Ultimate Gift Guide to Gifts for 1 Year Olds 2022

A year ago you probably couldn’t picture this moment yet here we are, one year later and the baby in your life is turning one year old. Such a momentous occasion requires a special gift to be given, but it can be difficult to find the perfect present on your own. To help you in your quest, Good Gift Lists came up with the ultimate guide to the best gifts for 1 year olds. In this lists you’ll find some classic basic gifts as well as some of the more trendy and popular gifts on the market lately. We’re certain that you’ll finish this reading experience with a few great options for your sweet one year old. 

Here are the best gift snd toys for 1 year olds.

1. Toy Walking Car

Your little one will feel quite independent in this little toy car. Powered by their feet alone, they can move around on a flat surface and navigate their own way. 

2. Wagon

One thing about little ones is that they usually have a lot of things that they want to take with them. A nice wagon will allow them to pull along all of their favorite stuffed animals, and their favorite books as well. 

3. Personalize Wooden Name Puzzle

Photo Credit Busy Puzzle on Etsy

These puzzles are great because they are customizable. Have one created for the one year old in your life and they’ll be that much closer to learning their name while also practicing sensory skills. 

4. Zany Zoo Wood Discovery Toy

This little wooden discovery toy is one of the most versatile gifts for 1 year olds as it has so many fun functions. It’s a great sensory toy for 1 year olds who are still learning how to navigate their little bodies. 

5. Bath Pipes

Bath time is so much more fun with a few fund toys. These bath pipes allow kids to play with water and watch it move throughout the pipes, which can be attached to the walls of any bathtub. 

6. Toy Vacuum

When it comes to being tidy, you have to teach them young! This toy vacuum is a perfect gift for 1 year olds that lets them mimic their parent’s cleaning habits, or encourage them to step it up in that department.

7. Crawl Tunnel

gifts for 1 year olds

Babies will love practicing their crawling in this fun pop up tunnel. This one is one of the more convenient gifts for 1 year olds as it can be easily stored away, and has a clear side so that your little one isn’t completely out of view when using it. 

8.Love Every Toy Kit for 1 Year Olds

toys for 1 year olds

Love Every play kits are great gifts that match with your child’s developmental age .he 1 year old kit will encourage new one year olds to work on sensory play and develop new skills! They can be bought by the specific box or bought on a bimonthly subscription.

9. Building Blocks

gifts for 1 yera olds

Babies will love to build things up to knock them down at this age, making building blocks great gifts for 1 year olds. These ones are great because they are soft and feature different numbers, colors, and shapes.

10. Rainbow Blocks

toys for 1 year olds

These blocks are versatile, and make a cute and colorful decoration to a 1 year olds room.

11. Wooden Piano

If you want your child to become musical, a baby piano is a great way to start. This little piano makes it simple for them to learn to play songs by following color and soap instructions. You’ll have a little Mozart on your hands in no time. 

12. 100 Words Book With Audio

gifts for 1 year olds

A book that talks back is a great gift for 1 year olds. It helps them to hear the words even when no one is able to read it to them.

13. Mini Ball Pit

toys for 1 year olds

A tiny ball pit is a great gifts for 1 year olds who love to be in everything. This put just contains the fun to one area, which parents will love. 

14. Water PlayTable

The perfect sensory gift for 1 year olds in the summer time. With this toy they’ll be able to splash and play around all day long.

15. Lawnmower Bubble Toy

gifts for 1 year olds

Blowing bubbles has never been more fun, or more easy for 1 year olds. While they may have trouble blowing actual bubbles, they’ll have no trouble pushing this bubble blowing lawn mower around and playing in the bubbles that it creates. 

16. Einstein Box for 1 Year Olds

This is a box of board books and pretend play games for 1 year olds. It’s the perfect gift to give a 1 year old that you want to teach them to love to learn.

17. Musical Mat

gifts for 1 year olds

Babies will love stomping around on this mat that plays music when touched. It’s a fun, and kind of loud, gift that 1 year olds will absolutely love. 

18. Triangle Ladder

gifts for 1. yearolds

A triangle ladder is a gift that keeps on giving, as one year olds will be able to use it for years to come. This gift for 1 year olds will allow 1 year olds to explore their limits in a safe environment, while growing confidence in their mobility and strength.

19. Stacking Cups

These stacking cups are the perfect gifts for one year olds who are just learning how to stack things on top of each other. They’re simple in color, and condensable making them easy to store away when not in use. 

20. Portable Busy Board

This on the go carrying case holds some activities that will keep your 1 year old buys for longer than you’d expect. It’s the perfect thing to pack in the car for a long road trip.

21.Play Kitchen

This is the perfect starter kitchen for babies to get an idea of how their own kitchen works. The cute mini fridge can store a baby milk container and a baby jar or jam. The whole thing is just adorable.

22. Personalized Name Blanket

Every one year old will need a blanket, which is why a personalized name blanket is the perfect unique gifts for one year old that you’ll find. You can’t go wrong with a good cozy blanket. 

23. Corn Popper

gifts for 1 year olds

This is one of the most classic gifts for one year olds, as many adults can remember having this toy themselves. One year olds will push or pull it around the house and enjoy the loud popping sound it creates

24. Walk Along Wooden Toy

gifts for one year old

This walk along wooden dog is one of the more simple gifts for 1 year olds, and they tend to love it even more than the more dynamic gifts. 

25. Animal Bowling Set

This bowling set is a perfect you for a 1 year old. It only has 6 pins and they’re all shaped like cute little animals. 

26. Nugget Couch

Photo Credit Nugget

These couches are all the rage currently, as they can have a few different uses. Their ability to be moved into different shapes can make this couch a fort, a bed, a couch, a small house, or anything else your little one can imagine. For a one year old it can start as a nice soft surface to hang out, but they will be able to use it for many years to come, making it worth the price. 

28. First 100 Box Set

This box set contains 3 books with 100 words that match the themes. There are 100 animals, 100 general words, and 100 shapes and colors. It’s a great set of gifts for 1 year olds who are just beginning to learn to say words.

Books for babies make great 1st birthday presents!

29. Rocking Horse

This is another one of the more classic gifts for 1 year olds. They’ll love rocking back and forth on this awesome and compact rocking horse. 

30. Monthly Book Subscription

If your one year old loves to be read to, then maybe a book box subscription would be a good idea. Amazon’s book subscription box has books for 1 year olds that can come in a box set every month, 2 months, or 3 months so you’re one year old can continue to build their library and their vocabulary. 

31. Tabletop Easel

If you have a bourgeoning artist on your hands, they’ll get plenty of use out of a table top easel set. There they can practice painting and drawing, probably with their hands to start. This one is great because they can use it for a few years. 

These are some of the best gifts you’ll find for the 1 year old in your life. For more gift ideas for 1 year olds check out the Best Books for Babies on GoodGiftLists.com!