16 Dentist Gifts That Will Make Them Smile

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mmPutting a smile on your dentist’s face is a great way to start your appointment. During the holidays or special occasions you may find yourself looking for the perfect dentist gifts to give. But this doesn’t always come easy. 

A great dentist gift is both useful and gives a nod to their profession. Not all of us know out dentist personally so sticking to dental themed items is a safe bet to stick to. 

We’ve come up with a list filled with awesome dental gifts for you to give!

In this list you’ll find gifts that spark joy, help to create a more inviting office, or are just plain funny to receive. We feel confidently that you’ll find some great dentist gifts to give out this year on this list. We also have some great gift ideas for dental hygienists too!

Here are some of the best dentist gifts on the internet!

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1. Tooth Shaped Planter

A great dentist office often has many windows to peer out of. These tooth shaped planters make great dentist gifts to help bring an office to life. They can be filled with herbs, or little flowers and will be greatly appreciated. 

2. Socks

Socks are among the most practical dentist gifts you can give. Everyone has to wear them in the office and a few of this kind will be sure to give everyone a chuckle. 

3. Mini Desktop Clock

dentist gifts to make life easier

If your dentist’s office is looking a little drab they might appreciate a dentist gift like this one. This mini desktop clock features a tooth and a few popular dental tools in the background. It’s both useful and pleasing to look at. 

4. Drinkware

dentist gifts for wine lovers

A long day at the office requires a little assistance before and after the work day. This drink ware set will make perfect dentist gifts who love a good beverage. The mug is perfect for a cup of morning coffee and the wine glass will go great with their favorite wine when they get home.

5. “Just Floss” T-Shirt

Dentists are always talking about the importance of flossing, and this shirt will help them drive that point home in a cool way. They’ll likely wear it proudly to the office or on their day off. 

6. Custom Bobblehead

If you’re looking for a more personal dental gift to give, try giving them a custom bobblehead. These bobbleheads can be created in the image of your favorite dentists and will look great on their office desk. 

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7. Teeth Ice Cube Tray

If you have a dentist with a sense of humor they might enjoy these dentist gifts. A teeth ice cube tray will allow the dentist in your life to cool off their beverage with a very realistic teeth ice cub in their glass. They can take it home or keep it in the office fridge for all the employees to use. 

8. Teeth Tie

There’s a good chance that the dentist in your life wears a tie, and this teeth tie is a great low key gift for dentists that we think they’ll enjoy!

9. Neon Teeth Sign

If you think your dentist is ready to spice up their office try gifting them dentist gifts like this one. This cool neon tooth sign would look great in any dental office!

10. Joke Book

dentist gifts

Coming up with the perfect joke can be tough after years working as a dentist and this gift is a great way to give them new material. Just be prepared to listen to them at your next visit. 

11. Fun Wall Art

A spunky dentist will need the wall decor to match their personality. These fun teeth wall art pieces will do just that. 

12. Toiletry/Cosmetic Bag

dentist gifts for storage

Keeping all of their things together can make life easier for any dentist. This little cosmetic/toiletry bag is the perfect gift for dentists who like to rep their profession wherever they go. 

13. Hand Repair Kit

dentist gifts they'll love

Being a dentist requires a lot of hand washing throughout the day which often leads to dry, cracking hands. This hand repair kit from Burt’s Bees is a great gift to help them combat that. 

14. Insulated Mug

dental gifts for dentists

A good mug can be really helpful, especially when it keeps your drinks hot or cold throughout the day with insulation. 

15. Teeth Magnets

dentist gifts for the office

Help your dentist decorate their fridge with these awesome teeth magnets. They’d be a fun thing to add to the office fridge for the whole staff to use. 

16. Dental Coaster Set

dental gifts they'll love

Coaster sets are a useful gift to give anyone and these dental coasters are perfect dentist gifts for dental professionals. Pair them with one of the above drink ware gift options to make a good gift even better. 

Well, there you have it. These dentist gifts are sure to put a smile on your dentist’s face this holiday season.

And if you’re in the giving mood you can try to find a perfect gift for dental hygienists as well! They work just as hard alongside your dentist to keep your smile in tip top shape. 

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