The Ultimate Gilmore Girls Gifts Guide

gilmore girls gifts

This Gilmore Girls gifts guide will take you right back to some of the best times from the series. 

We can’t be the only ones who never tire of watching Gilmore Girls. It’s one of our favorite tv shows! This show has brought comfort to so many for more than a decade, and continues to do so with each rewatch. In honor of this legendary series we’ve gathered some of the best Gilmore Girls gifts found on the internet, and they do not disappoint. 

Some of these gifts will remind you of the good times from Gilmore Girls, and allow you to bring a little bit of the show’s coziness into your own life. Think sweatshirts, coffee mugs, junk foods, and a few other classic Gilmore Girls items fans would love to have. 

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for another diehard fan in your life, these gifts are a great way to remember the show and hold you over until they (hopefully) bring the show back to life once more. 

Here is the ultimate Gilmore Girls gifts guide!

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1. Luke’s Diner Sweatshirt

gilmore girls gifts from lukes diner

This may be among the most popular Gilmore girls gifts on the internet, because who doesn’t want to rep the infamous Luke’s diner. This sweatshirt is the perfect option to wear on a crisp fall day to remind you of all the good times had at Luke’s. 

2. A Full DVD Collection

gilmore girls gifts dvd set

The day will come eventually, when Netflix decides to take Gilmore Girls down for good. What will you do then? If you want to be prepared for that sad day you’ll feel better knowing you have every episode at your disposal. This DVD set includes all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls so you can watch them again and again. 

3. Dragonfly Inn T-Shirt

gilmore girls gifts for hotel workers

We can’t be the only ones that wish we could spend a weekend at the Dragonfly Inn. If you or someone you know feels the same way then Gilmore girls gifts like this one will go over well. 

4. Official Gilmore Girls Cookbook

gilmore girls gifts for cooking

Lorelei and Rory are almost always eating something delicious, whether it be at Luke’s, Emily’s or in a feast they order from takeout. If you were inspired by their eating habits you’ll love Gilmore Girls gifts like this one. This official cookbook is filled with yummy recipes inspired by the show. 

5. Gilmore Girls Keychain

gilmore girls gifts for daughters

Everyone wants to have a mother daughter bond like Rory and Lorelei, and if you’re lucky enough to have something like that then you’ll appreciate these Gilmore Girls gifts. A heartwarming keychain to share with your mother and daughter is heartwarming gift to give.

6. Gilmore Girls Trivia Book

Do you think you know everything there is to know about Gilmore Girls? Put your skills to the test with this Gilmore Girls trivia book. 

7. Luke’s Diner Coffee Mug

If you’re anything like Lorelei you’ll need something sturdy to keep your “coffee coffee coffee” in. This Luke’s diner mug should do the trick. 

8. Gilmore Girls Inspired Bookmarks

gilmore girls gifts for readers

Readers will rejoice at these useful Gilmore Girls gifts. Bookmarks are a handy accessory for all readers and these Gilmore Girl inspired bookmarks are all the rage. 

9. Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham does a tremendous job playing our beloved Lorelei, and if she has a whole bunch to say about her time playing the role. Her book Talking as Fast as I Can is a great Gilmore Girls gift to give to a fan. 

10. Dragonfly Inn Tote Bag

A tote bag is the perfect place to put all of your books, or anything else for that matter. This dragonfly Inn tote is a great way to rep the show. 

11. Hep Alien T Shirt

gilmore girls gifts

Only true fans will understand the meaning of this t-shirt. Hep Alien played a pivotal part in the show and was the start of one our favorite romances, Lane and Zack! If you loved their band as much as we did then this shirt is a must-have. 

12. Stars Hollow Sweatshirt

A classic Stars Hollow sweatshirt is the exact look we imagine New Englanders would rock in the fall. Join the club while repping our favorite fictional small town. 

13. Stars Hollow Candle

One small business has decided to attempt to capture the smell of Stars Hollow, and we’re so glad they did. This little candle is one of the more useful Gilmore Girls gifts out there and would be the perfect thing to give to a fan of the series. 

14. “I Smell Snow” Mug

Who cold forget when Lorelei said this amazing line right before the most magical snowfall occurred. It’s one of the best lines in the series in our opinion and this mug will bring that moment to life each time you fill it up. 

15. Luke’s Diner Sweatshirt

We love a good Luke’s sweatshirt, so much so that we added two to this list because we couldn’t decide which we liked best. So here’s another one. We’ll let you decide which one should be added to your closet. 

16. Dragonfly Inn Keyholder

Oh how we’ve dreamed of being given a tag like this as we check into the beloved Dragonfly Inn. Until that moment comes, we’ve found the perfect key holder so you can pretend along with us. Sure it might only hold your house keys, but its the thought that counts!

17. Gilmore Girls Bag

This little bag features a bunch of images that will remind you of the show we know and love. It’d make a great lunch box. 

18. Gilmore Girls Pin

This fun pin features the Gilmore Girls drink of choice, coffee, and is a cute gift to give to a fan who can’t help but wish they were apart of this special family. 

We hope you enjoyed this list of Gilmore Girls gift ideas. There are so many fun ways to remember this show and we think that these gifts are some great options to do just that. For more gift lists from your favorite TV shows check out!