33 Totally Awesome Stranger Things Merch & Gift Ideas

When you really love a TV shows like Stranger Things, you’ll want to get all the Stranger Things merch to go with it. Thankfully Good Gift Lists has found a couple dozen perch options that you’ll absolutely love! 

This group of Stranger Things march would make great gifts for the die hard fan in your life, or be the perfect gift to give yourself. We’ve found everything from clothing, games, accessroies, and books that will complete your ultimate Stranger Things collection. 

Check out these awesome gift ideas!

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1. Soundtrack

stranger things merch

Stranger Things is filled with stellar music that really sets the scene for the show. If you found yourself falling in love with the music on Stranger Things, you’ll be glad to know that you can easily make it the soundtrack to your life too. The Stranger Things soundtrack is available to own or download so you can listen to your fav songs all the time. 

2. Classic Logo Hoodie

stranger things merch

One of the most usable pieces of Stranger Things merch would be a classic hoodie like this one. You can wear it over any other clothing with a cool pair of sneakers. Or you can grab an extra large size and wear it on it’s own. 

3. Seasons 1 & 2 in VHS Style Box

You can’t call yourself a Stranger Things fan unless you have a few pieces of timeless Stranger Things merch like this collectors seasons one and season two dvds. They come in awesome VHS style boxes to keep them well preserved for years to come. The VHS boxes will be a cool vintage nod to younger people, and a run reminder to us older folks.

4. Upside Down Stranger Things Polaroid Camera

stranger things merch

Film was all the rage in the 80’s, as were polaroid cameras. They are now making a comeback in the current times, and Polaroid was cool enough to come out with this limited edition Upside Down Polaroid in honor of Stranger Things. It’s a cool keepsake that you can actually use for years to come. 

5. Insulted Mug

stranger things merch

Who doesn’t need a good insulated mug? They’re prefect for when you have to drink on the go, and this Stranger Things one is a great nod to our favorite series. 

6. Graphic Novel Set

A true fan will love this Stranger Things merch that takes the shows plot to the next level. Graphic novels were a big deal in the 80’s, so owning a few, especially this one, might make you feel a little bit more like you’re living in the Stranger Things world.  This is just one of the many Stranger Things Books out there!

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7. Soft Plush Thrown Blanket

You can cozy up with some of the cast when you buy this soft plush throw blanket. It features some of our favorite characters from Stranger Things, and would look good in any bedroom. 

8. Doormat

stranger things merch

Your doormat sets the tone for your entire home, so why not make it Stranger Things themed? This cool doormat says “Enter the Upside Down” and will be a great indicator of who watched the show based on who gets the reference. If they don’t you can definitely deny them entry. 

9. Socks

These socks look just like Joyce’s infamous string lights that she uses to communicate with her son. They also are a festive look for the holidays. How convenient. 

10. Jigsaw Puzzle

stranger things merch

Puzzle lovers will rejoice at this Stranger Things puzzle depicting some classic season 1 pictures of our favorite characters. You can spend hours trying to figure out every piece and end it with a finished photo of a great scene. 

11. Poster

This poster would look great in the room of a true Stranger Things fan. 

12. LEGO Upside Down

stranger things merch

Completing a LEGO set is kind of like free therapy. This one in particular takes a lot of skill and patience, but will be well worth it in the end. It’s recommended for an older audience as it has many tiny and intricate pieces that put together an elaborate depictions of the real world and the upside down. 

13. Hawkins AV Club Sweatshirt

Photo courtesy of IMakeItYouNameIt

The Hawkins AV club is easily one of the coolest clubs to be in, and while we wish we could go back in time to join this group in the 80’s, this sweatshirt will make it feel a little more possible. 

14.Starcourt Mall Pin

stranger things merch

The introduction to the Starcourt mall was everything we didn’t know we needed. Rep it every day with this awesome pin that can easily be placed on things like your backpack or purse. 

15. Stickers

If you love placing stickers around, then you’ll love this ultimate pack of Stranger Things stickers. They’re a great pack to have if you like to put little Stranger Things reminders in lots of fun places. 

16. The Book of Barb

Oh Barb. We just didn’t have enough time with you as we wished we have. In her short time on the series, she really did become an iconic wing woman and loyal friend. Check out this book if you stan Barb as much as we do. 

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17. Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set Stranger Things

If you watched the show, you know how important this game is to the boys. They love playing it, and spend many hours doing so. This Stranger Things version of the popular game will entertain gamers young and old. 

18. Slides

stranger things merch
Photo courtesy of Hot Topic

These comfortable slides are the perfect addition to any chilled out outfit. Throw these on with your stranger things sweatshirt for a complete look. 

19.The Official Behind the Scenes Companion Book

The official behind the scenes book for Stranger Things is a popular piece of merch for a reason. Pick it up to read all of the inside scoop on the series. 

20. Funko Pops

A fun Demagorgon Funko Pop would look great on any desk or fireplace. 

21. Stranger Things Trivial Pursuit

Trivia Pursuit is a classic game that will test your knowledge of all things 80’s. This Stranger Things version will be the perfect thing to add to your collection of Stranger Things merch. 

22. Season 1 Blu Ray Collectors Addition

If you’re a collector, you’ll want to be sure that you have a blu ray version of your favorite series. 

23. Stranger Things Lip Balm

stranger things merch

Chapped lips are a big no-no, and these Stranger Things inspired lip glosses will help you to avoid having that happen. 

24. Stranger Things Handheld Arcade Game

Gamers will love this handheld arcade game, that’s completely Stranger Things themed!

25. Smartwatch Band

If you have an Apple watch, you’ll love this bit of Stranger Things merch. It’s a band that can easily attach to your smartwatch, and rep your favorite television series. 

26. Dustin Chia Pet

The 80’s were known for many things, one being the infamous chia pet. If you’re old enough to remember the commercial, just the sight of this will make “ch ch ch chia” ring through your head. This awesome chia pet comes in the likeliness of Dustin’s head, and we’re totally here for it!

27. Eggo Card Game

Eleven would love this game just as much as she loves this breakfast food. 

28. Croc Charms

stranger things merch
Photo courtesy of SinCityCharmz

If you wear crocs, you’ll know that these little croc charms are currently all the rage. You can give this look a big of zest with these cool Stranger Things charms that feature our favorite group of guys, Eleven, and a demagorgon.

29. Stranger Things Eyeshadow Palette

If you want to recreate that famous 80’s look from stranger things, you’ll need some really bright make up. This Stranger Things eyeshadow palette is a good place to start. 

30. Demagorgon Dog Costume

Photo courtesy of ThatCraftyFriendShop

If you have a pet in your life, then you’ll love this awesome demagorgon costume for dogs. It’s a great way to get them dressed up for Halloween, or just any old day. 

31. Friends Don’t Lie T Shirt

This saying will be known by any person who has watched Stranger Things. It was a pretty big scene and a pretty impactful sentence said by one of out favorite main characters. If you know, you know. 

32. Hawkins Retro Tee

If you want to dress a little bit like they do in the series, then you’ll love this retro Hawkins tee shirt. It’s a great piece to wear with a pair of classic Converse Sneakers to really represent the 80’s.

33. Stranger Things Monopoly

stranger things merch

If you love the game of Monopoly, you’ll love this Stranger Things version of the classic game. Filled with some of our favorite characters, this game is truly a keepsake. 

That’s all for this Stranger Things merch list. You can check out more stranger things gift ideas, like Stranger Things books here! For more gift lists for TV shows, check out GoodGiftLists.com