30 Perfect Products for Small Space Living

If you live in small apartments, you’ll know how important it is to take advantage of every inch of space that you have. You’ll also know how important it is to stay organized. These products for small space living will assist you with both of those goals, as Good Gift Lists has curated a list that is comprised of stylish, and useful products for even the smallest of small apartments. 

We’ve found some great items that you can buy for yourself or give as a house warming gift to someone moving into a small space.

Not everything will work for every space, but a majority of these items are products that you can easily hide away and can increase your storage. Trust us, we know a thing or two about living in small spaces.

Check out some of the best products for small apartments below!

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1. Handheld Vacuum

products for small apartments

There are little spaces that just don’t require you to get a huge vacuum out for. A handheld vacuum could be the perfect product for small apartments that don’t have carpet and require a larger vacuum. It’s very convenient and doesn’t take up too much space. 

2. Collapsible Strainers

small apartments

Every kitchen needs a strainer or two, but not every small apartment is equipped with the storage for these bulky items. These collapsible strainers only take up the space that one strainer would use, making them perfect for small apartments.

3. Magnetic Spice Tin Rack

small apartments

Kitchen space is sacred, and so every bit of extra space you can muster up is great. These magnet spice tin racks let you take advantage of the free space on your fridge that you’d usually just fill with magnets. It’s also a great way to keep track of what spices you have on hand.

4.Corner Laundry Hamper

products for small apartments

Laundry baskets can be an unnecessarily bulky item, taking u much needed space in a bathroom or bedroom. Still, they’re very much needed. This corned laundry hamper will make the most of the corner of a room, and fit perfectly in a space that not much else could go in. 

5. Windowsill Gardening Kit

gifts for small apartments

There are plenty of ways to incorporate a garden into a small space, but one of the prettiest is to incorporate a garden o your windowsill. It’s a great place to ensure the plants get as much sunlight as possible, and it will look nice in a kitchen space. 

6. Clothes Storage Bags

Storage can be a difficult subject in a small apartment, and keeping things organize is the best way to make the space not seem overly crowded. These clothes storage bags are a great option if you want to neatly keep things tucked away for a season. 

7. Candle

small apartment candles

Small spaces can get funky really quickly so having a natural candle around can keep the room smelling nice despite your tight quarters. This one is especially sweet scented.

8. Indoor Smart Garden

small space living garden

Theres another way to incorporate a garden into your small space living arrangements, and it’s with this awesome indoor smart garden. It takes care of the sunlight for you with, and therefore can be placed in any open space you have. 

9. Kitchen Cart

small spac living kitchen storage

A good kitchen cart can give you a ton more counter and storage space in your kitchen. Use it to store strainers, pots and pans underneath. Then you can use the top to practice your cooking skills. It has the perfect top surface for cutting things or prepping your food. 

10. Mini Keurig Machine

Small space living should still have a coffee machine, and this mini Keurig makes it easy to do so. It’s the perfect size for single cups, and takes up very little space on the counter. 

11. Storage Ottoman for Small Apartments

Ottomans are a great thing to have in any apartment, but in small apartments most things have to have more than one use. This ottoman is great because it opens up and becomes another storage option. It’s perfect to put little eatings in like pet toys, games, or any other random things you have laying around. 

12. Mini Projector

watching tv in small apartments is easy

If you want to make watching tv an option but can figure out the space to put an actual tv in, you’re in luck. This min projector will allow you to make good use of a blank wall by projecting your screen onto it. 

13. Sofa Arm Table for Small Apartments

small apartments

There isn’t always room in small apartments for a full coffee table, but you’ll still need somewhere to set your drinks on when you’re relaxing. This sofa arm table can be a great way to accomplish that safely without taking up any more space. 

14. Stacking Bento Box

small space living gifts

Bento boxes are a great way to pack your lunch, and these stackable ones will be easy to store in a cabinet. 

15. Coffee Table with Hidden Compartments

If you do have the room to put a coffee table, it’d be nice for it to have more than one use. This gorgeous coffee table comes with hidden compartments that give you places to store things like books, magazine, and can be used as a heightened table for working on your laptop. 

16. Refrigerator Bins

mall space living refrigerator options

Organization is key when you live in small apartments. The moment things get messy, you’ll feel like you’re living in much more cramped quarters. An organized fridge can give you piece of mind, and also give you a good idea of what you have without anything gettin chidden away. 

17. 3 Tier Storage Cart

small space living storage cart

These storage carts are great because they’re super slim but can hold a lot on them. They’re perfect for bathrooms, or tucked away in a kitchen. 

18. Air Purifier for Small Apartments

small apartments can have clean air too

Like we said before, the air is more prone to getting a little funky in a smaller space. If you don’t just want to cover up the smell, you can try an air purifier. This one is pretty compact and can purify your air quite quickly. 

19. Dish Drying Rack

small apartments need to have this

Drying dishes can be a little more complicated in small apartments, so a dish trying rack is a must. This one is perfect because instead of being longer, it’s higher so it gives you just as much space to dry stuff without losing more counter space. 

20. Fresh Fruit Bowl

If fruit is a major part of your grocery trips, a good fresh fruit bowl can be a good way to keep it all in one place while also keeping it accessible to you. This one is great because it hangs your bananas.

21. Floating Bookshelf

small space living book storage

Books are a great thing to own, but can take up a lot of space when they’re not stored correctly. This floating bookshelf helps you make the most of bare walls by filling them with books and freeing up much needed ground space. It’s one of our favorite small bookshelf ideas for small space living.

22. Cabinet Door Organzier

small space living kitchen ideas

Instead of just throwing everything into you cabinets, why no incorporate a neater storage solution? These cabinet door organizers allow you to make more space in your cabinet while helping to keep things neat and tidy. 

23. Entryway Mail and Key Organizer

It can be easy to lose your keys, even in small space living. This awesome entryway mail and key organizer gives you designated place to put the things you often leave sitting around your apartment. Place it right by your front door so that you never forget to put things there.

24. Shelf Dividers

The bottom of your closet can be prone to messes, but these shelf dividers can help with that. They create compartments for specific things to go, and to keep them away from other things that create a mess. They’re great for bedroom closets.

25. Toilet Paper Stocker

mall space living storage options

A good toilet paper stocker will look nice in your bathroom, but also keep your extra toilet paper hidden from view. 

26. Over the Cabinet Bag Holder

small apartment products

If you are one to keep all of your old grocery bags laying around, you’re not alone. Plenty of people hang onto these bags for a variety of reasons, which is why it’s nice to have a designated place to put them the they’re not in use. This cabinet bag holder is a great solution. 

27. Space Saving Hangers

Closet space can be a challenge no matter how small your apartment is. These space saving hangers are an awesome way to hang more things without needed an extra closet. 

28. Shower Curtain with Pockets

small space living products

It may look a little silly, but this shower curtain with pockets can help to avoid having a bunch of stuff laying around your shower. Use it for small and light things like rags, extra soap, or shavers. 

29. Narrow Sofa Table

products for small apartments

A narrow sofa table will look great behind any sofa, and give you a lot of storage space without taking up too much room. It’s a great option to set decorations on, but can also come with an outlet making it easy for charging your devices. 

30. Bedside Caddy

small space living

A bedside caddy is great if you’re one that like to sleep beside your laptop or books. It can keep your bedside table a little more tidy, but still allow you to keep all the things you want to have by your bed. It goes in a space that is rarely used as well, so that’s a major plus. 

Small space living can really benefit from having a few great space saving products around. For more housekeeping product ideas, check out Goodgiftlists.com