The Ultimate Grace Hanson Style Guide – Grace and Frankie Clothes

grace and frankie style

How would you describe Grace Hanson’s style? The word we came up with was “class”. Grace has a style that is timeless, and would look just as good as her as it does on a woman of any age. She manages to look extremely put together at all times while also maintaining a sort of effortlessness about her that is hard to explain. Still, we try to find Grace and Frankie clothes that help us feel a little more like we’re apart of their world.

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When we came up with this list we wanted to include some items that are staples in Grace Hanson’s wardrobe. That includes things like button down shirts with a popped collar, expensive belts, silk neck scarves, and a few power suits for good measure. 

Here are a few essential items that could help you to copy our gal’s most classic looks and help to add a little more Grace and Frankie clothes to your closet.

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Button Down Tops

A white button down shirt is a must have if you want your style to mimic Grace Hanson’s. This is a staple piece of clothing that can be worn in a million different ways. Grace would style this under a blazer or cardigan, and with a popped collar for sure. 

photo courtesy of Chicos

This statement top is both casual and sophisticated, something Grace would definitely be interested in.

grace and frankie clothes

Isn’t this top gorgeous. Grace would pair a classic silk blouse like this with a cool pair of dark blue skinny jeans to create an effortless looking outfit. It’s the exact kind of things Grace would wear and the exact opposite of our beloved Frankie Berstein’s style! She’s the Yin to her Yang.

Photo courtesy of Robert Graham

Grace loves a floral button down top, and this one seemed like just the kind of top that you’d find in her closet.

grace and frankie clothes

Grace is often seen wearing the color blue, and this button down seemed like just to staple item that Grace would dress up or down on any given day. 

grace and frankie clothes
Photo courtesy of JMclauchlin

We thought this top screamed Grace Hanson, as it’s casual and yet super stylish. It’d go well with a pair of blue jeans and a open toed flat shoe.

Professional Wear


Grace wore a pink blazer very similar to this one in a few episodes of Grace and Frankie. She styled her with a white button down top underneath and paired it with high heels and pink pants. 

A good power suit is a must-have if you’re looking to dress a little more like Grace Hanson. This one in particular comes in a handful of colors to match your specific personality. 

Grace wore a hot red blazer like this one a few times on the series when she’s scheduled for an important business meeting. You can’t forget a woman in red, and Grace isn’t one to be forgotten.

grace and frankie clothes

Grace can make any outfit look stylish with a little extra added height to her. These heels seem like they’d go with just about any of Grace’s outfits. 


A similar Gucci belt was worn by Grace overtop of a chunky blazer and it looked stunning. This piece is exactly the kind of subtle status nod that Grace prides herself on. It’s casual, effortless, and expensive.

grace and frankie clothes

A good (and expensive) leather bag is a staple of Grace’s wardrobe. It had to be big enough to also hold a lot of Frankie’s items as well. This one looks very similar to one that she’s seen wearing often in the series.

grace and frankie clothes

Grace is able to dress up nearly any outfit with a few carefully selected accessories. A satin scarf is often seen wrapped around Grace’s neck to give every outfit a little pizazz. 

Grace can be seen wearing similar pair of black framed glasses while reading in the beach house. These seem like the style and price that would appeal to our Grace.

Grace isn’t one to over accessorize, so when she does put on a pair of earrings it’s often a pair of casual pearls like these.

Grace isn’t one to pull out her phone to check the time. She’s often seen sporting a watch in the series, and we feel like this one matches her every day style perfectly.

While a martini glass isn’t exactly a part of her outfit, she does tend to have one in her hand just as often as she’d carry a purse. So if you’re into making a very dry martini the way Grace likes it, you’ll need a few of these around the house.


grace ndn frankie clothes

If you’ve watched Grace and Frankie, you’ll know that Grace Hanson isn’t the kind of woman to go to bed in just any old thing. On the contrary, her nightwear is just as well thought out and glamorous as her every day outfits, and she’s often seen sporting a pair of silk pajamas like these.  

On the rare occasion that Grace is dressing down, she’s often seen wearing a pair of boots similar to these UGG boots. These books are incredibly comfortable and still acceptable to wear out of the house.

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On cool days when she’d sit by the ocean with Frankie, Grace is often seen wearing a light brown cardigan similar to this one. It’s the perfect option to keep you warm on colder nights, but not too cold. They do live in sunny San Diego after all. 

This luxurious robe is just the thing we think Grace would wear on a scandalous night with Nick. It’s silky, and extremely feminine.

Photo Courtesy of Redbubble TGC4evr

Grace is all about business, and while this shirt may seem silly, it definitely represents herb business side! True fans will know all about this shirt!

grace and frankie clothes

Sweaters like this are often seen on Grace in the series. They’re causal yet cool, and extremely comfy.  

grace and frankie clothes

This cable knit sweater is the perfect option to drop around one of her many button down tops. Grace is a big fan of layers and this one would pair nicely with a lot of her favorite clothing items. 

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