40 Perfect Gifts for Gardeners – 2022

Gifts for gardeners

The perfect gifts for gardeners is easy to find when you have a good list of inspiration. This list combines some of the most practical gift ideas with some really beautiful pieces, as well as some time-saving options. It really has it all. Gardeners will love to receive any of these gifts for special occasions or big holidays. 

Here are some of the best gifts for gardeners!

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1. Plant Lady T-Shirt

gifts for gardeners
Photo Courtesy of MsMDesignUsa

If you have a gardener in your life who loves to let other people know what their favorite hobby is, then this plant lady t-shirt could be the perfect present. It’s a beautiful natural shade of green and would look great dressed up or down. 

2. Gloves

Avid gardeners end up going through quite a bit of gardening gloves during the growing seasons. They’re easy to get worn down by all the weeding that needs to be done each year. A good pack of new gardening gloves could help them avoid running out of them at an inopportune time. 

3. Garden Kneeler/Stool

gifts for gardeners

Gardening can be a tough job on your body, especially if you’re gardening directly into the ground. This garden kneeler/stool is a perfect gift to ease some of a gardeners tension and give them a comfy place to kneel or sit when they’re doing their work. 

4. Vegetable Brush

If your gardener is growing food, they’ll enjoy getting this gift for gardeners. It’s a vegetable crush that helps to brush away any remaining dirt that’s left on their vegetables before you serve them up. 

5. Indoor Composting Kit

A good gardener knows that good soil can’t be beat, and composting is a great way to feed your soil with organic ingredients. For this reason, an indoor composting kit makes great gifts for gardeners. It can allow you to use waste that would normally go in the trash (think banana peels, apple cores, old spinach), and turn it into nutrient dense soil for their garden. 

6. Plant Lady Hat

gifts for gardeners

This plant lady hat would make the perfect addition to the plant lady t shirt listed above. This gift is a little more useful though, as it can help to keep the sun out of your gardeners eyes during bright days outdoors. 

7. Plant Labels

gifts for gardeners

It’s nice to keep track of what you’re planting, especially when you’re planting a variety of green plants that can resemble each other. These charcoal  plant labels are the perfect solution to keeping your garden in order. They can be written on with chalk to accurately label your plants, and when you’re finished with them you simply wipe them off and store them for next time. 

8. Garden Stepping Stones

Gifts for gardeners

Stepping stones are a great way to make certain parts of your yard more accessible. These leaf stepping stones would look great in any garden, and can give it a cool artful touch. 

9. “Grow Dammit!” Metal Stake

This and signs like it make great gifts for gardeners with a sense of humor. They’ll know exactly how funny this is after a few frustrating growing seasons. 

10. Cocktail Garden Kit

If you know a gardener who also loves a good drink, they might really enjoy this gift. It is a cocktail garden kit, and while it doesn’t exactly help you to grow a cocktail from the ground (though how cool would that be!) it will help to grow some of the popular herbs that are included in their favorite cocktail. With this kit, they’ll be able to put a homemade spin on the drinks they love most!

11. Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Growing food indoors can be a challenge depending on the climate in your area, but this indoor hydroponic garden can make it a bit easier. 

12. Gardening Socks

This silly socks can make great small gifts for gardeners, perfect for stocking stuffers or small kind gestures. They say “Plants get me.”. 

13. Backyard Homestead Seasonal Planner

When you take your home garden seriously, you’ll know how important it is to plan accordingly throughout the year. This backyard homestead seasonal planner helps to make garden planning a lot more organized, and will be greatly appreciated by gardens who could use a little help in that department. 

14. Solar Garden Lights

These awesome solar garden lights can make for a cool addition to the garden at night time. They’ll help to illuminate spaces and bring a little magic to your outdoor space. 

15. Workshop Apron

A workshop apron could be a great gift for gardeners who use a lot of tools. Potting and repotting plants can be messy, and this apron can hold all the appropriate tools you need while keeping your clothes from getting completely destroyed in the process. 

16. “From the Garden of” Personalized Stamp

gifts for gardeners
Photo courtesy of PinkPueblo2

If you have a gardener in your life who loves to share their crops with friends and family, then this is the perfect gift for them. It’s a personalized stamp that can be created to say their name and stamp the wrapping of all their garden gifts. 

17. Elbow Length Gloves

Elbow length gloves are a great present for gardeners who really like to get down and dirty. When gardening requires getting far into bushes, these gloves can help to protect their arms from any thorns, or mysterious creatures hanging around.

18. Gardeners Handbook

We can all benefit from more knowledge, and even the most knowledgeable gardener is ready and willing to learn more. This classic book will give gardeners a plethora of helpful information that can help them to yield better results each year by learning from other people’s mistakes.  

19. Cuticle Care

Dry hands are very common in gardeners, and this cuticle care butter can go a long way with helping to repair them after gardening. 

20. Propagation Station

If you want to bring a little bit of the garden indoors, a propagation station is the perfect gift. Here, gardeners can grow new plants from the existing indoor plants and create a jungle like experience to match the real outdoors. 

21. Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbirds are a magical thing to witness. But all outdoor enthusiasts know how difficult it can be to spot them. This hummingbird feeder is the perfect gift to give hummingbirds a designated place to hang out and make watching them a little easier in the process. 

22. Terrain Coffee Table Book

This is a greta coffee table book to get ideas and inspirations for decorating the garden, as well as creating a home environment that mirrors the outdoors. 

23. Stand up Weeder

Weeding just got a whole lot easier with tis convenient tool. With it, your gardener can pull weeds while standing up. 

24. Wet My Plants Dish Towel

This is a cute and practical gift to give to gardeners who appreciate a silly joke. This one in particular would make a great towel for the bathroom that gives a nod to their favorite hobby. 

25. Sun catcher

Sun catchers are a magical thing to behold, as they create rainbows on the walls and surfaces around them when hit by the sun’s light. 

26. Zero Waste Pot Maker

Gardeners that like to start their planting from seeds often buy tiny soil pots to do so, but there’s another way that can be much cheaper and just as effective. This zero-waste pot makes helps gardeners to make little pots out of newspaper. 

27. Floral Wine Glasses

These floral wine glasses make beautiful gifts for gardeners who want to bring the outdoor vibe inside. Featuring colorful flower images, they’re sure to be a favorite amongst gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts. 

28. Pruning Shears

Pruning shears are a must-have for gardeners, and a good pair can make a huge difference in how accurately something is cut, as well as how well it will grow back. They’re a gift that will get a lot of use in the garden. 

29. Seed Saving Kit

gifts for gardeners

This seed saving kit is the perfect way to label unused seeds and store them away until the next growing season. 

30. Rain Gauge

gifts for gardeners

The amount of rain a garden gets can help to determine how often manual watering needs to be done. But it can be hard to know exactly how much rain a garden has received without measuring. This rain gauge does just that.

31. Natural Mosquito Repellant Candle

gifts for gardeners

A natural mosquito repellent makes perfect gifts for gardeners who want to stay away from using too many chemicals around their crops. This one is highly rated, and smells amazing. 

32. VermiHut Plus 5-Tray Worm Compost Bin

gifts for gardeners

If your gardener really wants to step up their composting, then this 5 tray worm compost bin is the perfect option. It will help to really create a nutrient dense soil, which benefits everything growing in and around it. 

33. Watering Can

gifts for gardeners

Watering cans make great, useful gifts for gardeners. Dragging the hose everywhere can be a nuisance, and this watering can can help to take large amounts of water to more difficult places. 

34. Garden Harvest Basket

gifts for gardeners

A good basket is a necessity when gardening fruits and vegetables. This one holds a good amount, and is also quite sturdy. 

35. Sun Hat

gifts for gardners

One of the best gifts for gardeners is one that will help them to garden longer, and stay comfortable in the process. This sun hat can accomplish both of those things, while also being a very stylish choice. 

36. Wind Chimes

Wind chimes can help to create a serene atmosphere in a garden. The sound can help to beckon gardeners outside with their peaceful sounds. 

37. Square Foot Template

Creating the perfect square foot section just got a whole lot easier with this handy tool. Gardeners will rejoice at the idea of having a way to make great square foot space without getting out the ruler each time. 




These gifts for gardeners will be a hit for the gardener you love. Comment if you think of a gift idea that would go perfectly in this list that we may have forgotten! And If you loved this list, you might also enjoy Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts!