Gifts for People Who Love HBO’s Lovecraft Country

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I know we weren’t the only ones completely blown away by the HBO series Lovecraft Country. We’d gladly follow Atticus and the gang on any adventures they’d take. Like most people, when we love something, we want to own a little piece of it. These Lovecraft Country inspired gifts are the perfect thing to buy for yourself or a fellow fan. Here are a few Lovecraft Country Gifts to enjoy while we all wait for season 2!

Here are some of the best Lovecraft Country gifts!

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1. The Original Book

One of the coolest Lovecraft Country gifts you can give is a copy of the book it was based off of. This novel by Matt Ruff was published in 2016 and was quickly picked up to be made into the series we all know and love today.

2. Safe Negro Travel Guide Journal

Green Book Journal  Safe Travel Guide  Black History  Negro image 4
Photo courtesy of thetrinigee on Etsy!

The “Safe Negro Travel Guide” depicted in Lovecraft Country is actually based off of the Green Book, which was a book distributed to Black American road trips. This journal features a cover image that was similar to the original Green Book, and will be a tribute to both Lovecraft Country and Black history.

3. Hippolyta Fan Art

I am Hippolyta Original Art Print Lovecraft Country image 0
Photo courtesy of Salem365 on Etsy

The “I am” episode is one of my favorites, and no one can forget when Hippolyta sports this risqué outfit. This poster would hang nicely on any wall, and remind you to keep naming yourself as you see fit.

4. Dee’s Hat

Chicago American Giants - Mens Archive Snapback Hat

Dee doesn’t go anywhere without this hat, and know you can wear it on your own head.

5. Lovecraft Country Mask

Lovecraft Country Face Masks | Redbubble
photo courtesy of of maithaoquyen on Redbubble

In a time where wearing a mask is mandatory in most places, it’s cool to wear one that represent something you like. This cool Lovecraft Country gift will get a lot of use, but will hopeful be able to retire and maybe just be a decoration in your home.

6. The Complete 1st Season

lovecraft country gift

Luckily this show will stay on HBO forever, but sometimes it’s nice to have a physical copy. The complete first season on dvd will be a great addition to your fantasy collection.

7. A Character Mug

Lovecraft Country Cast Mug/ Lovecraft Country image 0
Courtsey of KRenaBhailsShop on Etsy!

These Lovecraft Country character cups are the perfect gift for fans of the series. Montrose would probably put alcohol in it, but you can drink whatever you wish!

8. “I Got You Kid” Sticker

Atticus Freeman I got you kid Baseball card Sticker image 0
Photo courtesy of Salem365 on Etsy!

If you know, you know. This scene was such an awesome moment in the show, and having a little memento of it is a great gift for any Lovecraft Country fan.

9. Ruby Baptiste Poster

"Ruby Baptiste Lovecraft Country 2020" Poster by Kobearsupply | Redbubble
Photo courtesy of Kobearsupply on Redbubble

Ruby is one of the most badass characters in the show. I often wish I could channel some of her confidence. This poster showcases her in all her glory!

10. Leti Inspired Solid Perfume

Lovecraft Country Inspired Leti Solid Perfume image 0
Photo by BodyFandom on Etsy!

If you’ve ever wondered how Leti might smell, this is probably the closest you’ll come to it. This solid perfume has a sweet and sultry scent, with hints of blackberry sage and raspberries, with bottom notes of musk and vanilla!

11. Orinthia Blue Vinyl Sticker

Hippolyta Freeman Vinyl Sticker LoveCraft Country image 1
Photo courtesy of Salem365 on Etsy!

Bring Orinthia Blue to your home with this awesome vinyl sticker. There are tons of places you can put it but we think it looks pretty good on a laptop as pictures above.

12. Lovecraft Country Pins

Lovecraft Country Gifts
Photo courtesy of Salem365 on Etsy!

These pins are great Lovecraft Country gifts, that can go nearly anywhere. Place them on your backpack, purse, or even your clothing to show everyone that you’re a diehard Lovecraft Country fan.

13. T-Shirt

Lovecraft Country Classic T-Shirt
Photo from amon-tees on Redbubble

There are a handful of good t-shirts, but this one stuck out to us the most. It depicts the main car from Lovecraft Country, Woody, driving down a road with a few interesting road blocks ahead.

14. An Orrery

Gothic Steampunk Victorian Four Seasons Tellurian Orrery image 0
Photo from Omahaorrery on Etsy

Ughh. If only it were possible to get a replica of the exact orrery from Lovecraft Country, our lives would be complete. This was one of the coolest objects in the movie, and luckily, there are a few small businesses who make ones similar to them. Check out this orrery, and gift it to the person you think would be able to unlock its powers.

15. Gordon Parks Print

Washington DC Grocery Store Photo 1942 Gordon Parks African image 0
Photo courtesy of HistoricalPix on Etsy!

There are so many cool aspects of this amazing show, but one of the coolest was it’s depiction of the past. Many scenes are actually recreations of photographs from the past. One of the famous photographers that has many pictures replicated int he show is Gordon Parks. He took a variety of pictures from that time throughout the country, and one of his prints would be a great gift for someone who loves Lovecraft Country.

We hope these gifts will hold you over until a second season is announced or released. For more great gift lists, check out Good Gift Lists!