15 Best Math Teacher Gifts

15 best math teacher gifts

When it comes to math teacher gifts you may run into a bit of a problem.

Luckily math problems are made to be solved, and we have the perfect solution! We’ve come up with some of the best math teacher gifts on the internet and compiled them into this easy to comprehend list. With a few great ideas to work off of we’re sure you’ll come up with the perfect gift in no time.

We think that great math teacher gifts will give a nod to their subject. Sure, there are plenty of general gifts for teachers that you can find but sticking to their subject might help your gift stand out from the crowd.

There are plenty of options to choose from ranging from math inspired clothing, to classic coffee mugs, to silly small gifts that will give your math teacher a good laugh.

Here are some of the best math teacher gifts we could find on the internet!

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1. Math inspired T Shirt

awesome math teacher gifts

For some people math is a different language. For others it comes so naturally that it’s hard to understand how other people can’t understand it. This t-shirt and others like it are perfect math teacher gifts for people who feel that way.

2. Math Necktie

fashionable math teacher gifts

If your math teacher is the type to wear a tie every day to work then they’ll likely appreciate this math inspired one. It would be a great addition to their wardrobe.

3. Math Poet Magnetic Poetry Kit

fun math teacher gifts

Who says math teachers can’t have a way with words? If your math teacher is multitalented and not only skilled in their subject of choice then they might enjoy math teacher gifts like this one. This magnetic poetry kit can work well on a refrigerator or any magnetic surface to help your math teacher express themselves.

4. Always Right T Shirt

t shirt math teacher gifts

It’s nice to be right all of the time, and if you have a math teacher who thinks they’re just that then they’ll love math teacher gifts like this one.

5. Math Inspired Coffee Mug

A teacher’s day is long to say the least, which is why so many of them choose to drink coffee throughout the day. If your math teacher is know to have a hot beverage in the morning or throughout the day then they’ll probably appreciate a gift like this. It will combine two of their favorite things in one item; math and caffeine.

6. Funny Math Socks

If your math teacher is a jokester then these hilarious math socks will give them a good laugh. Sure, you have to take your shoes off for people to see them but that can just add to the humor of it all. Wearing these socks is a funny way to insult everyone around you without them ever knowing.

7. Equation Clock

It’s not hard to tell time, but this clock will sure give people a challenge. Only true math lovers will be able to figure out the equations on this clock, making it a little more fun to ask what time it is.

8. Math Inspired Lanyard

Everyone needs a safe place to keep their keys, and teachers do just seem to have a few more than other people. This lanyard will makes for great math teacher gifts for those who hav more keys than they can handle.

9. Math Decor

math teacher gifts

Finding the perfect decor for a math teacher’s classroom can be tricky, but this one hits the nail on the head. It’s a funny and cute way to poke fun at your teacher and the subject they so cherish!

10. Math Keychain

This little keychain is a nice small gift for math teachers if you can’t figure out anything else to get them. Nearly every math teacher will be able to connect this to their current keychain and be reminded that they are appreciated.

11. “Good Day to Do Math” T Shirt

Fun t-shirts make great gifts for math teachers who aren’t afraid to rep their profession. This one would look great on a super casual day.

12. Math Teacher Mug

Not everyone is cut out to teach math to other people. Understanding math is a talent and it’s okay to brag about that everyone once in a while. This mug is a cool way to acknowledge the superpower that your teacher possess.

13. Cool Math Socks

It’s safe to say that most teacher wear socks on a few occasions which is why subject related socks are one of our favorite gifts to give to teachers. These math inspired socks are a nice bright color and we’re sure the right teacher will love to show them off.

14. Math Pen

As far as pens go, it’s nice to have one that’s capable of a few things. This nifty pen features a few popular math symbols as well as a light feature that is sure to come in handy at some point.

15. Math Inspired Infinity Scarf

gifts for math teachers

A cozy scarf can make a great gift for a fashionable math teacher. This infinity scarf is light enough to wear in the classroom but cozy enough to wear outside as well.

We hope you enjoyed checking out these awesome gifts for math teachers! Keep scrolling for more gifts for your favorite teachers by checking out or teacher gift lists!