The Best Dental Hygienists Gifts

We’ve got you covered! We found some dental hygienists gifts that are perfect for graduations, holidays, or any other occasion!

It takes a brave person to willingly put their hands in a strangers mouth. But dental hygienists do it every day and we applaud them for it! For their bravery, they definitely deserve to be rewarded every once in a while, and a great gift is the perfect way to do it. The best gifts for dental hygienists can vary depending on the person, but if you want to stick to the theme of their profession, we’ve got the gift list for you! This list features silly gifts, thoughtful gifts, and everything in-between!

Here are the best gifts for dental hygienists! We also have some great gift ideas for dentists too!

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1. Tooth Socks

Everyone needs socks, even dental hygienists. These cute and cozy socks feature teeth on them and would make a great stocking stuffer for the dental hygienists in your life. 

2. Tooth Planters

If you know a dental hygienists who is also a plant lover, then they’ll love these tooth planters. They’re shaped like a few good sparky whites and are great for smaller plants and succulents. 

3. Dental HygienistCandle

Photo courtesy of MoncioniFragranceLab 

This candle is a fun gift for dental hygienists that you know they’ll use. And from the description, it smells amazing!

4. Sweatshirt

Photo Credit IronHorseStudios

Dental hygienists, especially those that graduated from their program, will be proud to rock their accomplishment on a cute sweatshirt like this one. It goes great with a pair of jeans, or on top of their work outfit after a long day at the office. 

5. Neck Massager

Being a dental hygienist can take a physical toll on the body, which is why this neck massager could be the perfect gift for dental hygienists. It will allow them to get all the benefits of a professional neck massage on a daily basis.

6. Greys Anatomy Scrubs

A good pair of scrubs will be very useful to dental hygienists. They have to keep them pretty clean each day, and that’s not easy when you’re working with teeth. Giving them a few extra pairs will save them a few laundry trips.

7. Holiday Ornament

These ornaments make great holidays gifts for dental hygienists. They’ll look good on any tree and act as one more reminded to floss!

8. Coloring Book

gifts for dental hygienists

Everyone can benefit from coloring, even dental hygienists. This specific coloring book for adults is specifically for people who work in the dental profession, and features pictures that they’ll definitely be able to relate to. 

9. Cosmetic Bag

gifts for dental hygienists

This fun cosmetic bag is the perfect gift for a tidy dental hygienists. They can use it to store their cosmetics, dental tools, or anything else they can think of. 

10. Cookie Cutter

gifts for dental hygienists

Baking just got a little cooler. This tooth shaped cookie cutter will make the perfect addition to a dental hygienist’s kitchen. They’ll help to make their cookies into cute tooth shapes, perfect for snacking or bringing to the break room.

11. Frozen Smile Ice Cube Tray

gifts for dental hygienists

This frozen smiles ice cube tray would make a cute gag gift for a dental hygienist, as it will look very similar to a pair of dentures in a cup. If you can stomach these, their the perfect silly gift to give. 

12. Tumbler Cup

A personalized tumbler cup makes a very convenient gift for dental hygienist. It can help them to stay hydrated in-between patients, and the ability to put their name on it will ensure that no one else mistakes it for their own. 

13. Hair Ties

gifts for dental hygienists

Because dental hygienists almost always have to keep their hair neatly pushed back and tied up, these hard ties can make the perfect gift. They’re small, making them an easy gift to give to a large amount of people. 

14. Keychain

gifts for dental hygienists

Everyone needs a reminder sometimes that they can do some good in the world. This keychain can be just that, while it also acts as a nod to their profession. 

15.Wine Tumbler

If you’re dental hygienists loves a drink every now and then, then they’ll really love this “floss boss” wine tumbler. It’s the perfect cup to drink out of, and is really cute!

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16. Hand Cream Gift Set

With so much hand washing every day, it’s typical for dental hygienists to suffer from dry hands. To help combat this problem, this Burt’s Bee’s hadn’t cream gift set could be the perfect gifts for dental hygienists. They’re packed with natural ingredients that are great for dry skin, and come in a variety of sizes so that they can have a lotion with them at all times. 

17. Tooth Work Cap

gifts for dental hygienists

Dental hygienists have to keep their hair out of there face and away from patients, which is why they often wear work caps. These work caps are super cute and feature a variety of happy faced teeth on them. 

18. T Shirt

dental hygiene gifts

A tee shirt is a gift that almost anyone can benefit from. This dental hygiene t shirt is a great gift that someone can just throw on at any time. 

19. Badge Holder

If your dental hygienists has to wear a badge to work each day then they’ll benefit from this cute tooth badge holder. It’s fun, and can make a nice small gesture gift. 

20. Desktop Clock

If you really want to acknowledge a dental hygienists you can consider getting them this engraved desktop clock. It’s a great gift for a recent graduate, and can sit beautifully on a mantle or shelf to remind them of their achievement. 

21. Notebook

This tooth covered notebook is a great gift for dental hygienists who like to write things down. It’s perfect for making grocery lists, journalling, or keeping track of important information. 

22. Congratulatory Card

Photo Courtesy of theprettypinkstudio

If your dental hygienists has recently accomplished something, then this dental themed card could make the perfect gift for them. It’s cute, and straightforward, but it’s up to you to write a thoughtful message inside of it. 

24. Laptop Decal

This neat sticker can fit perfectly on a laptop!

Gifts for dental hygienists are a lot less intimidating when you have a good list of options available. We hope that you found something on this list that will bring a smile to your dental hygienist’s face today! For more gift ideas, check out!