The Best Golden Girls Gifts for DieHard Fans

True fans will love these Golden Girls Gifts!

I miss the days of watching The Golden Girls back to back for hours. The laughs that these ladies would bring to people is what truly made the show iconic. And true fans will want to have a little something to remember them by, which is why we’ve put together the Ultimate Golden Girls gifts guide.

Whether you’re a Blanche or a Sophia, it doesn’t matter. This list has a little something for everyone. In it you’ll find fun games with a Golden Girls theme, the full dvd collection, mugs, shirts, and more.

We feel pretty sure that you’ll find the perfect Golden Girls gifts for the Golden Girls fan in your life. Or maybe you’ll find something special for yourself.

Here are some of the best Golden Girls gifts!

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1. The Full DVD Collection

If your know a fan who always tunes in to catch a showing of the Golden Girls on tv, they may enjoy Golden Girls gifts like this one. This is the full dvd collection of the Golden Girls. That means its got every episode that they put out. But don’t be surprised if you’re to blame when they can’t pry themselves away from the television.

2. The Golden Girls Cookbook

The Golden Girls are known to share a meal or two together in most episodes, and this cookbook will allow the fan in your life to eat like the gals did. With great recipes that stem from the show, this is a great gift for the fan who likes to cook.

3. Golden Girls Tea Towels

Who doesn’t need more tea towels? These cute towels feature out favorite golden women with some funny quotes that they’re famous for.

4. Trivia Pursuit

golden girls gifts

Trivia Pursuit is an old game that many people grew to love, and this version of it is perfect for Golden Girls fans. It features the ladies and takes a spin on the classic game.

5. Kitchen Cooking Spoons

golden girls gifts

These fun wooden kitchen spoons will make great golden girls gifts for someone who is always in the kitchen. Try pairing them with golden girls cookbook to make the ultimate gift set.

6. Shot Glasses

Wouldn’t you love to take a shot with one of the characters from Golden Girls? Many fans would gladly say yes to that idea. Sadly, it is no longer a realty but in the meantime you can gift them these awesome Golden Girls shot glasses. Each one features a main character from the show.

7. Golden Girls Jigsaw Puzzle

Putting a puzzle together can be therapeutic to people, especially when it features some of your favorite characters. This jigsaw puzzle features the ladies we know and love, and would make a perfect Golden Girls gift to give.

8. Golden Girls Wine Glass

If you know a fan that likes a good drink, try giving them this gift. This wine glass features the names of the Golden Girls on them, and will likely bring a smile to their face.

9. Sophia Christmas Ornament

The holiday season is the time to step up your gift giving ways. This Christmas ornament will help you do just that. Feature the beloved character Sophia, this is sure to be a gift that they hang on to. If you’re feeling extra generous you can gift them all 4 of the women as ornaments.

10. Playing Cards

Everyone needs a deck of playing cards, especially when you make it a habit to attend girls night. The Golden Girls were always playing cards, and this card set will remind your fan of the show they love while playing.

11. Plant Pot

golden girls gifts

This Sophia planter is the perfect Golden Girls gift to give someone with a green thumb. This little plant pot is perfect for easy plants like succulents, but the possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can plant in it.

12. Clue Golden Girls Addition

The game Clue has been around for ages, and its made even better when you buy a Golden Girls version. This Golden Girls Clue game will be a fun investigative game for fans of the show to play together.

13. “Stay Golden” T-Shirt

T-shirt make great Golden Girls gifts and this one in particular is sure to go over well. I actually have this one and love wearing it!

14. Golden Girls Birthday Card

Golden Girls Gifts

A Golden Girls birthday card is the perfect way to wish a fan a happy birthday. This one is extra special because it reminds people that aging is just bringing you closer to your golden years.

15. Golden Girls Mug

Golden Girls Gifts

There are few squads better than this foursome. Help your Golden Girls fan drink their coffee in style with this fun coffee mug.

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