30 Thoughtful Gifts for Grandparents That They’ll Love

Our worlds wouldn’t be the same without our loving grandparents by our side. It’s true, grandparent just make the world a little brighter, and good gifts for grandparents brighten their day in return. Whether it’s gifts for grandparents day, a birthday, or a holiday, it’s important to find gifts for grandparents that they’ll actually enjoy. This list from Good Gift Lists includes some ideas that will make their lives a little easier, a little more fun, or just remind them of the people that love them so much. 

Here are some of the best gifts for grandparents.

1. Welcome Mat

A welcome mat sets the tone of a house, and many grandparents will be happy to set this kind of tone. Grandchildren are a true joy for grandparents and  they’ll be happy to display this mat all year long. 

2. E-Reader

As we age, our eyes get a little worse for wear, and this e-reader is the perfect solution. Not only can it hold thousands of books on it, it also has an adjustable warm light that can help grandparents to read on a screen that isn’t overly light or dark. This Kindle Oasis also comes with buttons on the side that help you to turn the page instead of swiping.

If your loved one already has a kindle, another good gift idea is a Kindle Unlimited Subscription. This subscription lets grandparents read thousands of books for free!

3. Digital Photo Frame

Most grandparents have a large amount of pictures that they feel are worth hanging up, but there’s only so much room on the walls. To better future a wide variety of pictures without taking up too much space, try gifting them a digital photo frame. It looks just like a standard picture frame but its digital nature allows it to show thousands of pictures in a digital slideshow that can be running at all times if they’d like. 

4. Roomba Vacuum

gifts for grandparents that are helpful

Keeping the house clean only gets harder over time, but with the Roomba robotic vacuum grandparents can check one more thing off their list. This vacuum runs on its own, detecting dirt and debris on the floor and vacuuming it u accordingly. It’s the perfect option for grandparents who are having more trouble getting around lately, or who just don’t feel like sweeping and vacuuming so often. 

5. Custom Calendar

personalized gifts for grandparents
Photo courtesy of Shutterfly

Custom calendars are great gifts for grandparents, as they can include beloved photos as well as birthday reminders. Everyone needs a calendar, and grandparents will love to receive a custom one from Shutterfly!

6. Mug Warmer

helpful gifts for grandparents

If your grandparents is one to forget about their coffee, they could use a gift like a mug warmer. It can sit conveniently on their desk and warm up their cold coffee in 2 minutes or less!

7. Bird Feeder

gifts for grandparents

Watching birds is a favorite activity for lots of grandparents, and they’ll get an even better view if they have a good bird feeder hanging around. The birds will love this feeder, and it’ll look good in any outdoor space.

8. Family Tree Frame

gifts for grandparents

This unique gift for grandparents lets them showcase their family on a family tree picture frame. It’s the perfect thoughtful gift that reminds them of the family they created!

9. Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle is a great brain building activity, and this balloon one is the perfect one to gift for grandparents. If you want to make the gift even more special, try offering to complete the puzzle with them!

10. Story of My Life Journal

best gifts for grandparents
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Far too often we wish to know more about our grandparents when it’s too late. To ensure that you don’t miss the opportunity to learn all that you want to know, try gifting them this journal. It allows your grandparents to write down their wisdom and lie experiences so that they’re better understood. It’s one of the more thoughtful gifts for grandparents on this list, and can be enjoyed by you and other family members for generations!

11. Zen Garden Kit

stress relieving gifts for grandparents

Help your grandparents to relax with this zen garden kit! It’s the perfect gift to help hem free their mind and learn calming techniques.

12. Long Distance Friendship Lamp

These lamps are so cool! You give one to your grandparent and keep one for yourself, and no matter where you are the lamp will light up when the other one touches it. It’s the perfect way to let your grandparent know you’re thinking of them or vice versa. They make great gifts for grandparents who live far away. 

13. Heated Blanket

cozy gifts for grandparents

Who doesn’t like to get cozy? Your grandparents will enjoy this gift as it extremely soft and heats up. They can use a remote to control the heating settings. It’s perfect for chilly nights!

14. Ancestry DNA Kit

eye opening gifts for grandparents

The gift of knowledge is one of the bet gifts you can give a person. An ancestry DNA kit will tell them more about where they come from, as well as who their ancestors were. It’s an awesome gift that really takes advantage of today’s technology.

15. Book From A Grand Kid

This cute little book is a great gift for kids to give to their grandparents. They’ll enjoy reading it to them or having it read to them on the lap of grandparents who love them. 

16. Q & A a Day Journal for Grandparents

gifts for grandparents

If you want to know more about your grandparents but are too afraid to ask, try giving them this gift. It asks a simple question each day that’s recorded in a journal that they can use just to vent, or to give away when they’ve completed it. 

17. Amazon Echo Smart Screen

Because technology can be a tough thing to fully understand, keeping things as simple as possible is best. And few things are more simple that the Amazon echo smart screen. This screen allows grandparents to video chat with loved ones near and far, in a way that is simple to use and understand. 

18. Neck Massage Pillow

gifts for grandparents

Help your grandparent get out those kinks in their neck with this awesome neck massage pillow. It gives them the entire massage experience in the comfort of their own home!

19. Letters to My Grandchild

These letters to my grandchild pack are great gifts for grandparents who want to have something to give their grandchildren later on in life. They can be written now and kept in a safe place to give to grandchildren when they’re older. A letter like this can be treasured forever and are a perfect gift for grandparents. 

20. LED Toilet Night Light

Navigating through the night can be hard for any of us, which is why this gift can be so useful. It’s motion censored and provides a helpful light on their way to the bathroom. You can make it even more special by programming it to their favorite color!

21. New York Times Custom Birthday Book

gifts for grandparents
Photo Courtesy of the New York Times

This is one of the coolest gifts for grandparents on this list! The New York Times has a customizable book option that coincides with your loved ones birthday. The book will consist of every front page of the New York Times that printed on your loved ones birthday, starting from the year they were born until the present year. It’s the perfect way to go back in history and remember what was going on, or learn something new. Grandparents will love this!!

22. Garden Stone

gardening gifts for grandparents

This garden stone will fit perfectly into any grandparents garden and liven up the place. It also gives grandchildren something to check out when they visit. 

23. Birthday Reminder Board

Some lucky grandparents have a large amount of people in their family, and a large family means a lot of birthdays. Help them to never forget anyone’s birthday with this cute birthday reminder board. It has little shapes that can link down a list of everyones birthday for that month. 

24. Matching Mugs

A pari of matching mugs can be great gifts for grandparents who love a morning coffee, and is jus tone of the many gifts you can give to coffee lovers! The nutrition facts will be an added surprise to look at each day and remind your grandparents how loves they truly are. 

25. Tea Gift Box

gifts for grandparents

Any grandparent who loves tea will rejoice upon receiving this gift for tea lovers. It’s an assortment of exciting new teas to try and will a welcomed treat to anyone who is struck o n the same tea each day. Tea lovers will be able to expand their horizons with this gift set.

26. Long Distance Print

It can be hard to live far away from your grandparents. It’s probably hard on them too. To make the distance feel a little less terrible try gifting them this long distance love print. It will be the perfect thing to look at when grandchildren and grandparents are missing each other. 

27. Crossword Puzzle Book

gifts for grandparents

Crossword puzzles are great ways for grandparents to keep exercising their mind. This one from the New York Times is especially great, and will keep your grandparents guessing for at least a few weeks!

28. Table Topics

Getting a dialogue going with grandparents can be challenging for some. If you fall into this category try gifting them this table topics game. It’s filled with great questions to start a meaningful conversation with your grandparents, and takes a little bit of the edge off. 

29. Personalized Coasters

Photo Courtesy of GreatAwesomeGiftsUsa

It seems like grandparents always seem to own a set of coasters. Maybe they were more popular in their day, which is why gifting them a new set can be the perfect gifts for grandparents. These coaster in particular can be personalized to your grandparents names and a brief message. 

30. Spend aLittle Extra Time

It sounds silly to say, but the best gift you can usually give to your grandparents is a little bit of your time. With so many years and wisdom under their belt, they know better than anyone how fleeting time can be. So make as many memories as you possibly can with them and you’ll both be better for it.

We hope this list of gifts for grandparents help you to find the perfect thing for your loved ones. For more gift list ideas, check out Good Gift Lists!