The Best Handmaid’s Tale Merchandise

Handmaid's Tale Merchandise
Handmaid's Tale Merchandise

It reshaped the way we think of our current world, and the potential future that could be on the horizon (though we certainly hope this always stays a completely fictional reality). And now we have a bunch of new realities to consider. Oh yippee! Still, we can’t help but love this series. The strength that June maintains throughout the show, the unification of the Handmaids, and the overall bizarreness of it all has created millions of fans that love nothing more than to talk about and rep this beloved series.

And every good fan wants to find the best Handmaid’s Tale merchandise and gifts that are out there. Luckily for you, we’ve found some really great merch!

This list was specially created for diehard Handmaid’s Tale fans. It has everything from T-shirts, to costumes, to portraits, and so much more. So have a great time going through everything. Under his eye 😉

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1. Official Book Boxset

Handmaid's Tale Merchandise


Every Handmaid’s Tale fan should start with reading the book. And if you didn’t start that way, you should jump into it right away. The books are two of the best pieces of Handmaid’s Tale Merchandise you can own, and they’ll give you even more context into the crazy world that this story takes place in.

2. Notecard Set

Handmaid's Tale Merchandise

If you love to communicate with the written word, you’ll love these Handmaid’s Tale notecards. They allow you to express yourself on pages that feature the infamous white bonnet that the handmaids in the series wear.

3. Book Themed T-Shirt

Handmaid's Tale Merchandise

This T-shirt is a great piece of Handmaid’s Tale Merchandise, as it features the image from the original book. It’s a cool, and slightly subtle way to rep your favorite t-show, and attract other fans who recognize this classic cover.

4. Candle

Who doesn’t want their home to smell like the streets of Gilead? We kid, this candle smells a lot better, we’re sure. It’s a great Handmaid’s Tale merchandise gift to give a fellow fan for their birthday.

5. Handmaids Tale Pin

There may be no better time than now to sport a pin like this. If this show has taught us anything, it s that women’s rights are of upmost important. We don’t want to risk this show being anything close to our reality, and so we fight.

6. “Blessed be the Fruit” Wine Glass

These are the perfect glasses to sport at a watch party, as they display the popular greeting from the show. Fill it up with your favorite wine and enjoy watching this story play out from afar.

7. Poster

This poster makes a great addition to any wall in your home. Featuring our favorite leading lady, it’s sure to be an image that inspires hope and perseverance.

8. Character T Shirt

Handmaid's Tale Merchandise
Photo courtesy of GokmenTshirt

This classic t-shirt displays all the names of the main characters we love and have been routing for since season one. It comes in different colors too!

9. Handmaid Costume

Handmaid's Tale Merchandise

Is there a more perfect halloween costume than this? This Handmaid’s Tale handmaid costume is the perfect option to wear to a costume party, on Halloween, or just to a watch party with your friends. It is eerily similar to the fit that the handmaids wear on the show.

10. Portrait

Handmaid's Tale Merchandise
Photo Courtesy of TheFramersWorkshop

This is another great piece of art that depicts a handmaid. This one is hand painted and comes deliver framed.

11. Vinyl Sticker

Handmaid's Tale Merchandise
Photo courtesy of PeculiarPennants

I think it’s safe to say that May Day may be the coolest secret club out there. This vinyl sticker would look great on your laptop, or notebook to remind you of the group that gets creates their own solutions!

12. Makeup Bag

Just because the handmaids can’t wear makeup doesn’t mean you can’t. Keep all of your goodies in this cute Handmaid’s Tale makeup bag.

13. Tote Bag

handmaid's tale merchandise
Photo courtesy of Birdonmain

A good tote bag can be hard to find, but we’ve done the hard work for you by finding this awesome handmaid’s tale tote bag. Blessed be the fight! You can fit all of the books in this sturdy tote bag

14. “May the Card Open” Card

If you have a friend or family member who is a fan of the show, then they’ll love to receive this card. Gift it on a birthday or another special occasion and bring a smile to their face.

15. “I Resist” T Shirt

handmaid's tale merchandise
Photo courtesy of LewisCoTrading

This “Resist” t-shirt is the perfect way to show your support for the show and what it represents! Rock it at your local protest!

16. “Vote” Sticker

For your rights, for the rights of others. No matter the reasons, we all know the importance of voting, as do the handmaids! This sticker is a cool way to pay tribute to them while reminding yourself and others to get out there and vote!

17. June Prayer Candle

This fun prayer candle features an image of our favorite main character. If there was anyone from the show that you should put your faith in, it’s June.

We hope you found a piece of Handmaid’s Tale merchandise that you or a friend would love. Check out more of our TV show gift lists at Do you know of any Handmaid’s tale merchandise that we may have forgotten about? Would you like to see a gift list for another one of your favorite show? Talk to us in the comments and let us know!