25 Great Elephant Gifts for People Who Love Elephants

gifts for elephant lovers

It’s not hard to figure out why so many people are fascinated by elephants. Known for being the largest land animal and having a great memory, elephants have long been beloved by people. These creatures stand for strength and power so having a piece of them with you can help you to feel that you have a little bit of the magic they hold. Here are 25 of the greatest elephants gifts out there for you or elephant lover in your life.

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1. Shower Curtains

What better way is there to start or end your day then by walking past an awesome elephant shower curtain and into the shower. This eye catching piece will delight you and your guests who enter your bathroom.

2. Tea Mug

gifts for elephant lovers

Finding elephant gifts for people can be tricky, as you’ll want to make sure you get something that will get a lot. Lucky for you, few things get more use than a good mug. This tea mug is so cute and useful as it also comes with a space to place your tea bag when it’s finished steeping.

3. Slippers

gifts for elephant lovers

Everyone needs a good pair of slippers for the winter. A great elephant gift to give are these awesome slippers. They’re useful, comfy, and fun to wear!

4.Candle Holder

This decorative piece is the perfect addition to desks and mantles. It’s golden color will make it feel like a treasure as it illuminates the room. As far as elephant gifts go, candle holders like this one are perfect for capturing the magic that these animals possess.

5. Coasters

Photo courtsy of craftsandthecity

Setting your drink down and protecting your tables has never been so fun as it will be with these awesome elephant coasters. Each featuring its own gorgeous elephant image, this elephant gift is one that will surely get a lot of use.

6. Jewelry Box

Name a better place to keep your tiny adornments than this elephant jewelry box. The outside will be just as pleasing to look at as the treasures you keep inside of it.

7. Tapestry

gifts for elephant lovers
Photo courtesy of DanMorrisArt

Decorating your home is easy when you have a great tapestry to hang on the wall. This one in particular is a great elephant gift, as it features a few artsy elephants on it’s surface.

8. Calendar

Everyone needs a calendar, and it’s nice to have one that features your favorite animals. This National Geographic elephant calendar has a wide variety of professional elephant shots to go along with each month of the year. It’ll make you excited to turn each page.

9. Wine Glass

Engraved wine glass Mosaic Elephant image 0

Who says that drinking and elephants don’t mix? That person has obviously never been given the amazing elephant gift of a personalized wine glass. Pour some of your favorite red or white in this glass and your two great passions will combine for the greater good!

10. Coffee Table Book

It’s nice to have something interesting to pic up and glance through when you’re sitting on the couch. This book is the perfect coffee table book to do just that with. The amazing pictures inside will be a welcome talking point for guests and house members alike.

11. Throw Pillow

A throw pillow is a great elephant gift to give as a housewarming present. This elephant throw pillow would look great on a couch, chair, or decor for your bed.

12. Blanket

Sleepwish Elephant Blanket Adult Super Soft Cozy Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket Black White 3D African Elephant Walking Blanket for Men Boys (Throw 50" x 60")

Though you may never get the chance to cozy up with a real elephant, a good throw blanket may be a nice second choice. This blanket is cozy, and features a super realistic image of a beautiful elephant.

13. Journal

They say an elephant never forgets, but people often do. Elephants gifts that help keep track of your memories are perfect for gift giving, and none do that better than a journal. This elephant journal is a gorgeous way to write down all of your feelings, memories, and experiences so that you never forget them.

14. Desk Storage

Storage gifts are always a good idea. This little elephant gift is perfect for desk storage as it can hold your phone easily as well as a few of your favorite pencils or pens. It’d be a good gift for someone who just got a new job, or is going off to school.

15. T-Shirt

Elephant T-Shirt Animal Illustration Tshirts Mens Womens image 0

Of all the elephant gifts, none show off your love of elephants more openly than a t-shirt. What you wear is how you express yourself and boasting your favorite animal is a good way to let people know that they’re your thing. This one in particular is nice because it comes in a variety of colors.

16. Bookends

These elephants gifts will be the perfect present for any book lover. Helping to keep books neatly in their place, bookends are both useful and pleasing to look at.

17. Door Mat

Personalised Elephant Family Door Mat  Unique Gift for Family image 0

If you’re looking for personalized elephant gifts to give, a door mat is the perfect option. This door mat can be made to say nearly anything, and gives a great first impression for people entering your home.

18. Cutting Board

Personalized Elephant Cutting Board Animal Design Wildlife Maple Large 14x10

If you or your loved one spend a lot of time in the kitchen, this elephant themed cutting board could be a great elephant gift to give. Its hand carved and features beautiful patterns, while still maintaining the classic elephant shape.

19. Planter Pot

2 Pack Elephant Shaped Succulents Plants Pot with Saucer Retro Glaze Ceramic Flower Pot Garden Yard Flower Succulent Bonsai Bed Trough Plant DIY Pot Home Desktop Decoration

Plant lovers will be over the moon about these awesome elephant plant potters. They’re the perfect size for small succulents or other tiny plants.

20. Rings

Thumb Ring 925-Antique Silver RingSterling Silver RingSilver image 0

Elephants are known to travel in packs, which makes this ring and others like it that much more special. It could be a great representation of familial strength, and a cool reminder to be able to look down at every day on your finger.

21. Coloring Book

Coloring isn’t just for children. On the contrary, coloring is a therapeutic and calming activity for all ages, especially adults. This elephant themed coloring book is a fun gift to give anyone who needs a little more zen in their life, or a little more color!

23. NonFiction Book

Most elephant lovers are interested in more than just the visuals of these magnificent creatures. A book about someone whose had many encounters with elephants could bring on a new understanding and perspective on what they’re really like. This book, or others like it are great elephants gifts to give anyone who wants to dig a little deeper.

24. Bag

Men and women both need somewhere to keep all their things, and this elephant bag is the perfect item to hold them. Throw in your wallet, your water bottle, and whatever else you need and hit the road with this neat bag.

25. Earrings

elephant gifts

As far as jewelry goes, it’s pretty easy to find some with an elephant theme. These in particular are the perfect mix of cool and subtle, and would make a great elephant gift for someone a little more eccentric.

Each of these elephant gifts would be a great option to give to your loved one. For more great gift lists, check out GoodGiftLists.com