine Glasses

A glass of wine goes great with a Harry Potter movie night. And there’s nothing better to put your wine in than a Harry Potter inspired wine glass. Featuring popular symbols from the franchise, these glasses can come in handy for many occasions.

27. Coasters

Photo Courtesy of MatArtWood on Etys!

The perfect place to set your glass of butter beer is on a Harry Potter inspired coaster. The ones at Mat Art Wood on etsy are classic, made out of wood, and an excellent addition to any household.

28. Letter From The Ministry Bath Bomb

Letter from the Ministry Shimmer Bathbomb image 0
Photo courtesy of BathinNerdyLLC on Etsy

A letter from the ministry is enough to make any Potterhead shudder, which is why throwing it in the tub and watching it disintegrate is so satisfying. Bringing a little piece of Hogwarts into your bathroom is a fun way to get excited for a relaxing bath!

29. Time Turner Clock

Best Harry Potter Gifts

We’d all like the ability to turn back time. Having this clock beside your bedroom table will remind you that magic exists right before you start dreaming. Aside from being a great tribute to the Harry Potter series, this clock is classic and can mix right into any home decor.

30. Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Blanket

One of the biggest Hogwarts tributes you can display is a tapestry on the walls of your home. This Hogwarts tapestry features the colors and animals of each house, and will make a great addition to a game room, bedroom, or even a living room!

31. Harry Potter Luggage

HARRY POTTER™ Hard-Sided RAVENCLAW™ Carry-on Spinner

When you’re on your way to Hogwarts, or your local translation, you’ll need the perfect luggage to hold your valuables. Now, you can rep your Harry Potter love all over the world as you tote your luggage behind you. As far as Harry Potter gifts go, this is one of the coolest.

32. Coloring Book

Coloring can be a therapeutic way to unwind for adults and kids alike. It becomes even more magical when you’re coloring things like owls, elves, and broomsticks. It’s the perfect all-ages gift to give.

33. Nagini Mirror

Wizarding World Nagini Mirror

Add some luxury to your life with this gorgeous Nagini mirror. As snakes play a large role throughout the entire series as an association of the dark lord, this mirror is a great gift for any Slytherins in your like.

34. Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

harry potter gifts

Let’s be honest. Most Potterheads are just dying to prove that they are the biggest Harry Potter fans around. With so much competition, a great game of trivial pursuit is the best way to find out once and for all who remembers the most about the movies.

35. Harry Potter Uno

harry potter gifts

You can make your UNO experience a little more you by grabbing this Harry Potter Uno set. Maybe a little extra magic will help you to win the game!

36. Hogwarts Legos

This coveted lego set will help you to create a lego replica of the greatest school for wizards there ever was.

37. Herbology T Shirt

This t-shirt represents one of the most coveted course offered at Hogwarts. Herbology was class none of us could forget and this t-shirt perfect shows off a few ingredients that will make up the perfect potion!

38. Tri-Wizard Cup Light

The tri wizards cup is one of the Harry Potter gifts everyone might want to receive. This coveted prize was wanted by every student at Hogwarts at one point, and it would be a great addition to any room in your home.

39. Golden SnitchBook Light

It’s safe to say that most Harry Potter fans are avid readers, so these book lights make great Harry Potter gifts. It feature a golden snitch, which fans of the series will find especially special.

40. Gryffindor Playing Cards

harry potter gifts

This classic deck of playing cards is made even cooler with its Harry Potter theme. This one is decorated with Gryffindor colors, but they have decks from the other houses as well

Any of these Harry Potter gifts will be a joy to receive. You can feel confident knowing the Potterhead in your life will love their gift, whatever it may be. Check out more great gift lists at Good Gift Lists.