The Best Grace & Frankie Gifts

It didn’t take long for the Netflix series Grace & Frankie to win over the hearts of millions. I can admit to watching the series straight through over a handful of times, and I know I’m not alone. Any true Grace & Frankie fan will want to own some awesome Grace and Frankie gifts, and we’ve found some of the best! Good Gift Lists has come up with everything from t-shirts, to artwork, to a very classy Vybrant tumbler to included in this ultimate list of Grace and Frankie gifts.

Here are the best Grace and Frankie gifts on the internet.

And if you want to learn how to get Frankie’s style, you should check out this post!

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1. Frankie’s Laptop Cover

Frankie’s laptop case is arguably one of the most memorable items in the show. Now, you can have it too! Nancy Rosen, the artist that paints all of Frankie’s paintings in real life offers a lap top case with this amazing artwork on it, in her shop!

2. The Complete DVD Set

Grace and Frankie: The Complete Series, Seasons 1-6 (DVD, 18-Disc Set)

If you’re a true Grace & Frankie fan, you won’t want to risk not having access to the hit show for the rest of your life. This dvd set is a great Grace and Frankie gift that will allow you to keep the show with you forever!

3. Grace & Frankie Card

A thoughtful grace and frankie gift to give would be a fine art card featuring artwork from Frankie Bergstein herself. Well, it’s created by the woman who paints Frankie’s artwork, but same thing! This card is one worth framing, and will be a great addition to the home of any Frankie lover.

4. Makeup Bag

Who wouldn’t want to put their makeup in this fun little pouch. You can also use it to put your joints in, which is probably what Frankie would do!

5. Frankie T-Shirt

Photo courtesy of ClothingByJennifer 

This shirt is epic, and features our girl Frankie looking so peaceful while quoting one of her more intense quotes from the show. It’s the perfect combination! this is a great piece to rep Frankie Bergstein, but if you want to actually dress like her you should check out the Ultimate Frankie Bergstein Style Guide!

6. A Vybrant Mug

The spirit of Vybrant can live on long after the show with this awesome tumbler. It’s the perfect grace and frankie gift because only true fans will recognize the logo. Fill it with coffee, soda, or vodka and feel vybrant all day!

7. Frankie’s Funky Jewelry

Have you ever wondered where Frankie gets all of here funky chunky jewelry? Look no further than the artists Adina Mills, who is the jeweler that creates most of Frankie’s pieces. Snag a piece for yourself or your favorite Grace & Frankie fan. You find more Frankie Bergstein style at The Ultimate Frankie Bergstein Style Guide!

8. Grace Painting Print

As you know by now (because we’ve already said it 10 times), Nancy Rosen is the artist who paints Frankie Bergstein’s paintings. Lucky for us, she offers prints of some of her most popular work, including this iconic Grace portrait of her drinking a martini. Hang it in your kitchen so that you can cheers to this legend every day!

9. Frankie Inspired Overalls

Don’t these look just like her classic painting overalls? You’ll feel comfortable and stylish just like Ms.Bergstein does! She has a lot of classic looks that we tried to replicate over on our Frankie Style Guide post!

10. Grace & Frankie Keychain

A small and subtle grace and frankie gift, this keychain is perfect to give to a friend.

11. Greeting Card

If you’ve got a fan in your life who loves this show, then this greeting card will be perfect for any occasion.

12. Grace & Frankie Prayer Candles

Grace and Frankie are angels in the eyes of many, and are just as deserving of prayer candle status as some other holy figures. Light one of these next to your altar of crystals and vodka and you’ll feel like a little piece of your favorite girl duo is with you.

13. T Shirt

As far as grace and frankie gifts go, none may be more useful than this tote bag. Throw in a few del tacos, some wine, and your vybrant vibrator and you’ll be ready to take on the world!

14. Poster Photo

This 8×10 photo is the perfect addition to any office space to remind you to “chill out” as Frankie would say.

15. Comfy Overalls

YESNO Women Casual Cropped Bib Pants Wide Leg Jumpsuits Rompers Overalls/w Pockets  PZZ YESNO | Wide leg jumpsuit, Jumpsuit romper, Cotton jumpsuit

Frankie’s wardrobe is admired by many, and through it may be hard to find some of her exact clothing (since most of it is vintage!), it’s fun to grab a few items that are inspired by her. We can clearly see her wearing this jumpsuit while painting, or doing cartwheels by the sea!

16. Del Taco T-Shirt

Every Frankie Bergstein fan knows that there’s nothing a trip to Del Taco can’t fix. If you aren’t from an area that has this delicious fast food chain, the least you can do is where a shirt in its honor.

17. Frankie Mug

There are so many amazing Frankie Bergstein quotes to choose from, but why choose? This Grace and Frankie gift puts all of your favorite quotes on one delightful mug!

18. Frankie Sticker

This sticker would be a great addition to your laptop, favorite notebook, or anywhere else you can think to put it.

19. Grace and Frankie Christmas Ornament

grace and frankie merch

Deck out any tree with this super cute Grace and Frankie Ornament.

20. Cast Name Tote Bag

Photo Credit ZoeBrugg on RebBubble

Rep your favorite tv show wherever you go with this awesome tote bag that features all of the main characters names from Grace and Frankie. This is one of the great Grace and Frankie gifts for people who like to carry a lot of shit around!

We hope you love this list as much as you love the show Grace & Frankie! Check out our Ultimate Frankie Bergstein Style Guide for some of Frankie’s most classic pieces, and style inspiration! For more awesome gift lists from your favorite TV shows, check out Good Gift Lists!