25 Best Bridgerton Gifts for Fans of the Ton

If you’re here, you’re probably interested in the best Bridgerton gifts, and we don’t blame you!Not many series have worked their way into the hearts of millions in the same way that Birdgerton has. The romance between Daphne and the Duke, and the forbidden love between Anthony and Kate really pulled at our heart strings. It was just what we all needed in the midst of the pandemic, and season two has definitely brought the heat as well (though we, like all of you have definitely noticed the decrease in steamy scenes in the second season).

Anywhoooo, we love the series all the same, which is why we came up with this list for other Bridgerton fans like ourselves. It’s packed with gifts that only true fans will understand, and others that scream Bridgerton to anyone who’s ever heard of the series. These Bridgerton gifts are the perfect options to give to the true die hard fans out there, or to keep for yourself. 

So here you have it, the best Bridgerton gifts on the internet. Even Lady Whistledown would approve!

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1. Bridgerton Soundtrack on Vinyl

One of the many things that Bridgerton is known for are the amazing classical renditions of some of the most popular modern songs on the radio. They really set the tone for the series and create a fantastical world that we all wish could be a part of. To make that the soundtrack of your life, you’re gonna need the Bridgerton soundtrack. The only physical copy can be donut on vinyl, which is a magical experience in itself. This is one of the most long lasting and special Bridgerton gifts you’ll find. 

2. Anthony and Kate Inspired Tea

This spiced Chai tea from The Republic of Tea is sure to heat up any room!

3. Bridgerton Book Series Boxset

Die hard fans will want to go as deep into this world as humanly possible, and you’ll get no better introduction to the Bridgerton world than you will with the Bridgerton Book Series set. These are the books that the show was based off of, and while Shonda Rhimes has taken some creative detours, these books are pretty spot on with the series. 

4. Bridgerton T Shirt

If you want the world to know how much you love this show, then you’ll love this Bridgerton t-shirt. It’s the perfect way to rep the show and find other fans in the process. 

5. The Unofficial Bridgerton Cookbook

bridgerton gifts for food lovers

Of all the Bridgerton gifts out there, none will get you as close to their dinner table as this one. The Unofficial Bridgeton Cookbook has 100 recipes inspired from the series that will truly make your mouth water. It’s the perfect thing to use when you’re thinking of snacks to make for a watch party. 

6. Bridgerton Character Bookmarks

bookish bridgerton gifts
Courtesy of craftedofstarlight

A good book is made even better with a good book mark. These Bridgerton bookmarks are the perfect Bridgerton gifts to give an avid reader, or someone who just received the Bridgerton Book boxset.

7. Duke of Hastings Birthday Card

birthday bridgerton gifts

Only real fans of the series will get how truly funny this birthday card really is. It also features the Duke of Hastings, which is a gift in itself. 

8. Bridgerton Tea Gift Set

classy bridgerton gifts
Courtesy of AllLittleCuteThings

Oh how we wish to be included in one of the many tea scene in Bridgerton. While it may be less than likely that we’ll ever get the invite, you can create your own version of a famous Bridgerton tea with this gorgeous tea set. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even plan your own watch party and pull these out as an extra special surprise. It would be very classy!

9. Bridgerton Coloring Book

fun bridgerton gifts

Calm your nerves with a few hours of coloring in this gorgeous Bridgerton inspired coloring book. You’ll get a small say in the decor, if just this once. The rest will be left for Daphne to decide. 

10. Sweatshirt

the best bridgerton gifts
Courtesy of FlawlessArtShop

Few Bridgerton gifts will keep you as cozy as this one. Stay warm in this comfortable and cute Bridgerton sweatshirt that features a very important bee on it’s cover. It’s the perfect piece to throw on and subtly tell everyone that you love Bridgerton more than they ever could!

11. Bridgerton Siblings T-Shirt

Courtesy of GoDesignByG

All of the Bridgerton siblings names are listed on this comfy t shirt, in alphabetical order might I add. It’s a true fans ideal gift.

12. Makeup Bag

Keep all of your most secretive items in this Lady Whistledown bag. It’s perfect for makeup, office supplies, or the latest society papers. 

13. Spill the Tea Mug

Take a sip from this very cute Lady Whisteldown mug while you scour the latest gossip from your own town, or rewatch your favorite show for the umpteenth time. 

14. Tea Towel

Would any Bridgerton fan’s kitchen be complete without a picture of the Duke of Hastings? This tea towel makes it easy to incorporate your love of the series into your humble abode. 

15. Lady Whistledown’s Official Guide

Julia Quinn did us all a favor when she wrote this book. Lady Whistledown’s official guide would make the perfect Bridgerton gift to anyone who greatly admires this mysterious leading lady.

16. Bridgerton Inspired Makeup Collection

The notable makeup brand Pat Mcgrath took Bridgerton fandom to the next level with this high-quality inspired make-up line. You’ll feel like one of the leading ladies of the show with these makeup options, featuring bright colors that Daphne herself would wear. 

17. Regé-Jean Page Air Freshener

Courtesy of EternalAromaGifts

Okay, so this is probably the funniest Bridgerton gifts on our list. It’s Regé-Jean Page’s face, on an air freshener. But c’mon, isn’t he the absolute best thing about the whole first season? A true fan would love to have his face (and scent) hanging from their car mirror. 

18. Bridgerton Candle

Courtesy of CandECraftCo

This is a fun gift for a more practical Bridgerton fan, as it is both useful and serves a good purpose. The purpose = to make your house smell as much like Bridgerton as possible! Yep, this will do the trick. 

19. Tote Bag

You can keep all of the other Bridgerton gifts you’ve bought in this awesome Bridgerton tote bag that features popular sayings and images from our beloved show. 

20. Character Poster Set

Courtesy of coucoubymonty

If you’re looking to decorate your room with a piece of the show then these character poster sets would be great Bridgerton gifts to buy. They features some of the most popular characters from the show, as well as some of their favorite quotes. 

21. “I Burn for You’ Candle

Bridgerton gifts for die hard fans
Courtesy of SouthernSociable

Ughh, probably the best line from the season. This candle is a hot ticket gift to give that will really bring on the romance. 

22. Bridgerton House Canvas Poster

a poster makes a great bridgerton gift
Courtesy of QuillAndPearl

If you’re looking for a classy Bridgerton gift, we’ve got just the thing. This Bridgerton House poster is on canvas and would make the perfect subtle addition to any room in the house. 

23. Bridgerton Stickers

These stickers are perfect to stick onto anything and show just how much you love Bridgerton. They’d look great on a laptop, fridge, or anywhere else you can think of. They’d also make great small gifts for people you love. Throw them in a stocking or inside of a card for an extra special treat!

24.Book on How to Be More Bridgerton

cool bridgerton inspired gifts

After watching this show, its understandable if you want to refine yourself a little more in the image of some of these characters. Lucky for you some one wrote this book to help you out a little. You can refine your skills with the use of this helpful Bridgerton gift!

25. Daphne & The Duke Tea

If you want to sip on the sweetness and hotness that is the Duke and Duchess, then this tea is the thing for you!

Giving someone the best Bridgerton gifts should be a lot easier now. Let’s hope they can hold us over until season 3 comes out! Oh, and check out more gift lists for tv shows at GoodGiftLists.com! The Queen demands it!