The Best Products for Dreadlocks & Locs

If you’ve just started your loc journey, or are hoping to soon, you’re probably scouring the internet looking for tips. Knowing which products for dreadlocks to use can be the most helpful advice you’ll receive throughout this new journey. Though everyone’s preference for products for locs will vary, some tried and true essentials are used by almost everyone in the loc community. This list features some of the best products for people starting their loc journey that you’ll be sure to use for years to come. If you’re trying to keep it basic and natural, these are the products for you!

Here are some of the best products for dreadlocks.

1. Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Shampoo

shampoo soap product for locs

As far as products for locs goes, this shampoo is one of the most essential. It leaves you hair feeling super clean, and it free from any harsh sulfates. The peppermint essential oil leaves your scalp feeling tingly, and free from build up. The bigger bottles last forever and can be used as a body soap as well! It’s one of the best products for dreadlocks that you’ll use.

2. Microfiber Towel

Drying your hair is one of the most time consuming aspects of washing your hair. While some people opt to use the assistance of heat to dry their hair, in the form of a blow dryer, others prefer to let their hair dry more naturally. It will take a full day to let your hair dry on it’s own, if not longer, but with the help of this microfiber towel, you can cut that time in half. This towel is able to absorb moisture better than standard towels and t-shirts, and can be a big help on wash day.

3. Glass Spray Bottles

a wonderufl product for locs

Adding hydration to your locs is a critical part of the hair care process. Making your own sprays is the best way to figure out which water and oil mixes work best.

4. Unrefined Coconut Oil

The properties found in coconut oil make it a great scalp moisturizer. Put a little bit on your fingers and massage your scalp to keep it moisturized, and avoid dry scalp and dandruff. But be sure to only use it on your scalp, as coconut oil becomes solid at room temperature and no one wants chunks of coconut oil sitting in their locs. Your body heat will keep the oil melted so long as it’s only on your scalp.

5. Satin Scarf

Corciova Scarves

To prevent any extra frizziness, you’ll want to keep your hair wrapped up at night. This satin scarf won’t snag your hair, and will keep it in place while it locs up.

6.Satin Pillow Case

What you sleep on each night can effect your hair in either a positive or negative way. Cotton pillow cases are known to strip oil from the hair and leave fuzz in your locs. A satin pillow case is a great product for locs that will benefit your hair by leaving it well moisturized and free from fuzz.

7. Applicator Bottle

best products for dreadlocks

If you’re into whipping up your own concoctions for yours locs then you’ll definitely benefit from having a few applicator bottles at your house. They’re great for making oil blends for your scalp, as they allow you to really aim it on just your scalp, and not your actual locs.

8. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

\loc journey products

This is one of the most recommended oils to use on your scalp when you have locs. If you’re experiencing dry or itchiness on your scalp, this oil is the one to use. It’s thick, moisturizing, Massage it into your scalp for best results.

9. Almond Oil

best products for dreadlocks

Almond oil is a great, lightweight oil to use on your locs to help soften and moisturize them after washing. It can help to seal in moisture from water and won’t cause a lot of build-up. It’s also a great multi-use item, as many of these products for dreadlocks are. You can use it on the rest of your body or even on your lips!

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple cider vinegar is great for a lot of things, but when it comes to locs you’ll want this to help you to loosen up any build up on your scalp. It’s also an essential component to ACV rinses when the time comes to try one out. To use regularly, add to a spray bottle and spray on your scalp while your hair is wet. Wash out after with a good smelling shampoo.

11. Rose Water

this is a great product for lcos

Rose water is a great hydrator for locs that can also nourish and condition them. Hydration tools like this are great products for dreadlocks that can be used daily to improve scent, and fight off dryness. This bottle will last you a good while, and smells amazing!

12. Metal Hair Clips

bet products for dreadlocks

If you plan on re-twisting your own hair (which is totally attainable with a little practice) you’ll want to have some of these clips. They help to keep your locs in place while your new growth dries in the new twist pattern. They’re essential if you plan on doing your own hair.

12. Xtra Large Hair Ties

best products for dreadlocks

Locd hair is typically thicker than your normal hair. It’s also heavier, and will only continue to be so as your hair grows. Your typically hair tie just won’t work, or get anywhere close to holding up all of your hair. Loc specific hair ties will be sturdy and big enough to hold your hair, and will be an essential loc product as your hair matures.

These are just a few of the amazing products for dreadlocks that are out there. When you’re starting your loc journey, it’s important to try products and figure out which works the best for you. Still, you can’t go wrong with these essential products for locs. For more great gifts for people with locs check out Good Gift Lists!