20 Perfect Gifts for Firefighters

The best gifts for firefighters

20 Perfect Gifts for Firefighters

gifts for firefighters

There are few people more worthy of our thanks and appreciation than firefighters. Their jobs are hard, tireless, and extremely dangerous. So we’re not surprised you’re looking for the perfect gifts for firefighters. They kinda deserve it.

If you’re in the market for the best gifts for firefighters, we’re here to help.

We’ve created a gift list specific to these heroes that are perfect for gifting on Christmas, birthdays, or just as a random act of appreciation. Here you’ll find gifts for firefighters with a sense of humor, firefighters that love a good drink, and firefighters looking for a way to wind down after a long shift.

While every firefighter isn’t the same, we feel confident that you’ll be able to find something that is perfect for the specific firefighter in your life. So we’ll leave you to it. 

Here are some of the best gifts for firefighters you’ll find on the internet.

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1. Personalized Name Letter Art

Of all the gifts for firefighters out there, this one would fit the best in their man cave. A personalized name plaque with a firefighter theme is the perfect addition to any firefighter’s room. It will set the mood and remind them of their bravery. 

2. Firetruck Whisky Decanter

If the firefighter in your life likes a good glass of whisky then they’ll love this firetruck whisky decanter. It holds a bottle of whisky perfectly in a firetruck display and would look great on any bar. 

3. Socks

useful gifts for firefighters

Everyone needs socks, even firefighters. This little gift would go great in addition to something bigger or as a socking stuffer. 

4. PocketKnife

Pocketknives are useful for many reasons, especially to firefighters. They know better than most that you can never be too prepared. Even if just in their every day civilian life, a gift like this will definitely come in handy. 

5. Funny T Shirt

funny gifts for firefighters

If you’re looking for gifts for firefighters with a sense a humor, we’ve got you covered. This shirt  can be a hilarious gift to give to the right person. If you think they’d wear it proudly, or just enjoy a funny gesture, this could be a great gift to give. 

6. Themed Monopoly

fun gifts for firefighters

A good old fashion game of monopoly is a classic and exciting gift to give to anyone. If you know of a firefighter who likes to play games then they might appreciate this firefighter themed monopoly game. It’s a fun twist on a classic game that everyone can enjoy. 

7. Firefighters Bible

gifts for firefighters

If your firefighter is religious then this firefighter’s bible can be a perfect gift to give. It features a bright red exterior as well as the firefighters logo on the front. It’s definitely a keepsake and can make for a really special gift. 

8. Travel Coffee Cup

gifts for firefighters

Who doesn’t love a hot cup of coffee on a cold day? I’m sure firefighters do, but they’re not always in the position to sit down for a few minutes in the morning and enjoy it. For firefighters who are always on the go this travel coffee mug could make great gifts for firefighters. It features a red axe and is created to keep their drink hot for an extended period of time, giving them plenty go time to enjoy it. 

9. Christmas Ornament

If you’re shopping for a firefighter this holiday season, a cool and simple gift to give could be a firefighter Christmas ornament. It will look great on the tree of a firefighter or of someone who loves a firefighter. 

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10. Coaster Set

A coaster set can make a great addition to any living room or bar. This one is decked out with a fire department logo and comes with a fire truck coaster holder. 

11. Hot Sauce Collection

You can make any dish a little hotter with this sound the alarm hot sauce collection. It comes with 6 varieties of hot sauce and is presented in a firetruck carrying case. It’s a cool fire themed gift for the fire fighter that likes their food to pack a punch! 

12. Bottle Opener

Some of the best gifts for firefighters are the ones that come in small packages. This little firefighter themed bottle opener is definitely a small package, but can become a very useful gift if your firefighter likes drinking beer. 

13. Muscle Massage Gun

Being a firefighter is a taxing job, especially on the body. I’m sure if every firefighter could employ a personal masseuse they would do just that. But since not everyone isn’t so lucky, a muscle massage gun is a great second option. Gifts for firefighters that help ease their aches and pain will be very much appreciated, and this massage gun has the potential to help release some tension. 

14. Throw Blanket

This fire fighter throw blanket will look great laid over a couch or a bed.

15. Shot Glass

Firefighters are no strangers to the occasional adult beverage which is why show glasses make great gifts for firefighters. This one comes in a firefighter theme that’s sure to put a smile on someones face. 

16. Children’s Book

If you know a little someone who looks up to a firefighter this could make a great gift. It could also be a good gift for a fire fighter who has a baby on the way. Teaching little ones about firefighters and what they do can help them to learn to appreciate them. 

17. Grill Set

A BBQ and a firefighter are a match made in heaven, and this firefighter themed grill set would be the perfect addition to such a match. 

18. Fire Department Coffee

If your firefighters needs an extra boost in the morning we’ve found the gift for them. This firefighter themed coffee is a great caffeine fix for coffee lovers. Speaking of caffeine, we know a few more great gifts for coffee lovers you may be interested in.

19. “Come Home” Keychain

gifts for firefighters from wives and girlfriends

If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship with a firefighter, we’ve found a gift thats perfect for you to give. This little keychain is a great reminder for them that you love them, and they can carry it everywhere they go.

20. Fire Alarm Flask

drinking gifts for firefighters

Have you ever seen a color flask? This one, and ones like it are perfect gifts for firefighter and will definitely be a talking point at any party. 

We hope that you’ve found at least one of these gifts for firefighters to be just what you were looking for. If you want more gift ideas for the people you love be sure to scroll through some of the posts at GoodGiftLists.com!