15 Fantastic Gifts for English Teachers

gifts for english teachers
gifts for english teachers

We can help you find fantastic gifts for English Teachers!

Whether it be for the end of the year, the holidays, or teacher appreciation its important to find great gifts for English teachers in your life. After all, they are teaching you or your children the fundamental rules of the English language. That, and they’re introducing them to some of the most important stories they’ll ever read.

So it’s nice to show them how much you care in the form of a present. But what should you get them?

The best gifts for teachers are likely literary in nature. Anything that gives a nod to a famous poet or author is usually a safe be. You can also go the simpler route and aim for things that they could really use. Things like pens and pencils are always appreciated.

But if you really want to stand out from the crowd you’ll find them something that combines what they want and what they need into a perfect present. We’ve found a few gifts for English teachers that we think will knock they’re socks off!

Here are 15 fantastic gifts for English teachers!

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1. Novel Teas

gifts for english teachers

Most teachers find themselves drinking a warm beverage in the mornings, so why not make that beverage a little more literary by giving these gifts for english teachers. Novel teas make a great gift and each one has a little quote from a famous author on it. It’s a nice way to start the day.

2. Magnetic Poetry Kit

gifts for english teachrs

A magnetic poetry kit can allow english teachers to express themselves whenever inspiration strikes. This would be a great gift for a teacher with a metal desk, but could also work for anyone who has a refrigerator.

3. Great Lines Mug

The first line of a book or story is often the thing that grabs the reader and hooks them until the very end. This coffee mug is filled with some of the most famous first lines in literature!

4. Metaphors T Shirt

If your english teacher is also a fan of Star Wars then they’ll love this play on words. It’s a great gift for a teacher who likes to rep their love of language everywhere they go.

5. Library Due Date Coasters

Coasters make great gifts for english teachers, but these ones definitely take the cake. They’re mad in the image of old school library due date cards, and will give them a fun reminder of the good old days checking out books.

6. Shakespearean Insult Poster

Insults are a little cooler when they reference old literature. You can help a teacher give students a wider vocabulary by hanging this in the classroom.

7. Literary Candle

Who doesn’t love the scent of a literary candle? This one features papyrus and eucalyptus, while giving a subtle nod to libraries and William Shakespeare. It’s a very useful gift to give.

8. Bananagram Game

English teachers can have fun too! They’ll probably be really good at this word based game that challenges them to create as many words as possible before their opponents run out of tiles. It’s also a great game to play in the classroom, making it one of the more useful gifts for English teachers.

9. Grammar Necktie

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10. Notecards & Envelopes

useful gifts for english teachers

There seems to always be a reason for teachers to write little notes. This cool set makes great gifts for teachers who are known to send updates home to parents or the occasional thank you note.

11. Punctuation T Shirt

Haven’t we all had a teacher who just gets a kick out of wearing wacky t shirts? This one is a perfect play on punctuation that we think English teachers will really appreciate.

12. Personalized Library Stamp

Personalized book stamps are great gifts for English teachers who have a personal library in the classroom. Though it can be a nice feeling to lend a book to a student, it does feel mighty good to get that book back. This little library stamp is a nice and subtle reminder that the book should be returned when they’re finished reading it.

13. Book Tissue Holder

Tissues are a staple in any classroom, as is a good hand sanitizer. If you’re looking to help an English teacher bring a little more literary flare to their classroom, this could make a good gift. It easily fits over normal tissue boxes and will make everyone a little more excited to blow their nose. But don’t be surprised if they take this home to enjoy all to themselves.

14. Book Socks

clothing gifts for engish teachers

Who doesn’t need a good pair of socks? These are the perfect gifts for English teachers who will find the joy in showing these off when they tie their shoes. They also make great additions to gift baskets.

15. Book Pins

gifts for english teachers

Literary pins can put a little pizzazz on even the most ordinary objects. Things like jackets, book bags, and purses just get cooler when they have pins on them. These ones are all pretty cool.

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