The Best Books for Babies 2022

Reading to babies is a great way to expand their growing minds, which makes baby books the perfect gift to give them. Some of the best books for babies feature beautiful illustrations and just the right amount of words to get the point across. They’re the perfect gift for baby showers or birthday parties, and are conveniently inexpensive. This list features some of the best baby books, and almost all of them come in board book form, making them pretty resistant to drooly little baby hands and mouths. Enjoy our list of the best baby books!

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1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

best books for babies

This classic book is one of the most sold board books in the world for a reason. It’s beautiful illustrations tell the story of a hungry caterpillar who snacks his way through the book towards transformation!

2. Peek-a-Who?

Rhyming text is combined with silly peek a book cut outs, as children guess what’s behind each flap.

3. Goodnight Moon

A little bunny takes its time to thoughtfully say goodnight to everything around them. 

4. ABC’s of Space

best books for babies

Any science lover will be happy to give this book to the new baby in their lives. It goes through the alphabet with space related words that will get them excited to learn about our galaxy.

5. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

best books forbabies

Learn the alphabet as the letters race to the top of a coconut tree.

6. The Pout Pout Fish

A grumpy first discovers that being grumpy isn’t it’s cracked up to be, and the ocean is their inspiration..

7. Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Your child will see a ton of brightly illustrated animals in this classic book by Eric Carle.

8. No No Yes Yes

best books for babies

Babies will learn what is good behavior and what is bad behavior in this cheeky board book

9. Baby Signs

best books for babies

With this book babies will learn some of the most essential sign language signs, and be able to communicate their needs before they learn to speak. 

10. Where’s Spot

Babies can lift flaps for find this furry little guy named spot. It’s a great book for dog lovers and dog owners. 

11. First 100 Words

There’s a reason the sis one of the most popular books for babies. It helps them to learn some of the words they’ll use most in the next few years!

12. Besos for Baby

Everyone that loves this baby is happy to give them besoms (the Spanish word for kisses). With a mixture of both Spanish and English words, it’s the perfect way to introduce babies to a new language. 

13. Moo, Baa, La La La

best books for babies

Learn the sounds that animals make, and get a kick out of saying them aloud.

14.Anti-racist Baby

Take your baby along for the journey through 9 steps to help create a more antiracist world!

15. Dr. Seuss’ ABC’s

One of the most classic ABC books out there, written by the famous Dr.Seuss.

16. Are You My Mother? 

A baby bird searches for their mother, and asks a lot of unlikely candidates along the way. 

17. Black & White

best books for babies

The black and white images in this book will engage babies during a time when they can’t see color clearly.

18. One Love

Based on the song by Bob Marley and written by his daughter, this book brings to life Marley’s meaningful lyrics to a new generation. 

19. A is for Activist

It’s never too early to begin teaching your child how to be an activist. This little board book goes through the alphabet, and teaches babies important words about topics like justice, civil rights, environmentalist, and more!

20. Baby Sees Colors

Introduce your baby to colors that will mesmerize them!

21. Who? A Celebration of Babies

An exploration of the relationships that babies form with the people and things around them.

22. Dream Big Little One

A tiny book that showcases trailblazing black women who have changed the world.

23. Giraffe’s Can’t Dance

best books for babies

Gerald the Giraffe has a passion for dancing, but his lanky limbs and lack of coordination makes it difficult. That doesn’t stop him from trying!

24. Feminist Baby

A feminist baby takes on the world with her big opinions, and avoidance of typical gender stereotypes. It’s an accessible introduction to feminism in its most simple terms. 

25. Corduroy 

A classic story about the friendship between a little girl and her little bear.

26.I Love You to The Moon and Back

A sweet rhyming book about love.

27. Tap The Magic Tree

This book encourages action as you tap, shake, and jiggle your way through the pages and bring a little tree to life!

28. Woke Baby

Prepare your child to change the world with this lyrical book of hope and inspiration.

29. Little Blue Truck

A little blue truck gets stuck, but with the help of its animal friends they find their way out. Be prepared to repeat some silly truck and animal sounds. 

30. The Wonky Donkey

best books for babies

Get ready for lots of laughs in this silly board book as you follow this wonky donkey’s journey.

Well there you have it, 30 of some of the best books for babies you’ll find out there. With most being around $5, it won’t break the bank to get the little one in your life a nice little collection of fun books to be read. If you enjoyed this list you might also enjoy some our others like 32 Gifts for New Moms!