The Ultimate Gift Guide for 76ers Fans

The Philadelphia 76ers have been through a lot of ups and downs over the years, but true fans have stuck around through them all. If you have a 76ers fan in your life, you know how much they like to show off their fandom for their team. This list from Good Gift Lists for 76ers fans include some of the coolest and most unique gifts that feature 76ers logos, players, and themes.

1. Vinyl Stickers

76ers gifts

These are a great gift for 76ers fans that they can put anywhere to show their allegiance. Throw them on a laptop, or even on your bumper!

2. Throw Blanket

76ers gifts

Who wouldn’t want to stay warm and cozy with this soft 76ers blanket. It’s the perfect gift for a Sixers fan who likes to watch the games from home

3.Sixers Cup

Any drink will probably taste better when you drink it out of this cool insulated cup. 

4. Baby Onesie

Photo Credit Averyslittlebowtique

Deck out the smallest Sixers fans with this cute little 76ers onesie. 

5. Sixers Hoop Set

Shoot hoops from the comfort of your bed or a desk chair at work with this awesome hoop set that can be hung from any door. 

6. Plant Holder

Photo Credit PLNTRSshop

Plant lovers will adore this neat hoop plant holder. 


Stay comfy on even the coldest days with these cool Sixers sweatpants. Their great for Sixers fans who like to lounge around.

8. Corn Hole Boards

Photo Credit HarrisonsWoodShop

No Sixers tailgate party is complete without a few games of corn hole. Sixers fans will love taking these to the parking lot to tailgate or just playing It in the backyard at a cookout. 

9. Jersey

You can’t call yourself a Sixers fan if you don’t have at least one official jersey. This 76ers gift is a big deal, and will probably get a lot of wear. 

10. Socks

Sixers fans and superstition go hand in hand, which is why one of the best gifts or Sixers fans can be something as simple as a pair of lucky socks. Surely they can’t lose when you have a pair of these on. 

11. Women’s tee

The lady in your life will love this flattering women’s tee shirt. It’s a great tee to wear to the game!

12. Candle

Photo credit CandEcraftco

Sixers fans just want to get as close to the action as possible, and while that’s not always possible there are some Sixers gifts that can make it feel like it is. This candle, for instance, is supposed to smell just like superstar player Joel Embid.

13. Flag

This is a great gift for 76ers fans who want to neighborhood to know what team they support. This flag can fly high in the front yard.

14. Hat

76ers gifts

Every 76ers fan needs a good cap. This is a classic one that can go with most outfits. 

15. Bottle Cap Wall Sign

76ers gifts

This bottle cap wall sign is the perfect addition to any 76ers fans man cave. Throw it on the wall and let it illuminate the space while the games on.


This is a gift for a die hard Sixers fan, or maybe a younger fan. It would make a great gift for 76ers fans for the holidays. 

17. Mug

gifts for 76ers fans
Photo Credit Vintage Brand

Fans will love to start their day off with their favorite warm beverage in a classic 76ers mug. 

18. Tumbler

76ers gifts

 Keep your coffee warm with this stylish 76ers insulated tumbler cup.

19. Basketball Shorts

gifts for 76ers fans

A good pair of basketball shorts can last a long time, and maybe give you the confidence to get back on the court. 


gifts for 76ers fans

Though it’d be nice if we could all leave our masks in the past, that’s not the case just yet. So in the mean time these 76ers masks would make great gifts for 76ers fans. 

21. Engraved Decanter

gifts for 76ers fans
Phto Credit Man Caves Giftshop

Classy 76ers fans will love this personalized and engraved decanter, perfect for serving whisky during a big game. 

22. Beanie

gifts for 76ers fans

Keep your fam warm in the winter with a cool 76ers beanie ha

23. “Trust The Process” Tee

Photo Credit Space Lab Shirts

 Only true fans will understand this phrase, and will appreciate this t shirt as a gift. 

24. Air Freshener

gifts for 76ers fans
Photo Credit Sports AF

 Who wouldn’t love a Joel Embid air freshener. The fan in your life will love sporting this super player in their car every d

25. Sixers Playbook Coasters

gifts for 76ers fans

These coasters are great small gifts for 76ers fans. They feature some of the most popular Sixers plays from over the years that’ve led them to victory!

26. Prayer Candle

gifts for 76ers fans
Photo Credit Off The Posts

When the game isn’t going the way we’d hoped, a true fan might say a prayer. These 76ers prayer candles are perfect gifts for 76ers who will take all the help they can get. 

27. Moasiac Print

gifts for 76ers fans
Photo Credit TheMosaicGuy

If you’re looking for a more thoughtful gift, you’ll love this 76ers mosaic print. It features some of the most prominent members of the Sixers team from over the years. 

28. Sweatband Set

gifts for 76ers fans

Take it back to the 70’s with these classic Sixers sweatbands, perfect for fans who like to get out on the court themselves.

This ultimate 76ers gift lists will find you the perfect gift for the fan in your life. For more helpful gift lists for your loved ones, check out