The Ultimate Sol Bergstein Style Guide

Sol Bergstein is a lovable guy, in part because he’s such a wacky dresser! His clothes truly match his personality, as do most of the Grace and Frankie character’s style! After completing the Frankie Bergstein Style guide it felt only right to do one for her beloved ex-husband as well.

We love Sol’s style, as it is very relaxed and care free. He is often seen in a loose fitting button down shirt featuring an off-the-wall pattern. It’s simple, but unique. If you love Sol Bergstein’s style and want to incorporate a little bit of him into your own wardrobe, we’ve curated a list of items that we think the’s definitely approve of.

Here is the ultimate Sol Bergstein style guide!

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Button Down Tops

In nearly every scene of the show, Sol can be seen wearing a totally wacky button down top. They feature loud prints, flowers, crazy shapes, and nearly every color you can think of. This is Sol’s every day wear, and he’s not the least bit ashamed of it.

On the other hand, Sol is also a lawyer, which means he does have to look “professional” on occasion. In these instances, he can be seen in a more sophisticated button down. We’ve listed a few of both options below!

1. Blue Wave Top

2. Rainbow Beach Shirt

sol bergstein style

3. Art Print Top

4. Relaxed Floral Top

5. Sunset Button Down

6. Causal Leaf Top

7. Blue Hawaiian Top

sol bergstein style

8. Pink Flamingo top

9. Casual Work Top

10. Casual Button Down

sol bergstein style

Comfy Shoes

Sol’s style is ultimately comfortable, unless he’s going to work. It’s not as comfortable as Frankie Bergstein’s style, but it’s pretty close sometimes. In the mean time, Sol’s shoes usually match the relaxed appeal of his tops. Here are a few sandal and shoe options that we think Sol would have in his closet.

11. Men’s Birkenstocks

12. All Activity Sandal

13. Beach Flip Flops

14. Hiking Sandal

15. Work Shoe


Sol doesn’t accessorize too much. He keep it pretty casual in that department with a few useful items that are practical to have around.

16. Leather Watch

17. Reading Glasses

18. Braided Belt


As far as pants go, no one keeps it more casual than Sol, who is very often just wearing a pair of kaki pants or shorts. So it won’t be too hard to copy his style here.

19. Kaki Pants

20. Cargo Shorts

As you can see, Sol Bergstein’s style is pretty attainable. It’s the perfect wardrobe to have if you’re a laid back person who just wants to be comfortable, but with a little bit of flair! If you liked this post, you may also enjoy the Grace Hanson style guide, or the Frankie Bergstein Style Guide!