The Best Retirement Gift Ideas for New Retirees

Retirement Gift Ideas

A life full of hard work deserves to be celebrated! Retirement is a huge life achievement for many, which is why coming up with good retirement gift ideas can be so challenging. The best retirement gifts will ensure that your retiree feels seen, and valued for the time they’ve dedicated to their career over the decades. You should also be thinking about what their interests are outside of working. Do they like to golf, or drink wine? Are they avid movie watchers, or do they frequent their local gym? These are all good things to consider, as their after work activites may soon become their full-time hobby.

Good Gift Lists came up with some of the best, most thoughtful retirement gift ideas that you’ll find on the internet. They range from totally silly to sincere to downright cozy. With a little help from us, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect gift for the retiree in your life. Now take your pick!

Here are some of the best retirement gift ideas!

1. Retirement Tee Shirt

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Retired people like to let people know they’re retired, and what better way to do that than to have it displayed boldly on their clothing. A retirement t-shirt is a great retirement gift, as it can help them represent their new favorite thing. 

2. “Retired” Business Cards

retirement gift ideas

If the retiree in your life was a business person, they’ll get a chuckle out of this silly retirement gift. These new business cards are the perfect thing to keep in a wallet and bring out when someone asks what business you’re now in. 

3. Retirement Party Accessories

4. Wine Glass

Wine consumption will almost certainly go up after retiring, making this wine glass one of the more useful retirement gifts you can give.

5. Book of Things to Do

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Having so much time on their hands can be daunting to new retirees, which is why this book of things to do is one of the best retirement gifts. It jam-packed with unique activity ideas for things to do and places to do.  

6. Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader 

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Reading is at the top of most retiree’s lists of things to do, making this e-reader one of the best gifts you can give a retiree. It’s able to hold thousands of books in one device. All of their favorites can be stored in one space, and taken with them virtually anywhere without the added weight. 

7. Quitter Mug

We’re all adults here, right? If the retiree in your life can take a joke, then they’ll enjoy this retirement gift. It’s a great gag gift for a work friend, and will be a hilarious mug to drink out of fro time to time.

8. Scratch-Off Map

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Retirement doesn’t always mean settling down. For some the adventure is just starting, and traveling is high on the list of things to do. For those retirees, this scratch-off map will be the perfect gift, as they can keep track of their progress by scratching off each country they visit. 

9. Bookmark

Reading a good book is one of the many activities your retiree will now have time to do. They’ll need a good bookmark, and this retirement bookmark is the perfect gift!

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10. Coloring Book

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Coloring has been shown to have a calming effect and is the perfect activity for someone with a lot of time on their hands. 

11. Nostalgia Candy Box

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Picture Credit Old Time Candy

Age and retirement go hand in hand, which is what makes this nostalgic candy set such a cool retirement gift. This candy box can be customized to the decade they were born in. It takes the retiree in your life back to a time that they were a child. How fun!

12. Retirement Socks

These cute retirement socks are the perfect gift for a friend at the office whose about to take their leave. They can wear them around the house and remind everyone that they’ve done enough in their life and are finally done with working!

13. Fit Bit

retirement gift ideas

Staying active is of upmost importance to seniors, and a fit bit will allow them to have a little more control of their fitness. These convenient tools fit on your wrist much like a watch would, and it keeps track of your heart rate, the amount of steps you take each day, while also telling you the time. It’s a great device that many seniors love, making it the perfect gift for someone about to retire. 

14. “I’m Done” Fork

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Many retirement gifts are silly in nature, and this one meets that criteria well. If you’ve heard the phrase “stick a fork in me, I’m done!” you’ll be able to appreciate this retirement gift, and there’s a great chance that you retiree will appreciate it as well. At the least it’ll get a good laugh out of a few people. 

15. New Yorker Subscription

Keeping up with the times is important to many retired people, and a subscription to The New Yorker will allow them to keep up with a variety of different current events. 

16. Retirement Candle

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Photo Credit Coffee and MOtivation

There are tons of retirement gifts out there to choose from, but one of the safest is this candle. Who doesn’t love a good candle?

17. Cozy Robe

Relaxation is the key to a good retirement for some people, and a good robe will let them feel comfortable and cozy while they relax.

18. Essential Oil Diffuser

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Aromatherapy may add to the relaxing atmosphere that retired people now inhabit. With hundreds of different scents available, an essential oil diffuse can be a great gift for retired people. 

19. Insulated To-Go Cup

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Though they may not need as much coffee as they used to, they still might drink it for fun. And when they do they’ll love to be able to grab this retirement insulated mug, that’ll keep their beverage hot for hours. 

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20. Retire (Mint) Party Favors

If you’re looking for a party favor for a retirement party, look no further. These retirement gifts are cute and spot on for the theme. 

21. Personalized Decanter

the best retirement gifts for retirees

A nice glass of whisky will go down a little smoother after you’ve retired, and this personalized decanter is the perfect place to keep it while it’s not being enjoyed. 

22. Retirement Party Decorations

Retirement gift ideas

More retirements are celebrated with a party, and a good retirement party won’y be complete without a few key decorations. These awesome decorations will help your retiree feel special on their big day!

23. Days of the Week Clock

Time just doesn’t mean as much when you don’t have to be up to get to work each morning. This clock is the perfect gag gift for retirees who feel the same way. All they’ll really need to know is what day it is, and this clock tells you that and that only. 

24. Floating Wine Glasses for the Pool

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It’s safe to say that a lot of lounging will be done during retirement years, and if any of that is done by the pool then these retirement gifts will make a big splash! Not literally, they’ll just float in the water and make your retiree very happy.

25. Retirement Golf Balls

A few more rounds of golf is probably the fate of most retired people. These retirement themes golf balls and tees are and awesome gift for golfers.

26. Personalized Cutting Board

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If your retiree loves to cook they’ll enjoy this personalized cutting board, that celebrates their big achievement. They’ll be reminded of all the work they’ve done in their lives each time they cook.

27. Beer Cozy

retirement gift ideas

Keep their beer cozy while celebrating their retirement with these perfect retirement gifts. They’d also make a good party favor at a retirement party.

28. Bottle Opener

You can give your retiree a hand, even when you’re not a round with this awesome gift. A retired themes bottle opener will come in handy more than they’d like to admit!

29. Jewelry Holder

This lovely jewelry holder is the perfect retirement gifts for a fashionable retiree.They can place their keepsakes in this cute dish and know that they’re in a safe place when not in use.

30. Toilet Paper

If your retiree has a sick sense of humor, they’ll get a kick out of this retirement gift. They can now wipe their behind with their official retirement papers!

You’ll be sure to hit the nail on the head with any of these retirement gift ideas! If you want to get more specific, check out retirement gifts for women! For more gift inspiration check out Good Gift Lifts !