The Ultimate Frankie Bergstein Style Guide

I know I’m not the only one who has watched Grace and Frankie and wondered how to dress like Frankie Bergstein. Frankie has become a fashion icon thanks to her funky bohemian fashion, and the incredible costume designer Allyson B. Fanger, and now every time I go shopping I keep Frankie Bergstein style ideas in my mind. 

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Sure, there are a lot of Grace and Frankie gifts I could buy myself, but I think the best would just be a little bit of her style for my closet. So we’ve created a list of clothing options that we think Frankie would love, or that we’ve actually seen her wear. 

Here you’ll find everything from some of her most iconic band t-shirts, to a pair of overalls we know she’d love to paint in. With a few items from this list of Frankie Bergstein, you’ll know how to dress like Frankie Bergstein in no time! 

Here are some items to help you incorporate some Frankie Bergstein style into your wardrobe!

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A Great Pair of Overalls

We all know how much Frankie Bergstein loves a good pair of overalls. These ones are cute and comfy, just as we imagine hers would be.

Jean Overalls

Frankie Bergstein style

You can’t claim to have Frankie Bergstein style unless you have a good pair of denim overalls. These ones would pair nicely with a cute oversized cardigan, and a big can of paint. You’ll get extra points if you actually pain in these overalls and get a few splatters on them. Frankie had a fair amount of paint on her iconic overalls and they looked even better for it!

Comfy Green Overalls

Frankie Bergstein Style

Franke Bergstein loves a good pair of overalls, and these ones could be a versatile pair to own yourself. You can wear it with a loud shawl, a chill t shirt, or a tank top if the weather is on the warmer side. 

Wide Leg Overalls

This pair is festive, like something she would wear to the farmers market!

Every Day Overalls

This pair is something Frankie could wear any day and dress up with some cool jewelry. It comes in a lot of colors too so you can choose to make it a little more fun if you’d like!

Floral Paint Overalls

If you don’t want to paint them yourself, try out these overalls!

Comfy Dresses

High Low Dress

Frankie Bergstein style

This cute and casual dress would be great for any occasion. Pair it with some big funky jewelry to really give it a Frankie spin!

Lounge Dress

Frankie Bergstein Style

On a chill day around the house, we feel like Frankie would throw something like this on. It’s the perfect outfit to lounge around it, and smoke a few joints. 

Wild Two Piece Set

Frankie Bergstein Style
Phto Couresty of Kantha Bae

This fun set seems like the exact thing that Frankie would wear on a day at the beach or to a fun dinner. It’s comfortable, causal, and popping with color!

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Nature Inspired Dress

I thought that this dress screamed Frankie Bergstein. It’s big, bright, and embroidered with a few fun natural items. It would look great with an Adina Mills necklace and a cool pair of clogs.


Doesn’t this just scream Frankie? It’s loud colors and wood themed pattern are the perfect mixture of nature and art, and we think Frankie would wear it in a heartbeat!


Frankie’s Dress from Bud’s Wedding

Photo courtesy of Vita Kin

This amazing dress is the exact dress that Frankie wore to Bud’s wedding. i’ve been dreaming of it for years. Sadly, it’s sold out everywhere. But, if you love the style then you’ll love other dresses from the people who designed this dress, Vita Kin. Fair warning, they’re a bit pricey. But they’re items you can keep forever and be happy about with each wear so it could be worth it!


Photo courtesy of Kantha Bae

Kantha fabric seems like something Frankie would love, and this mumu uses the fabric perfectly!

Party Dress

Photo courtesy of Saks 5th Avenue

This dress, and others like them from Farm Rio seem like the exact thing that Frankie would wear to a formal event like Bud’s wedding!

Fun Tops

“Free Willie Nelson” T Shirt

Photo Courtesy of RockSaltShirts

Frankie wears a variety of cool t-shirts on the show, but one of my favorites was this one. We feel like Frankie and Willie Nelson would have been great friends, so it makes sense that she’d rep him on her shirt. 

Funky Button Down Top

Frankie Bergstein Style

I can picture Frankie wearing something like this on a painting day. It’s big and comfy, and wold look great with a ginormous necklace and a few arm cuffs!

Button Down Shirt

Frankie loves to put these kind of button down shirts over top of a pair of overalls. It’s the perfect way to complete the outfit! This cool one would look great that way, or with a comfy pair of harem pants for the ultimate Frankie Bergstein Style! It also kind of reminds us of something from Sol’s style guide!

Cool Cardigan

Frankie Bergstein Style

This cool cover up is definitely something Frankie would wear! I feel like she’d throw it on over a pair of overalls and call it a day!

Tie Dye Kimono

Photo Courtesy of HalinaShearman

This Tie Dye Kimono seems like something Frankie would wear on a date night with Jacob. It’s fun and airy, but also has some elegance to it that matches Frankie’s overall vibe. 

Del Taco Tee

Photo Courtesy of arcadeshirts

If you know anything about Frankie Bergstein, you likely know that she loves Del Taco! Though she hasn’t exactly worn this shirt on the show, I feel like if she saw it she’d buy it in a heart beat! This T shirt is Frankie Bergstein style for sure, if you take into account her love of all things delicious!

We all know Frankie is a Dead Head through and through. We imagine she has more than one of these t-shirts supporting her favorite band.


Comfy Trousers

These pants can easily be dressed up or down, and are perfect for a day full of adventures. We feel like Frankie would pair this with a cool t shirt and a pair of comfy slide shoes.

Relaxed Pants

Frankie likes her clothes loose, and these pants are perfect for a comfy day in or out. Frankie would probably pair this with some loud jewelry and maybe a vintage rock t shirt?

Loud Flaring Pants


Chunky Jewelry

Frankie Bergstein style
Photo Courtesy of adinamills on instagram

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Grace and Frankie and wondered where in the world you could find Frankie’s jewelry, we have the answer for you. Adina Mills is the jewelry designer behind a lot of Frankie’s accessories, and she makes some really stunning pieces. Luckily for you, she sells them on her website! So yes, you can wear some of the exact pieces that Frankie has worn on the show!

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Turquoise Jewelry

Seems like something she’d pick up in Santa Fe.

Hobo Bag

frankie bergstein style

This is the kind of bag that Frankie would use to store all of her knick knacks, but she’d definitely leave her waller at home so that Grace can pay for their dinner!

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Artful Clogs

Frankie wears a variety of shoes on the show, but she’s often seen with a good pair of clogs on. These ones seem exactly up her alley. They’re decorated with paint strokes but are also really comfortable and full of support!

Grateful Dead Socks

Franke Bernstein was a Dead Head through and through and these Grateful Dead socks would have been a hit with her, no doubt. Paired with a cool Birkenstock sandal, these socks are a great statement piece. 

Converse Sneakers

Photo Courtesy of Journeys

When Frankie isn’t wearing clogs, you can often find her in a good old pair of Converse sneakers. They pair perfectly with her overalls and are comfortable to wear all day long.

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“Rainbow Spirit Desert”Bag

This bag, affectionately called the rainbow spirit desert bag, is the perfect crossbody option to put your essentials in while you’re galavanting around town.

Om Scarf

These few items could help to kickstart your Frankie Bergstein Style. If you’re a true fan of Grace and Frankie, you might also want to check out Grace and Frankie Gifts or Sol’s Style Guide!