15 Amazing Art Teacher Gifts

15 amazing art teacher gifts

15 amazing art teacher gifts

Do you have an art teacher who has made a difference in your life?

If so you’re likely looking for art teacher gifts that really stand out from the crowd. Art teachers aren’t exactly like other teachers, so more typical gifts for teachers won’t really fit this specific situation. You want your art teacher gifts to be bold, bright, and remind them of their passion for this subject.

So, what do you get an art teacher that will really stand out?

When looking for the perfect gifts for art teacher you’ll want to find items that have practical uses but unusual appearances. Fun shaped pens and colorful paper products are good and useful options to go for. You can also look for every day items that have an artsy flare to them. A fun pair of socks that feature a popular painting or some cool painters pallet earrings could get a lot of wear out of them. But these are just a few ideas.

Be sure to take your art teacher’s specific likes and dislikes into account, and remember that their taste is likely as unique as they are.

Here are a few awesome art teacher gifts we think your teacher will love!

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1. Brush Shaped Pens

Pens are among the most practical gifts for art teacher, or any teacher really, but these pens really stand out from the crowd. They’re created to resemble paint brushes, and come in a variety of cool colors. Having a pen like this will make writing anything a lot more fun.

2. Art Dice Drawing/Painting Game

fun art teacher gifts

A game that encourages you to create art can make perfect gifts for art teachers. It’s a cool way to give the class a prompt, but can also be a useful tool when they’re struggling to think of what to create in their personal life.

3. “Make Art” T Shirt

t shirt art teacher gifts

Finding an art centered t shirt that isn’t too corny was difficult, but we feel confident in this choice. This “Make Art” t shirt features a few notable paintings in the background and is just discreet enough to be cool and artsy and the same time.

4. Famous Painting Socks

silly art teacher gifts

Nearly everyone wears socks, but not everyone gets the chance to wear cool socks like these. This sock set features some really nice art pieces and are great options to add to a teacher gift basket.

5. Van Gogh Coaster Set

art teacher gifts

This Van Gogh coaster set will make protecting your teacher’s desk or coffee table so much more enjoyable. The set comes with a number of coasters that feature captivating images we’re sure your teacher will be familiar with.

6. Color Chip Postcard Set

A fun postcard set can encourage anyone to stay in touch with people both near and far. We think postcards are the perfect gift for a lot of people, but these art ones are a great option specifically for art teachers. They feature a variety of different shades of colors that only an artists eye could appreciate.

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7. Paint Brush Holder

There’s a good chance that your art teacher isn’t only making art in the classroom. If painting is their thing then they’ll appreciate gifts like this one. A ceramic water container that also holds your paintbrush is one of the most useful gifts you could give an art teacher.

8. Earrings

It may be a stereotype that most art teachers are a little eccentric, but thats not a bad thing. Art teacher’s ability to break the mold and bring color to their lives is part of what makes them so unique. These earrings are sure to be appreciated by an art teacher who loves to rep what they do.

9. Color Palette Bracelet

If you’ve noticed your art teacher likes to wear jewelry then we’ve found the perfect gift for them. This bracelet features a variety of beads in different colors, and an art pallet charm.

10. Dual Tip Markers

useful art teacher gifts

This set of markers isn’t just useful, it’s also beautiful to look at, and fun to use making it one of the more perfect art teacher gifts on this list. In this set you’ll find 60 vibrantly colored dual tip market pens that feature both a water color brush and a fine tip on opposite sides.

11. Art Teacher Key Chain

There’s nothing like a little reminder that you are appreciated every once in a while. When you give art teacher gifts like this one they’ll be reminded each time they reach for their keys. This special art teacher keychain features a few nice and encouraging words that they’ll love to read throughout the day.

12. Pop Up Flower Card

Bouquets make perfect art teacher gifts, but they don’t last very long. If you want your art teacher to enjoy a vibrant bouquet for more than a few days try gifting them this elaborate paper bouquet. It would look great in a classroom and could also be repurposed for a cool art project.

13. Art Mug

useful art teacher gifts

Even artists enjoy a hot beverage in the mornings, so why not make drinking it a little more artful? This mug is a useful gift to give and has a cool message written on it and is a perfect gift for tea lovers and coffee lovers alike!

14. Scratch Notecards

All teachers write notes, so giving them a notepad is a pretty practical gift. But when it comes to art teachers it’s fun to kick things up a notch and bring a little more color in their lives. This scratchy notepad makes note taking a little more fun.

15. Artist Wine Glass

art teacher gifts

Teacher’s aren’t exactly the most well paid career choice, not that they don’t deserve it. For many teachers its their love of the subject and their students that keeps them in the game. If your art teacher likes a silly joke then they’ll get a kick out of this mug.

We hope you found something that caught your eye on this list of art teacher gifts! If not, b sure to check out some of our other gift lists for teachers for more great ideas!