The Zero Waste Gift Guide

zero waste gifts

Has there ever been a better time to minimize your carbon footprint? Implementing zero waste practices into your daily life is a great way to take care of the planet, which is why so many people are getting on board and going zero waste. If you or someone you know has recently spoken about starting to minimize their waste, this zero waste gift guide can give you some good ideas for gifts that will help them on their new journey.

1. Reusable Straws

Straws are one of the most wasteful items that people consume, which is why an alternative is the perfect way to star a zero waste gift guide. Peopler are said to consume 500 million straws a day throughout the world. If that number staggers you, then you may want to invest in some stainless straws. They’re relatively cheap, and come with a bag and cleaner making them super easy to take with you to a restaurant.

2. Stainless Steel Containers

These stainless steel food containers are the perfect solution to wasteful items like plastic sandwich bags, and bowls. They can be used as bowls on their own, or stored in the fridge with their air sealed lid. These are also the perfect option for taking food home with you when you go out to eat. Tell your waiter to spare you the take home containers, cuz you’ll have your own!

3. Water Filter

Water bottles are another extremely wasteful product that we over consume. Investing in a good home water filtration system can help you save hundreds of waters bottles a year, while allowing you to use local water.

4. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

When you ditch the plastic water bottles for a home water filter, you’ll still need somewhere to store your water. Though the cups you already have at home will suffice while you’re there, you’ll need a good water bottle for when you want to take that water with you into the world. Hydroflask water bottles are perfect for maintaining the temperature of the water you put into it, because they’re made from stainless steel. they come in a variety of cool colors and sizes to choose from.

5. Reusable Grocery Bag

zero waste gift guide

A trip to the grocery store can easily leave you with a dozen useless plastic bags. Some will be from the grocery packing, while most are found in the produce section. If bagging each piece of produces is important to you, or you want to avoid laying your bare food in a gross cart, thees reusable grocery bags could be a great option. They’re perfect for putting bulky items in like potatoes, and come in a variety of sizes to fit all of your produce needs.

6. Glass Storage Jars

zero waste gift guide

Aside from being a great way to organize your pantry, these glass storage containers can help to lower plastic use greatly. These containers are perfect for nearly any foods, and come with an air tight lid to keep your food fresher longer. Measure how much they weigh empty, and then try using them at the bulk section of your local grocery store. Most places don’t mind so long as you have the tare weight available so they can price your products accurately.

7. Kitchen Compost

Composting in your kitchen is a great first step to really lowering your overall waste. So many food scraps and other natural items are able to composted, and doing so can greatly help the environment. This little kitchen composter is the perfect discreet kitchen addition to start you off on your composting journey.

8. Outdoor Compost

zero waste gift guide

After you’ve mastered kitchen composting, the next step is to invest in an outdoor composter. These heavy duty composter can hold gallons of waste and can create nutrient dense, organic soil that can be used in garden beds in your yard. It’s a natural fertilizer, and a great hobby to get into for people of all ages.

9. Bamboo Utensil Set

Zero Waste Wooden Cutlery Set  Handmade Alternative to Bamboo image 0
Photo courtesy of JungleCulture on Etsy!

Say no to the plastic utensil set that you’re often offered at fast food chains, or take out places. This convenient set can fit easily into a bag or even in your pocket. This pack even has a space for your reusable straw!

10. Bamboo Toothbrush

zero waste gift guide

It’s estimated that 1 billion plastic toothbrushes are disposed of each year in the United States. With dentists recommending you change your tooth brush every 3 months, it’s safe to say that most Americans are using around 4 plastic brushes a year. Switching to something more natural can help to decrease the overall waste with we collect each year.

11. Compostable Phone Case

zero waste gift guide

Phone cases are a kind of plastic that we may not consider when trying to go zero waste. We often want them to be customizable to use, which causes us to switch them out a few times each year. Switching to a compostable phone case could help to ease the guilt of changing your mind and replacing your case.

12. Natural Sponge

Natural sea sponges are a great shower alternative that is both eco friendly and easier on your body. These sponges don’t contain any harsh chemicals or dyes, or any micro-plastics that you’ll find one some wash rags. Those micro-plastics often find their way into the water systems which can harm the local environment.

13. Wool Dryer Ball

Public Goods Household Wool Dryer Balls

No zero waste gift guide is complete without listing this awesome invention. Skip the endless dryer sheets with these wool dryer balls. These four balls can be used in the dryer to assist in the drying of your clothes, and to help keep that static away.

14. Natural Soap

It's A Natural Mystic
Photo courtesy of ItsANaturalMystic on Etsy!

Many people are making the switch to soaps that are made with natural ingredients to avoid the harsh chemicals and dyes found in more standard soaps. Soaps like the ones at Natural Mystic are made with natural ingredients like olive oil, shea butter, and coconut oil, and use minimal packaging to keep waste down. Buying these soaps in bulk can minimize shipping costs while getting your soap purchase out of the way for a few months.

15. Wooden Soap Dish

zero waste gift guide

Wooden soap dishes are a great zero waste gift that can assist people in keeping their soaps harder longer. Natural soaps, made with natural ingredients can often disintegrate faster than unnatural chemical filled soap. These wooden soap dishes will allow your soap to drain in-between uses.

16. Beeswax Wrap

BEE PACK Mixed Beeswax Wraps 3 different sized variety pack image 0
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Beeswax wraps are a great alternative to man things. You can use them to wrap your children’s sandwiches for lung, to cover a bowl of food, and to keep vegetables fresh. They’ll wake the place of single-use plastic options easily.

17. Reusable Makeup Removing Pads

zero waste gift guide
Photo courtesy of AphroditeNaturalSpa on Etsy!

Taking off your make-up each day is an important step in keeping your skin healthy. For many people, cotton pads are the best way to do that, and now there’s a zero waste option to allow you to keep using them. Organic cotton pads make a great alternative to disposable make up remover pads. These are able to be rewashed multiple times, and can save you from a lot of unnecessary waste.

18. Ecotools Makeup Brushes

These cruelty free bamboo brushes are a great zero waste switch to make. You’ll get a variety of brushed to help you apply all kinds of make up. They’re also really affordable.

19. Menstrual Cup

zero waste gift guide

Women are said to use over 9,000 tampons and 15,000 pads in their lifetime. Those used sanitary products are then discarded into landfills or flushed down sewer systems. To combat that waste, companies like Lena created menstrual cups, which uses silicone to create the perfect mold to catch period blood. These mental cups can last for years with proper care and cleaning, making it the perfect zero waste solution to menstrual product waste.

20. Zero Waste Book

A great gift to give to someone looking into a zero waste lifestyle is a book that offers tips. Books like this one are awesome because they’re written by someone who has already been using zero waste practices for years. Their experience could prove helpful for newbies.

21. Natural Laundry Detergent

Standard laundry detergent containers are often large, and made completely of plastic. Depending on how many loads you do a much, this could leave you with at least 1 big empty container each month. The downside to those containers its that there’s nothing you can use them for after. This Simply Co detergent comes in a glass containers is also made from natural organic ingredients. This jar alone will give you 60 loads!

22. Seed Paper Card

Handmade Seed Paper with Pink Larkspur petals and wild flower image 0
Photo courtesy of flowerseedpaper on Etsy!

The greeting card industry creates a product that many people throw out hours after receiving. The thought is nice, but it’s wasteful nature is not. This is why cpoanie likes Flower Seed Paper are so wonderful. You can give a card to someone, and they’ll have the opportunity to the

22. Natural Sponges

zero waste gift guide


23. Wooden Notebook

What can’t you do with a good spray bottle? Here are a few options: use them for a homemade hairspray, for your bulk all purpose cleaner, or to spray your plants with. They can be used and repurposed plenty of times, so you’ll have the opportunity to do all three of those suggestions.

24. Stainless Steel Razor

A stainless steel razor is one of the easier zero waste alternatives to switch to. Both the handle and the razor are made from stainless steel on this brand of razor. You can switch the blades out when they get too dull and continue to use the handle for years to come.

We hope this zero waste gift guide has helped you to find the very best zero waste gifts to give. To check out more gift lists go to out homepage or use our search bar to look for a topic that interests you.