21 Beautiful Butterfly Gifts

21 beautiful butterfly gifts

You can find butterfly gifts as beautiful as the creatures themselves.

Butterflies are a symbol of hope, change, and transformation. With over 17,000 species of butterfly to wonder at, its no wonder they are loved by so many people. With so many avid butterfly lovers out there, there are just as many if not more people looking to buy them the perfect butterfly gifts. 

While nearly everyone can appreciate the beauty of a butterfly fluttering past on a beautiful day, there are some people who are truly mystified by the experience.

So much so that they try to add a butterfly touch to every bit of their life. They wear them on shirts, in jewelry, and in countless places around the house. There are seriously a lot of cool butterfly items out there. Luckily for you, this makes finding great butterfly gifts a bit easier. 

We’ve curated a perfect list of butterfly gifts that will likely put a smile on your loved ones face. These gifts will help to bring them closer to the creatures they love so dearly or at least add to their collection of butterfly decor. 

Here are a few beautiful butterfly gifts for butterfly lovers. 

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1. Butterfly Feeder

One of the best butterfly gifts you could give a person is the chance to have more encounters with them. This butterfly feeder is a great way to try to make that happen naturally. 

2. Vintage Style Posters

Butterfly posters make great gifts for butterfly lovers. It’s a cool way to showcase their love of butterflies. Get it framed to make it a little more special. 

3. Rotating Butterfly Candle

candle butterfly gifts

A rotating butterfly candle is a great butterfly gift to give as a housewarming present. They can even keep the candle after the wax is gone to continue looking at the floating butterflies on top. 

4. Earrings

butterfly earrings butterfly gifts

Jewelry lovers will enjoy receiving earrings like these. They are colorful and dainty, making them a great gift for butterfly lovers who like toned down gifts. 

5. Tote Bag

Tote bags are always useful, and this one features a variety of beautiful butterflies on it. 

6. Solar Lantern

garden butterfly gifts

If the butterfly lover in your life takes pride in their garden then they’ll love to receive butterfly gifts like this. This solar lantern will look great in any yard, and will bring some much needed light in the dark

7. Butterfly Throw Blanket

Keep your butterfly lover cozy with this beautiful butterfly blanket. It would look great hung across a couch to bring some butterfly flare to the living room. 

8. Trinket Box

This butterfly keepsake box will do a good job at storing any small jewelry or knick knacks. It’s a thoughtful gift that cane given on its own or paired with one of the cool butterfly jewelry piece you’ll see on this gift list. 

9. Stained Glass Art

butterfly stained glass art

Stained glass art looks great in windows or hung up outside. This one features beautiful monarch butterflies. 

10. Butterfly Mug

drinking butterfly gifts

Anyone who enjoys a hot cup of coffee or tea will like this mug. It features a black and white butterfly on the outside and says “Be the change” on this inside. It’s a nice message for people who appreciate the transformative nature of butterflies. 

11. Jewelry Stand

Jewelry lovers need a good place to put their rings, and this butterfly jewelry stand is the perfect option. 

12. Adult Coloring Book

Coloring can be a relaxing activity for both children and adults. This butterfly coloring book is highly rated and will be a welcomed gift to any butterfly lover who also loves art. 

13. Jigsaw Puzzle

fun butterfly gifts

Jigsaw puzzles make great gifts for butterfly lovers when they have the right image on them. This one in particular features a variety of brightly colored butterflies and would be a pleasure to piece together. 

14. Another Jigsaw Puzzle

We know this is another jigsaw puzzle, but hear us out. If your butterfly lover appreciates the specific kinds of butterflies than they’ll like this puzzle a little more than the one listed above. Both are just so beautiful that we couldn’t choose between them. 

15. Wall Decor

These gorgeous butterflies were created to adorn walls and decorations making them great for parties or for decorating a room in the house. 

16. Butterfly Attracting Seeds

One of the most popular flowers that attract butterflies are milkweed flowers, making a few of heir seeds perfect butterfly gifts to give. 

17. Solar Mobile

A solar butterfly mobile would look great hanging on a porch or in a backyard. 

18. Bracelet

A butterfly bracelet is a simple but elegant butterfly gift to give. This one features blue lapis and a blue butterfly charm. 

19. Wine Glass

If the butterfly lover in your life enjoys a glass of wine every now and again they’ll love this cute butterfly wine glass. Pair it with a bottle of their favorite adult beverage to elevate your gift.

20. Cell Phone Purse

A handy cell phone purse can be a great gift, especially if they’re known to lose their device. This one features a colorful butterfly, making it that much more attractive. 

21. Necklace

Our finally butterfly gift on this list is this beautiful butterfly necklace. This could be a keepsake that your loved one will hold onto for years and wear proudly. 

These butterfly gifts are some of the best we found on the internet, and we’re hopeful that three something for everyone on this list. For more great gift ideas check out GoodGiftLists.com!