25 Gifts for Outdoors Lovers

Luckily for you, people who love the outdoors tend to have or need a lot of gear to make it more comfortable for them. Good gifts for outdoor lovers will give them even more excuses to get outdoors and enjoy they preferred environment. If you yourself aren’t an outdoor lover, it can be hard to come up with the kind of gear that they’ll go crazy over. That’s why we’re here. This list is the ultimate gift list for outdoor lovers and includes some of the most essential items they’ll need, as well as some fun extras they’d love to have. 

Here are a few gifts for outdoor enthusiasts.

1. A Tent

Coleman Sundome Tent

People that love the outdoors will often be more willing to sleep outside. Upgrading their tent can be a welcome gift for outdoor lovers that allows them to spend even more time outside. 

2. Hammock

gifts for outdoor lovers

Relaxing outside is easy when you have a great place to do it. Hammocks are awesome seating and laying options when you’re outdoors, and can be set up anywhere that has a few sturdy trees. 

3. Camping Backpack

Outdoor enthusiast have a lot of gear, which means they’ll need somewhere to put it all. A good outdoor backpack will have a lot of storage, but stile able to sit comfortably on the back of their owner. This one meets the criteria. 

4. Pocket Knife

gifts for outdoor lovers

This versatile contraption can prove to be very handy when you’re outdoors. Every good outdoor enthusiast will appreciate this gift. 

5. Compass

gifts for outdoor lovers

A sense of directions is an important quality of outdoorsy people, but is definitely not possessed by all. A compass will ensure that you know where you’re going at all times

6. Collapsable Water Bottle

gifts for people who love the outdoors

If the outdoor lover in your life has way too much gear, they may benefit from being gifted a collapsable water bottle. It take up no space when it’s not being used. 

7. Water Filter

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel, and Emergency Preparedness. Gifts for outdoor lovers

Fresh water isn’t always an option outdoors, especially when you have to carry it on your back for miles. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fresh water while hiking. A good water filter can make river water drinkable which can come in handy the further out you go. 

8. Insulated Mugs

Gifts for people who love the outdoors

Your hot coffee won’t stay hot too long when you’re outdoors unless you have it in the right cup. An insulated mug can give you the most time with your precious hot beverage before it inevitably cools down. 

9. Cooler

gifts for outdoor lovers

A good cooler is perfect on day hikes, days long hikes, or even just an evening in the woods. It keeps food and drinks cold for hours. 

10. Cast Iron Skillet

gifts for outdoor lovers

A good cast iron skillet is an essential gift for outdoor enthusiasts that love to cook. The skillet can withstand the heat from an open flame, and is a great surface to cook a variety of foods. 

11. Eating Outdoor Field Guide

books for outdoor lovers

Any food lovers would enjoy this gift for outdoor enthusiasts, as it provide plenty of options for how to get creative with food in the great outdoors. 

12. Cutlery

Product Image of color Titanium

If you’re gonna eat outside, you’ll need some good cutlery that can withstand the elements.

13. Inflatable Sleeping Pad

gifts for outdoor lovers

Sleeping on the ground is less than ideal and a little extra cushion never hurt nobody. This air mattress is compact, and can significantly improve the experience of sleeping outside. 

14. Wool Blanket

Woolly Mammoth Woolen Co. | Extra Large Merino Wool Camp Blanket | Perfect Outdoor Gear | Bedroll for Bushcraft, Camping, Trekking, Hiking, Survival, or Throw Blanket at The Cabin (Gray)

The outdoors is just more enjoyable when you’re comfortable, and a good wool blanket could be just the thing to keep the nights from getting too frigid. 

15. Sleeping Bag

gifts for outdoor lovers

An all-weather sleeping bag will keep your outdoor enthusiasts cozy as they call the outdoors home for the night. 

16. Survival First Aid Kit

gifts for outdoor lovers

Nothing is more important that being safe while you’re in the outdoors. They won’t be as close to medical help should they need it so a good survival first aid kit could literally be the different between life and death. It could also help to patch up any scrapes they get along the way.

17. Water Proof Poncho

gifts for outdoor lovers

Any outdoor enthusiast will tell you they’ve been caught in the rain. A water proof poncho could help to protect both them and their gear in the event that the weather isn’t on their side that day. 

18. Animal Proof Bag

gifts for outdoor lovers

Unwanted guests are a big no-no in the outdoors, especially when they’re potential predators. Animal proof bags keep your food safe when you’re in the while which will inevitably make you safer. They’re great gifts for outdoorsy people.

19. Portable Charger

There are not outlets in the great outdoors, which means that if your phone dies, you wont have access to it until you return to society. A portable charger is one of the more convenient gifts for outdoor lovers who don’t want to be completely unplugged. It’s also a great thing to have incase of an emergency.

20. Outdoor Collapsable Chairs

A compact chair is a must when you’re outdoors for a day or two. The ground isn’t always the most welcoming seat in the house, but a good chair will be safe place for your bum.

21. LED Headlamp

gifts for outdoor lovers

It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re roaming the woods, but the sun waits for no man. If it gets too dark, it can be difficult to see the path in front of you. An LED headlamp will help to guide the way and doesn’t require any hands. 

22. Binoculars

gifts for outdoor lovers

Some of the most beautiful things in the outdoor aren’t always able to be seen by the standard human eye. A good pair of binoculars will give you the ability to see nature in a whole new way.

23. Wool Socks

gifts for outdoor lovers

Foot protection is an absolute necessity when you’re outdoors. A good pair of wool socks will keep your feet warm and protected no matter how long you’re outdoors, or what you’re doing. They make great stocking stuffer gifts for outdoor lovers.

24. Sun Protection Hat

gifts for outdoor lovers

The sun an be unexpectedly brutal outdoors, and protecting your head and eyes is a must. A sun protection hat can do both at the same time.

25. Sunscreen

Speaking of sun protection, sunscreen is a practical gift for outdoor lovers that they’ll always find useful. One with a high spf is a good idea because you never know how brutal the sun will be.

There you have it. Those are some of the best, most practical and useful gifts for outdoor lovers that you’ll find anywhere. Check out gifts for outdoor lovers on GoodGiftLists.com