20 Gifts for Men Under $20

This blog post is about great gifts for men under $20

Finding good gifts for men can be difficult, especially when you’re on a budget. The men in our lives always seem to be the toughest to shop for, which is why “Gifts for Men” is such a popular search term. Lucky for you, there are some really great gifts for men that don’t cost an arm and a leg. If you’ve been on the hunt for a while, and still can’t seem to find the perfect gift for the man in your life, we hope this list will lead you in the right direction. This list features gifts that are all under $20!

1. Yeti Mug

This stainless steel cup is the perfect option to keep your drink as hot or cold as you like it. Take it camping to maintain the temp of water or hot chocolate, or just to pour your alcohol in.

2. Ice Mold Trays

These ice cube molds are the perfect addition to any adult beverage. Some may say they can make the drink taste better, but who knows. Large ice cups are fun, and these molds will give you the perfect large ice cube each time. Throw them in a glass of whiskey to make it feel like them feel like they’re back at the bar.

3.Personalized Flask

Personalized Engraved Flask  Personalized Black Flask  image 0
Photo courtesy of ThePersonalizedGift on Etsy

Sometimes it just feels good to know you have your favorite drink on you at all times. This personalized flask is a great gift for men who like to throw one back.

4. Mambo Sauce

If your guy is the one that mans the barbecue, they’ll need to be equipped with a good sauce. Mambo sauce is a delicious addition to any meat they throw on the grill.

5. Bottle Opener With Cap Catcher

Cap Catcher Bottle Wall Mount With Cap Catcher Groomsmen image 0
Photo from BigPineCustoms on Etsy!

If the man in your life is a beer drinker, they’ll benefit greatly from having a good home bottle opener around. This one was even created to catchy those pesky bottle caps that are always showing up in strange places.

6. Good Coffee

Great gifts for men

If the man in your life loves drinking coffee, why not gift them a bag of the good stuff. Coffee from a cool roaster like Stumptown is the perfect gift to up their caffeine intake and thrill their tastebuds.

7. Charcoal & Tea Tree Soap

Charcoal & Tea Tree Natural Soap  Handmade Soap image 0
Photo courtesy of ItsANaturalMystic on Instagram

Manly men like a manly soap. They tend to be more drawn to darker colors and intense scents, so this Charcoal and Tea Tree soap will be the perfect option. It’s made with natural ingredients that can help to absorb excess oil.

8. Beard Care Kit

Beard care kit is the perfect gift for men

Most men can grow a beard, but how many of them know how to take proper care of them? A bear care kit could give them the push they need to take beard grooming to a new level.

9.Stainless Steel Razor

Stainless steel razors are an awesome zero waste gift to give the man in your life. These razors ditch the plastic handles for a more sustainable option. Find an option that comes with a few blades like this one, and they’ll be set!

10. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Who doesn’t like to bump their favorite tunes in the shower? This bluetooth enables shower speaker can play the music they have on their phone loud enough that you won’t hear their voice in the shower.

11. Razor Stand

If you’re gonna get the man in your life a new razor, you should probably pair it with a new razor stand. Keeping it up in a stand could help it steer clear of any bacteria or debris that’s probably sitting on the sink.

12. Beard Apron

Amazon.com: Beard Bib - Official BEARD KING Beard Catcher - Mens Grooming  Cape for Shaping and Trimming - One Size Fits All - Static and Stick Free  Fabric - White - Deluxe: Beauty

The only thing worse than shaving is cleaning up the hair from around the sink and the floor. A beard apron may not look very cool, but it is one of the most helpful gifts you can give a hairy man. You’ll be surprised at how often they use it.

13. Leather Wallet

Personalized leather Wallet Personalized wallet personalized Dark Brown Classic
Photo from YoursPersonalized on Etsy!

A good wallet is a great gift for anyone, but especially men. I’m unsure why men’s wallets get worn down so easily, but it seems like they need a new one every couple of years.

14. Paracord Bracelet

great gifts for men are easy to find when you have the right gift list to look at.

Do you have a survivalist on your hands? We have no doubt that they’ll love this awesome gift. This two pack of paracord bracelets has everything that would come in handy if they were to get lost in the woods.

15. On the Go Tool Kit

It feels good to always have tools on you, but not many people are willing to bring a full tool box with them everywhere they go. As far as gifts for men goes, this one may be the most classic. This on the go tool kit is the perfect option for men to keep in their cars, and bring out at a moment’s notice.

16. Windproof Lighter

great gifts for men that aren's expensive

If you’ve given up on trying to get the man in your life to quit smoking, you might as well embrace it. This windproof Tesla Coil Lighter is an awesome gift to give. Plus, it’s rechargeable.

17. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

gifts for men that are under $20

If the man in your life spends a lot of his time on the computer, a pair of these blue light blocking glasses could be a useful gift for them to have. They give their eyes a rest while they’re doing their work.

18. Car Phone Mount

cheap gifts for men

As the famous GPS is beginning to go out of style, phones have become the new way to get directions. This car phone mount sits perfectly on the dashboard of the car and can be a great help to men who want to confidently go anywhere.

19. Cellphone Holder

awesome and cheap gifts for men

This phone holder is a great gift that men can set on their desk. It keeps their phone in view at all times so they won’t have to strain to see if they’ve received a message or an email.

20. Wireless Charger

Good gifts for men under $20

There’s something cool about charging your phone without it being plugged into the wall. This wireless charger can come with you anywhere and is a great gift for men who travel for work, or aren’t always around an outlet.

These gifts for men are both cheap and awesome! They make the perfect stocking stuffers, but can definitely stand on their own as birthday or Father’s day gifts. For more ideas on what to get the man in your life, check out Good Gift Lists.