25 Great Gifts for Book Lovers

gifts for book lovers

We’ve founds some perfect gifts for book lovers!

Finding the best gifts for book lovers isn’t always easy. Sure, you know they love to read but it can be hard to find them a book that they’ll like or haven’t already read. So it can be a safer bet to expand your gift search away from just books to things that have to do with books. At least that’s what we think. 

Some of the best gifts for book lovers aren’t books at all. On the contrary, they’re things that will make reading easier for them or decorate their space with literary vibes. 

Our gif list for book lovers features a little something for everyone. And being a book lover myself I can safely say that I’d be happy to receive any of the gifts on this list. In fact, I have quite a few of these items already. This list and the gifts for writers gift list are two of the best resources for literary gifts you’ll find on the internet.

Here are 25 of the best gifts for book lovers.

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1. 100 Books Scratch Off Poster

It’s fun to keep track of how many books you’ve read, especially when you have a goal in mind. This gift for book lovers features some of the classics. There’s probably a good chance they’ve read some already, which will give them something to scratch off right away!

2. “The Book Was Better” T-Shirt

clothing gifts for book lovers

A good literary t-shirt can be hard to find, but we did it. This tee features a popular line that many book lovers have probably said before. 

3. Famous Writer’s Playing Cards Deck

game gifts for book lovers

Everyone needs a deck of cards, so why not give the gift of a writers themed deck to the book lover in your life. 

4. Library Card Tote Bag

One can never have enough tote bags, and this one is one of the best tote bag gifts for book lovers you’ll find. It may even remind them that they need to return a book or two to the library. 

5. Personal Library Kit

library gifs for book lovers

If the book lover in your life is a big fan of the library and has a big collection of books then they’ll enjoy gifts for book lovers like this one. It allows them to treat their book collection like personal library of sorts, and put a vibe of professionalism to their typical book ending process. 

6. 1000 Books to Read Before You Die

Advantageous readers have a drive in them to read as much as possible, and this list will help them to put more structure into that goal. 1,000 books to read before you die is a great place to start on the path of reading a lot. 

7. Book Club Candle

candle gifts for book lovers

A good candle can really set the scene while you’re reading your next favorite novel. This book club candle makes great gifts for book lovers who love the ambiance of a candle flickering in the background. 

8. Novel Teas

tea gifts for book lovers

A cup of tea and a good book really do go hand in hand, and these novel teas are perfect gifts for book lovers who enjoy this hot beverage. If you’re looking for more gifts for tea lovers be sure to check out our tea lovers gift list here!

9. Reading Journal

Keeping track of every book you’ve ever read is a goal for many book lovers and this compact reading journal can help them do just that. It’s a great, sensible book lovers gift that will be greatly appreciated and used quite often. 

10. Kindle PaperWhite

If your book lover has found their way into loving e-books then they’ll definitely be in need of a kindle. Its one of the best e-readers out there. I should know, I have one. It’s great because it allows you to read on a screen without having to suffer from the annoyance of too much blue light. 

11. Literary Post Cards

Bibliophilia is one of the most popular literary postcards on the market, and will make a great gift for a book lover who also loves to travel. It features 100 gorgeous literary post cards. 

12. Temperature Controlled Mug

coffee gifts for book lovers

A hot drink isn’t too enjoyable once its cooled down. You can help your book lover avoid ever having that happen by gifting hem a temperature controlled mug to keep their drinks hot for each chapter of their current read. 

13. Book Tissue Holder

home gifts for book lovers

A home can be made just a little more cozy with cute literary touches like this. This book tissue holder is a great way to hide ugly paper issue boxes and keep the book vibe alive in any home. 

14. Page Holder

Keeping the page down can be a real hassle in certain books, but it doesn’t have to be. Gift your book lover a unique page holder like this to help them hold the pages down effortlessly while they read. 

15. Book Tote

gifts for book lovers

Remember we said you can never have too many tote bags? Well, we believe that wholeheartedly. This tote bag features books on the front making it the perfect bag to take to a local bookstore and fill with actual books. 

16. Neck Reading Lamp

Reading in the dark is a skill that not many have mastered. Gifts for book lovers like this one will make it a little easier. It sits snuggly on their neck so they don’t have to hold a flashlight any more. 

17. Wooden Book Light

gifts for book lovers

If you have to have a night lamp, why not make it super cool. This wooden book light would make a great addition to any book lover’s night stand. 

18. Cat Bookends

If there’s one thing that a majority of book lovers can agree on, its that cats are better than dogs. Nothing is better than going into a cute local bookstore and seeing that they have an in-house cat to play with. These cat bookends make great gifts for book lovers who are also cat lovers. 

19. E-Reader Stand

Reading an e-reader is a lot easier with this nifty stand. It’s plush, cute, and makes for great gifts for book lovers. 

20. Library Card Coaster Set

A cool coaster set can be a perfect gift for a someone who loves to read. These library coasters are really cute and allow for some customization. 

21. Literary Pins

Book lovers love a good pin to throw onto their tote bag, backpack, or jacket. These literary pins are the perfect gift to give them.  

22. “Read” T-Shirt

Photo Courtesy of Uncle Bobbies

This “Read” t-shirt is probably my favorite of all the gifts for book lovers out there. It comes from a local Philadelphia book shop called Uncle Bobbies, and is a great relaxed way to rep your love of reading. 

23. Book Vase

Give flowers an extra pop with this awesome gift for book lovers. The vase resembles a small book and is the perfect addition to any book lover’s home. 

24. Magnetic Bookmarks

Keeping your place in a book is of extreme importance, and its all too easy for standard bookmarks to slip out. These magnetic bookmarks help to solve that problem. They are able to fit firmly onto a page and their magnetic nature ensures they stay there. 

25. Lit Chat

Most book lovers enjoy talking about books, and this little conversation starter game makes it that much easier. Lit Chat has 100 questions to help get the literary conversation started. 

Book lovers will rejoice when receiving any of these awesome gifts for book lovers. They’re the perfect option for birthday’s, holidays, or for no occasion at all. If you loved this list you might also like some of the gift lists we publish on GoodGiftLists.com!