The Best Gifts for Writers That They Really Need – 2022

The perfect gifts for writers are ones that they’ll use, that will help them perfect their craft, or make it easier on them to sit down and get the words out. Still, many people find themselves resorting to buying a mug for the writer in their life each year. Know that you’re not alone. Finding the perfect gifts for writers can be intimidating, especially when you don’t have sites like Good Gift Lists to help you out.

This list is a collection of some of the best gifts for writers that you’ll find on the internet. They’re useful, exciting, and not mugs. Honestly, the writer in your life will be happy to receive any of these gifts, and will appreciate the thought you put into finding them something that they can actually use.

Here are 35 of the best gifts for writers!

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1. LapDesk

Being able to work whenever inspiration strikes could make the difference between finishing your book and putting it off for another year. This lap desk will make working in bed or on the couch more comfortable, for those times you just can’t seem to make it to your desk.

2. Keurig

Many writer’s live on coffee, and this handy machine makes making it easier than ever with the use of one button. It’s compact size makes it easy to store near their desk and gives them easy access to this energy giving beverage.

3. One Line a Day Notebook

One line a day is a good place to start your writing process. This notebook will give them that extra push by making things easy.

4. Kindle

Reading has never been easier than it is with the help of a kindle. Kindle’s are great for a variety of reasons., one being that they’re compact. A kindle can let the writer in your life store thousands of books in one place, without dealing with the weight of a thousand books, or the harmful blue lights that come when you read on a laptop or ipad.  

5. Editing Services

Feedback is priceless when it comes to writing professionally. Having someone else look at and edit your work could make it that much more likely to get picked up by a publisher. Editing companies like Independent Book Review can give you the professional feedback you need to improve your book and make it the best version of your work possible.

6. Laptop Stand

Sitting isn’t for everyone, and this stand will allow you to stay at your desk while stretching out those limbs. Writers can lift it to the size that best suits them, and stand while they write the next great American novel. 

7. Bathtub Cady

Reading and writing can both be done safely in the tub with the help of this great gift for writers. Here, they can store their book, notebook, laptop, a few candles, and more while they gather their thoughts during a nice soak. 

8. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Staring at a screen all day can be damaging to the eyes after a while because of the blue lights they emit. These glasses help to limit those blue rays and keep your writer’s eyes in tip top shape. 

9. Literary Candle

gifts for writers

Wouldn’t it be so nice to always smell the inside of a library? Writer’s definitely think so, which makes these gifts for writers a great way to set the tone of a room through one of the strongest senses. 

10. Poster

Good decorations can help to liven up a writer’s room, and inspire them to live up to some of the greats. This literary poster is a cool way to add some decor without taking up any extra space. 

11. Book Light

Reading in the dark is made easy with a convenient book light to light the way.

12. Novel Tea

gifts for writers

These teas are a great stocking stuffer gifts for writer who need inspiration from some of the greats!

13. Shower Notepad

gifts for writers

You never know where inspiration will strike, so it’s good to be prepared at all times. Even in the shower. These aqua notes make great gifts for writers who never wish to be without a pen and paper

14. Do No Disturb Doorknob Hanger

If your writer works from home, this door knob hanger is a must! It will let their family know when they need a little more privacy while they’re working without making them say it.

15. Book Laptop Cover

This vintage inspired laptop cover is the perfect girts for writer’s who have a laptop leaking in style. 

16.Desk Lamp

Writing late in the night is made easier with a good desk lamp. This one has a vintage feel and will make the perfect addition to any writer’s desk.

17. Stress Ball

Writer’s know a thing or two about being stressed. This ball will help to keep them sane during a bout of writer’s block.

18. Writer’s Block

writer's block gift for writers

Though it may not help to get them through it, this little writer’s block is a cute reminder for the times they’re hit with a bit of writer’s block.

19. Author Shot Glass

Who doesn’t want to take a shot out of one of these great writer’s heads? These are the perfect gifts for writer’s who enjoy a drink.

20. Novel Scratch Off Chart

What better way is there to keep track of the classics you read than to scratch them off with this awesome poster!

21. Fountain Pen

The perfect pen can be a great gift for writers, as it encourages them to put pen to paper.

22. Typewriter Keyboard

gifts for writers

Make typing up the next pages to your writer’s new book even more fun by swapping out their standard keyboard for this really neat typewriter keyboard. It’s one of the cooler and more useful gifts for writers that they’ll actually use.

23. The Elements of Style Book on Writing

A good book about writing can broaden a writer’s horizons and brush them up on some of the more standard rules they need to abide by.

24. Desk Organizer

gifts for writers

A well organized desk can help a writer to clear headspace and make way for the words they need to come up with. These are perfect gifts for writers who are a little bit messy, as they’ll appreciate the push help towards tidiness.

25. Bananagrams

Sometimes creativity will be at a standstill, and writer’s will benefit greatly from a game like Bananagrams that forces them to come up with creative words to win the game!

26. Literary Magazine Subscription

gifts for writers

A good literary magazine subscription will inspire your writer with the works of modern writers. With a subscription they can receive on monthly or quarterly.

27. Noise Cancelling Headphones

gifts for writers

With these headphones on, the writer in your life will be able to write anywhere, regardless of the noise level! They’re perfect gifts for writers who frequent the local coffee shop.

28. Pen Holder

gifts for writers

Organization is key, and it helps when the organization is cute like this. Writer’s will love to keep their pens and pencils in this awesome typewriter pen holder!

29. Writer Emergency Pack

As far as writing tools go, this one is pretty helpful to have. It’s a pack of illustrated idea cards that can help your writer get out of a bout of writer’s block.

30. The Writer’s Toolbox

This is the ultimate kit to get the writer in your life out of writer’s block and back to work! Equipped with tools to get their creative juices flowing, its one of the most useful gifts for writers on the market!

31. The Best Writing Pencils

gifts for writers

A good pencil goes a long way. A box of pencils goes even further.

32. Mobile Hotspot

A mobile hotpot can ensure that your writer has wifi wherever they go!

33. Writer Bookends

gifts for writers
Photo Credit Knob Creek Metal Arts

 Every good writer has an extensive library, which makes a good set of bookends one of the best gifts for writers you can come up with. They’d also be a great gift for readers!

34. A Calendar

gifts. forwriters

A big calendar will help your writer keep track of any important dates or deadlines.

35. Writer’s Journal

gifts for writers

A daily writing journal is a great way to help your writer keep up a good writing habit.

36. Messenger Bag

gifts for writers

This is a great gift for writers who don’t often like to write at home. Hauling a bunch of books, pens, and a laptop is much easier when you have a study messenger bag to safely put everything in. This one conveniently converts to a backpack as well.

37. Reading Bookend Sculpture

This neat gift can be used as a bookend or just a sculpture to sit on their bookshelf. It’s cool, but not distracting, making it an excellent addition to any home office.

The writer in your life would love any of these gifts! But if you’re still stumped, try finding a gift that matches with one of their other hobbies or interest at