The Best 70th Birthday Gifts Ideas!

70th birthday gift ideas

Turning 70 is no small feat, which is why finding the perfect 70th birthday gift ideas is so important. You want to properly celebrate the person you love turning 70 by giving them a gift that really means something. While this gift will differ depending on each person, Good Gift Lists has come up with a few 70th birthday gifts ideas that can give you some inspiration.

When you’re considering what to give someone for their 70th birthday gifts, you want to take a few things into consideration. Think about their interests, their accomplishments, and even their hobbies. These things can help you to find a custom gift that feels just for them. To better help you decide, we’ve sectioned off these gifts depending on if you’re looking for 70th birthday gifts for men, or women.

Here are some of the best gift ideas for 70 year olds.

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Gifts for all 70 year olds

1. Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle

70th birthday gift ideas
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At 70 years old theres one thing that most people can say that they’ve gained, and thats patience. And a good puzzle takes just that. Personalized puzzles are a great surprise gift to give for a 70th birthday, especially if you choose a great picture. Try a puzzle that features them with their spouse, grandchildren, or entire family to make it extra special.

2. Kindle

70th birthday gift ideas

Reading is made a little easier when you have an e-reader. This Kindle by Amazon is the perfect solution to reading on the go, or keeping a large variety of books in one digital place. If the 70 year old in your life is an avid reader, they’ll love to receive tis thoughtful gift.

3. “Day You Were Born” Newspaper

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It’s great to go back in time and feel a bit of nostalgia. This awesome gift is a blast from the past with a personal touch. It features headlining news from the specific day and year that your loved one way born.

4. Wind Chimes

There’s something so peaceful about the sound of wind chimes, especially when they were given to you by someone you love. Pair this gift with a thoughtful card and they’ll think fondly of you every time the wind hits theses chimes and creates a perfect melody.

5. Custom House Portrait Painting

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A family really makes a home, but the building itself is often filled with memories to last a lifetime. This gift is especially heartwarming to older people who know just how much love can fill a home. It can be a great reminder of the life they’ve built, and really bring back memories to a place they’ve loved.

6. Autobiography Notebook

70th birthday gift ides

70 year olds have a lot of stories to tell from their lives, and it can be intimidating to ask them about each one. This autobiography book can be the perfect gift that allows them to tell their life story in a way that feels comfortable. It is a do-it-yourself option that asks 201 specific questions to help older people document their lives.

7. 70 Years Socks

If you want to give a silly and small gift, these socks are a great option. They’re great for people who love to laugh.

8. Thoughtful Card

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Gifts from the heart are the best option when it comes to 70th birthday gift ideas. A thoughtful card filled with a heartwarming message can be a great option for a gift. Throw in a few bucks if you want to be sure they’ll love it!

9. Vintage Candy Gift Box

70th birthday gift ideas

If your 70 year old has a sweet tooth, then they’ll appreciate this throwback gift of vintage candy. In it they’ll find some of their childhood favorites, and can reminisce with their tastebuds!

10. VHS to DVD transfer service

If you’re shopping around for a 70 year old, you’ll want to consider this out of the ordinary gift. This company can convert your old home videos into dvd format, so that they continue to be watched for years to come. Many people could benefit from this service, as VHS players are quickly going out of style. You can help them to preserve their memories and get rid of some space consuming tapes.

11. Back and Neck Massager

There are a lot of aches and pains that come when you age, and a professional massage isn’t always on the table. With this gift, they’ll be able to massage their neck and back whenever they feel like it. It’s definitely a gift that will get a lot of use.

12. Memory Scrap Book

70th birthday gift ideas

Keeping pictures in a safe place is the best way to ensure that they can be enjoyed for years to come, which is why a memory book is a great 70th birthday gift idea. This one can be personalized to the color of your choosing, and can also be signed on the front by the friends and family featured in the book.

13. Vintage Classic Birth Year T-Shirt

14. Memory Mints

70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

If you have an especially feminine 70 year old to buy for then you’ll benefit from checking out these 70th birthday gift ideas for women. When buying for a 70 year old woman you want to think of classic gifts that will last. You’ll also want to consider things she enjoys on a daily basis. Filled with feminine charm, these gifts will make the lady in your life feel amazing on her special day.

15. 7 Ring 7 Decades Necklace

70th birthday gift ideas
Photo Courtesy of GRSJewelry

This gorgeous necklace features a ring for each decade your loved one has lived, making it an extra special 70th birthday gift.

16. To Go Mug

This to go mug is the perfect thing for women to make coffee in when they’re on the go, even if that just means a short trip to the backyard.

17. Pressed Flower Sun Catcher

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This gorgeous sun catcher features real pressed flowers, and will be sure to accentuate any space it hangs in.

18. A Classic Watering Can

Garden lovers will enjoy this simple and thoughtful gift that makes watering the garden that much easier. Check out more gifts for gardeners while you’re at it, and you may just find something that feels just right!

19. Candle

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A good candle will make more people happy, but this one is a little special. It features a kind note, wishing your loved one a happy 70th birthday and filling the room with an intoxicating scent.

20. Sash and Tiara

70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

The 70 year old man in your life may need a little something extra for this special occasion. If you’re looking for a male specific birthday gift, these ideas may spark your interest. We went classic with his list, thinking specifically about what an older man might really enjoy receiving for his 70th trip around the sun.

21.Custom Wooden Chess Board

70th birthday gift ideas
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If your 70 year old is an original gamer, then they’ll love this gift idea. Handmade by a really neat small business on Etsy, this chess board is carved from raw wood, and will be a conversation piece for any chess lovers out there.

22. Golf Balls

Golfers will love to receive this gift, as it can pay homage to a beloved hobby while also acknowledging their birthday.

23. Whisky Glass

If your 70 year old loves a good drink, then they’ll really appreciate this customized whisky glass. It can be personalized to feature the year that they were born, while acknowledging their “vintage” status.

24. Jerky Gift Basket

Idk what it is about men and meat, but the two just seem to go together. This beef jerky gift basket is filled with delicious treats that any man would enjoy.

70th Birthday Party Decorations

If you’re in the market for great 70th birthday gifts, you may also have a hand in planning a 70th birthday party. And every good party needs good decorations. To help you out with your planning, we’ve gathered a few 70th birthday party decorations that will set your party over the top.

26. 70th Birthday Cake Candles

No cake is complete without candles, and if you want to save your birthday guy or gal from having to blow out 70 separate candles, these will be a great option.

27. Lawn Signs

Yard signs will ensure that your party guests know exactly which house to stop at for a good time. These are a great option for a party or to celebrate someone on their special day. It helps their neighborhood to acknowledge their birthday as well.

28. 70 Number Party Balloons

These balloons are great for pictures, and make a cool decoration accessory to a 70th birthday party.

29. Decoration Party Pack

70th birthday gift ideas

A party is not party without decorations, and this decoration party set takes care of all of your party needs. It’s a great way to get all of your decoration shopping done in one go.

30. Cake Topper

70th birthday gift ideas

If you’re planning to get a big extravagant cake for this birthday, you might need more than just a few candles. This cake topper will make a big statement and make their cake even more exciting.

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