Every Stranger Things Book – A Complete Guide

Stranger Things Book

It’s hard not to fall in love with the Netflix series Stranger Things, and if you have you’ve probably found yourself wanting more of their world. Luckily for you there are more than one Stranger Things book out there that will fulfill your Stranger Things fix. 

A good Stranger Things book comes in a few different options. You could get into the graphic novels, the classic books, or some of the behind the scenes guides to the series. They even have art books, coloring books, and children’s books for you to indulge in. 

Check out every Stranger Things book out there to pick the most perfect one for you. And while you’re at it, you should check out some of the best Stranger Things Merch on the internet!

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1. The First Official Novel

Stranger Things Book

If you’re just getting into the Stranger Things book world, you’ll want to start off with the official first novel. It’s the best way to get a good intro into the story and not miss any details. This prequel will take you on a journey through the Hawkins lab, the truth about Eleven’s mothers, and the evil behind the people who run the lab.

2. The Second Official Novel

Stranger Things Book

The second book is a must-have once you get the first. In this story, Hopper begins to trust Eleven and share more of his personal story with her. It’s a backstory worth reading for sure.

3. Third Official Novel

Stranger Things book

Complete the three part series with this third official Stranger Things book, and you’ll be able to call yourself a true collector. In this third book you’ll dive into Max’s past and how she found herself in the town of Hawkins.

4. Graphic Novel Vol.1

stranger things book

The Stranger Things Graphic Novel series starts with this graphic novel, The Other Side. It begins with Will Byers entering the upside down, and only gets crazier from there.

5. Graphic Novel Vol.2

The next graphic novel is a prequel to the series, that goes into the story of a teenage girl named Francine who is taken advantage of by the doctors in Hawkins lab who are interested in her precognition powers.

6. Graphic Novel Vol.3

stranger things book

The story of Three and Nine are the focal point of the third graphic novel of this series. When Nine’s twin sister and Three escape, they begin to feel normal. That is, until Hawkins Lab makes the national news.

7. Graphic Novel Vol.4

stranger things book

If you wondered what all went down at Dustin’s summer science camp, you’ll love this graphic novel. It gives us the background story we all wanted to know about Dustin’s special summer of love.

8. Graphic Novel Vol.5

stranger things book

Our beloved Bob left a map in a box of old things and Will is lucky enough to find it. With a little help from Mr.Clarke, they begin to uncover this mystery.

9. Graphic Novel Vol.6

The final graphic novel of this series gives us the origin of this infamous group of boys and their love of the game Dungeons and Dragons. It’s the start of their epic friendship that shapes Stranger Things as a show.

10. Funko Pop Counting Book

stranger things book

This is a great book for the littlest fans of Stranger Things. It’s a book that teachers them how to count using some of our favorite characters from the series. 

11. Book of Barb

Justice for Barb! If you loved this iconic wing woman, then you’ll love this guidebook that celebrates her. It’s filled with hot tops on makeup, rules for attending a party, and all that would go in barbs purse. It’s a must have if you related to this character at all. 

12. Behind the Scenes Companion Guide

stranger things book

Designed to mimic the appearance of a used book, this official behind-the-scenes companion guide is a great book for fans of Stranger Things. It’s a guide to the first two seasons and beyond, and features some pretty impressive artwork and behind the scenes information. 

13. Erica the Great

If you love the character Erica, then you’ll really enjoy this graphic novel that gives her the spotlight she deserves. While her brother is too busy to notice her, and her mom won’t let her play the games she’s interested in, this independent little lady takes matters into her own hands. 

14. Hawkins Yearbook

If you ever wondered what the Hawkins yearbooks looked like, look no further. You can check out cool class pictures, inscriptions, secret notes, and more in these cool books. 

15. Unofficial Guide

stranger things book

One of the coolest unofficial guides out there. Notes From The Upside Down is filled with interesting facts and insights in the the origins of the show. It’s a great resources for mega fans of the series.

16. 80’s Retro Guide

The 80’s play a huge part in Stranger Things books, and if you every wanted to do a deep dive on the influence the 80’s played in particular then you’ll love this Stranger Things book. The 80’s retro guide explores the connections between arcades, Ataris, Eggos, Steve’s hair, and more. 

17. Artbook

stranger things book

Some very talented artists contributed to create this unique book. It’s filled with the unique versions of the Stranger Things series, and is truly a beautiful take on this extraordinary world. 

18. How to Survive in a Stranger Things World

Do you have what it takes to survive in the Stranger Things world? If not, you’re in luck. This book is full of cool pictures and tidbits of information and advice to get you through this strange world. It’s a fun guidebook that will definitely leave you feeling prepared. 

19. Quiz Book

Do you think you know everything there is to know about Stranger Things? You can test your knowledge with this cool quiz book. It’ll require you to dig deep into your Strangers Things info bank and recount some of the smallest details about the series. 

20. Hawkins Horrors

stranger things book

If you want to take a look inside some of the darkest and scariest corners of Hawkins, then you’ll love this collection of terrifying tales. Hawkins Horrors starts when Dustin, Lucas, Max and their friends want to rent movies on night. Then, a blackout happens and everything they planned for the night gets turned on its head and readers get to go on seven different adventures in their hometown of Hawkins. 

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