The Best Gifts for People Who Work From Home

Working from home is a dream for many people, but the realities of working at home aren’t always so glamorous. If you or someone you know is currently doing it, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Staying focused can be tough, keeping people out of your home office is even more difficult. Still, it can be done and there are tons of things out there that can make it much easier. These gifts for people who work from home can do just that. 

Good Gift Lists has included everything from things that up the comfort level of an office, to items that improve your appearance on zoom calls. There are also a few gifts that can help with organizations, privacy, and decreasing noise levels. If you’ve been trying to find the perfect gifts for people who work from home, look no further. 

Here is a list of the very best gifts for people who work from home!

1. Lap Desk

People that work from home will ultimately work from their bed at one point or another. Make the transition a little easier by gifting them this convenient lap desk that easily holds their laptop and cell phone in place. 

2. Desk Organizer

a list of great gifts for people who work from home

A messy desk makes it harder to get work done, which is why a good desk organizer is one of the best gifts for people who work from home. It will store all of their pens pencils, and folders in one tidy place, giving them more room to get stuff done. 

3. Seat Cushion

the best gifts for people who work from home.

A good seat cushion can make all the difference when you’re working from home. This one particular is highly rated on amazon, and looks like it’ll shape to whatever butt is sitting on it. How convenient. 

4. Mediation App Subscription

Working from home can become stressful over time, especially if you can’t figure out a good work/life balance. Meditation can help with that. It’s a great way to start or end a work day. A meditation app subscription is one of the more helpful gifts for people who work from home, because it allows them to have a guided mediation from the comfort of their home office. 

5. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Depending on what else is going on at home, working from home can become full of distractions. These noise cancelling headphones help to keep your worker concentrated while they’re working from home. They’re also very useful if they decide to leave the house for a Starbucks, which can be just as loud if not louder. 

6. New Slippers

gifts for people who work from home

One of the many benefits of working from home is not having to dress up for the office. At home workers can lounge around in any attire that they so feel, which is more than likely going to be comfy. Help them out by gifting them these comfy slippers. 

7. Plants

gifts for people who work from home

Bring a little bit of life into a home office with this neat terrarium air planter. It will fit neatly onto any desk without taking too much space. 

8. Water Bottle

Hydration can make all the difference in a work day, and this Hydroflask water bottle will keep their drink cool all day long thanks to its insulation. It comes in all different colors, so you can get one that you know your worker will love. 

9. Keurig

Speaking of hydration, there may be no more important tool to an at home worker than a good cup of coffee. It helps them to stay awake and keep chugging through the day. This personal coffee maker is the perfect addition to an in-home office, and will make their caffeination process that much easier. If your loved one loves coffee, it’s worth checking out some gifts for coffee lovers too!

10. Reusable K Cup

Coffee can become expensive over tines especially if they’re using individual k-cups for each drink. These reusable K cups are great gifts for people who work from home and want to save a little bit of money on their morning drinks. It can be filled with nearly any ground coffee, giving them more options and more bang for their buck. 

11. Desk Lamp

Work hours may look different for someone who works from home. They can include really early mornings or late nights, which is why a good desk lamp is essential. If they don’t already have one, or the one they have is not up to par, this desk lamp could be the perfect gift!

12. Large Calendar

When you work from home, all deadlines and due dates are entirely up to you to remember. A large calendar will make remembering that much easier. 

13. Air Purifier

best gifts for people who work from home

The air can get stale when you’re sitting in a small space for hours each day. Air purifiers are the perfect way to get rid of dust or pollen lingering in the air, and make the air your worker is breathing each day a lot cleaner. 

14. Mug Warmer

gifts for people who work from home

It can be hard to drink an entire cup of coffee before it becomes cold. To avoid that issue, somme genius invented a mug warmer. This gift can heat up a mug of coffee in no time, and get it back to a proper drinking temperature. 

15. Home Office Candles

Photo Courtesy of Home Sick

These “home office” candles are cute gifts for people who work from home. They make perfect stocking stuffers, white elephant gifts, or just a small token of appreciation. 

16. Acupressure Mat

Sitting at a desk all day can be hard for any working person, and scheduling a massage each month might not be a realistic option for many. This acupressure mat is a great gift to help someone unwind after a long day of work as it provides relief to both the neck and back. 

17. Foot Rest

gifts for people who work from home

Keeping your feet well rested while you sit at your desk can make a big difference when it comes to comfort. This desk foot rest is a great gift for people who work form home and will get a ton of use. 

18. Mini Fridge

Life is easier with a mini-fridge, especially if you work from home. Avoiding unnecessary trips out of the office can save a lot of time. This gift is a great way for them to store their lunch or drinks throughout the day, and grab them easily when needed. 

19. Balance Ball

Balance balls are great gifts for people who work from home that want to work on their core and overall posture while getting work done. This is a great option to switch out for an office chair from time to time, and kill two birds with one stone.

20. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Looking at a screen all day can be tough on the eyes after a while, making these blue light blocking glasses perfect gifts for people who work from home. They block out the blue light coming from a computer screen and give your eyes a bit of a rest. 

21. Fit Bit

Staying active can be a little more challenging when you work from home, but this Fit Bit can help. It allows you to track your steps and heart rate each day, and when used in conjunction with the Fit Bit App, you can challenge other friends or family members to see who can get the most steps per week. Its a great way to take accountability for your fitness. 

22. High Quality Web Cam

If video calls are a thing for the worker in your life, they’ll benefit from upgrading their webcam. This can provide a more clear picture while video chatting with colleagues, which everyone will appreciate. 

23. Electric Tea Kettle

Tea has never been easier to make than it is with this electric tea kettle. No need to run to the stove, as this little gadget can get plugged into any outlet and used on the spot. 

24. Throw Blanket Sherpa

gifts for people who work from home

This may look a little ridiculous, but when you work from home no one really sees you so it doesn’t matter. This throw blanket sherpa is a best seller for a reason It’s extremely comfortable making it perfect for cold days in the home office!

25. Laptop Cooling Pad

If you have a laptop you know how loud it can get when you have too many tabs open at once. That sounds is from the fans working to cool down an overheated device. This laptop cooling pad is the perfect gift to help avoid that happening, as it cools down you laptop way better than the small fans in your laptop could. It’s a great gift for people with noisy laptops. 

26. Office Privacy Sign

If you work from home you know how easy it is to be distracted by other people in the home. This office privacy sign can help to update other members of the home on what it is you’re doing and if you can be disrupted. It can be a real life saver if you have meetings happening often and can’t be disturbed. 

27. Laptop Stand

Sitting down all day can be tough on your body, so why not give your worker the option to take a stand. This laptop stand will raise the height of their laptop so that they can reach it comfortably from a standing position. 

28. Two Tier Folding Desk

We can’t all be so fortunate to have a huge home office to work in. Some people have to work from home unexpectedly. This two their folding desk is perfect for people low on space but still wanting a designated area to work from. It can easily be folded down and stored away when not in use, and is very affordable for how convenient it is. 

29. Charging Dock

This charging deck or one like it would make perfect gifts for people to work from home, because it makes it easy to keep all of their devices charged. This way they won’t have to be getting up from their desk to check their phone’s battery. 

30. Selfie Ring Light

gifts for people who work from home

Zoom calls will be something to look forward too when you have a selfie ring light. This awesome light provides the perfect lighting for being on camera, and is a great gift for people who have to make video calls often. 

Working from home can be fun when you’re given the right gifts. Hopefully you found something from this list that really makes sense to give to your loved ones. For more gift ideas for friends and family check out Good Gift Lists!