13 ‘Wednesday’ Gifts for Fan’s of the Netflix Series

We’ve found the Wednesday gifts you’ve been dreaming of.

Just when you think that the Addams family couldn’t get any better Netflix comes out with ‘Wednesday’, and we fell in love all over again. ‘Wednesday’ has quickly broken Netflix viewing records and we can’t say we’re surprised. A reprise of our favorite no nonsense young woman played by the lovely Jenna Ortega is the gift that keeps on giving.

And so, it only makes sense that we wrote up a Wednesday gifts lists to celebrate this momentous occasion. 

This Wednesday gifts list is capped at 13 for good measure, and to stay on brand with the spooky characters we all love from the Addams family. That means that these gifts are the best of the best. They’ll help you to rep the show, and replicate Wednesday’s infamous wardrobe while you’re at it. The Wednesday Addams now is a whole new take on the character and we can’t wait to see where this series goes!

Here are the best Wednesday gifts and merch!

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1. Wednesday Style Dress

wednesday addams gifts

This dress is classic style for Wednesday Addams now and years ago. It’s the kind of dress she’d wear on a normal day torturing her brother around the house or at school at Nevermore Academy. Style it up or down, or pair it with a few other gifts from this gift list.

2. The Official Soundtrack

wednesday gifts and wednesday merch

If you’re looking for a gift for a true fan of this series than you can’t go wrong with the ‘Wednesday’ soundtrack. It’s a mix of some of best instrumentals from the show that can give you the spooky background music you always wanted to have playing in your life. Pop on your headphone and take a walk through a cemetery listening to this for extra spooky vibes.

3. T- Shirt

cool wednesday gifts

A great Wednesday gift to give is something that can be used often, and this t-shirt fits the bill. It features Wednesday’s face and a moon in the background. It comes in a few different colors but we thought this purple one was the best of the choices. Purple seems to be the vibe for this show and we think it rules!

4. Wednesday Addams Funk Pop

wednesday gifts

Fans of the popular Funko Pop dolls will be pleased to know that there’s a Wednesday Funko Pop in the works. Add this awesome Wednesday Funko Pop to your collection if your a true Addams family fan. It features the Nevermore Academy uniform and is pretty high in demand, so if you can get your hands on one you’re pretty lucky.

5. Wednesday’s Room inspired Earrings

We were all a little entranced by the gorgeous stained glass windows in Wednesday’s room, and the contras between them once Wednesday put her spin on her side. These earrings capture the light and dark between two of the main characters in a cool fashion statement.

6. Sweatshirt

wednesday gifts

If you want to stick to black for your wardrobe, or know someone who does, than this sweatshirt is the perfect choice. It features an animated Wednesday Addams and is sure to grab the attention of other fans of the show. 

7. Cosmetic Bag

Keep all of your go-to items in one small and convenient place with this Wednesday Addams cosmetic bag. It’s the perfect accessory to keep makeup, pens, or any other things you have floating around. In Wednesday’s case, it’d probably hold a few spare knives.

8. Throw Pillow

wednesday gifts

Set the scene in your home with this awesome Wednesday gifts like this. A cool throw pillow will keep you comfortable while also reminding you of your new favorite show. This one comes with a cool saying that keeps things extra spooky for Halloween time, or all year round.

9. PopSocket

wednesday adams merch

If your phone is able to support this accessory then you’ll find these Wednesday gifts to be quite convenient. Its the perfect add one to help make selfies easier to take and give you a better grip on your cell phone. 

10. Stickers

Photo courtesy of OilyGraphicCreations on Etsy!

There are endless possibilities for where you can put these cool Wednesday stickers. Stick them to your laptop, onto your car, or your cell phone case to make a spooky statement. These are great gifts to give to kids who can decorate their notebooks and binders with them.

11. Nevermore Academy Sweatshirt

Image courtesy of StyleArtUS

Cozy nights just got a little cozier with this Wednesday gifts option. A Nevermore Academy sweatshirt is the perfect way to rep the show and keep warm on cool autumn nights. 

12. Over the Knee Socks

Over the knee socks are the perfect addition to tons of outfits, and these ones will keep with the Wednesday theme in the process. They’re cute, and cozy, and very Addams family.

13. Choker Necklaces

wednesday gifts
Photo from hot Topic

Who didn’t watch ‘Wednesday’ and wish they went to Nevermore Academy? We certainly wouldn’t mind attending this infamous school. To help you feel like you’re a part of the gang you can try sporting this Nevermore Academy mini backpack. Throw your other Wednesday gifts in this bag and take it with you wherever you roam.

We hope you love these Wednesday gifts!

We can’t wait for the next season of Netflix’s Wednesday to drop. But in the mean time you can gift these Wednesday gifts to any diehard fans you know, or even gift them to yourself. It doesn’t hurt to reward yourself every once in a while.

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