21 Perfect Tea Gifts

21 perfect tea gifts

We’ve found a few perfect tea gifts to give to the tea lover in your life!

Nothing is as satisfying as a hot cup of tea on a rainy day, or a cold day, or any day for that matter. People who love tea will find any excuse to drink it, and are the perfect target for gift giving.

The best gifts for tea lovers can come in all shapes in sizes, and isn’t limited to just tea.

On the contrary, there are tons of amazing gifts for tea lovers that don’t include those magical leaves. This list from Good Gift Lists was created so that you can find the perfect gift for your loved one this season.

Here are some of the best ideas for tea gifts!

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1. Tea Bag Sampler Set

It’s easy to claim a tea as your favorite before you’ve tried them all. So why not try them all? Giving the gift of a tea sampler set can introduce your tea lovers to new flavors, scents, and brands that they may not have considered trying before.

2. A Handmade Mug

handmade mug tea gifts

A tea lover can never have too many mugs, but a ceramic mug will put all the others to shame.

3. Mug Warmer

Not everyone gulps their tea down in a few minutes. Some of us like to savor our tea, but our tea doesn’t always like to be savored, and goes cold after about half an hour. If your tea lover likes to savor the flavor, a mug warmer can help to keep their beverage warm for much longer.

4. Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

perfect tea gifts

If the tea lover in your life usually sticks to tea bags, they might be interested in switching it up. Loose leaf teas are becoming more and more popular, and allow you to try out and mix a larger variety of teas than you’ll find pre-bagged. A loose leaf tea sampler is a great gift for an open-minded tea lover.

5. Loose Leaf Tea Strainer

convenient tea gifts

If you choose to gift loose leaf tea, you’ll need to also provide them with a strainer. You can’t just put loose leaf tea into your mug unless you want to ingest a few leaves with each sip. A loose leaf tea strainer will act as a tea bag, allowing the water to soak in all the flavors of the tea without giving you a mouthful of the leaves.

6. Tea Storage Canister

Another great loose leaf tea gift would be storage canisters. When you find a loose leaf tea that you love, you’ll want more of it, and they won’t stay fresh if you keep bulk tea in the bag they give you at your local tea store. A tea holding canister is a great way to display tea, while also keeping it fresh.

7. Honey Pot

tea gifts for honey lovers

If you your tea lover likes honey, a honey pot would make a great gift. It’s a perfect place to store your local honey, and makes drizzling it into their tea a lot more satisfying.

8. Honey Sticks

Photo courtesy of HappyHoneyBeeCo

If your tea lover doesn’t like to be bothered with a whole pot full of honey, disposable honey sticks are a great alternative. These sticks come in single serving options where they can just cut off the top, pour in the honey, and throw the stick into the trash. They’re great to carry in your bag or to have at work.

9. Tea Pot

tea gifts

Tea lovers are known to use their tea pots often, which can leave them looking a little worse for wear after a few years. One of the best gifts for tea lovers is a new tea pot. It can easily replace their old one, or be used for special occasions.

10. Cast Iron Tea Kettle

tea gifts for tea lovers

These differ from normal tea pots, as they’re aren’t supposed to be put on the stove directly. Rather, these are perfect for a cozy night in with a friend, where you can fill up this cast iron tea kettle on your coffee table and talk through the night. The cast iron helps to tea to maintain its temperature over an extended period of time and comes in a variety of colors to choose from!

11. Tea cup set

It might be every tea lovers dream to have a tea party. Giving them the tools to do so properly can make that dream a reality. A tea cup set comes with everything they’d need to be the tea party host.

12. Tea Spoon

Photo Courtesy of GildedGargoyleShoppe

Who wants to stir their tea with a normal spoon when you can do it with an amazing and intricate spoon like these. Gilded Gargoyle Shoppe outdid themselves with these awesome tea spoons that any tea lover would be ecstatic to own!

13. Tea Towels

best gifts for tea lovers
Photo Courtesy of MagicLinen

These towels are the perfect accompaniment to one of the other gifts on this list. They’re perfect for cleaning up small tea spills, and will look good in anyone’s kitchen.

14. Travel Mug

When you need to drink tea on the go, you’ll need a mug that can handle the job. An insulated mug like this, will keep your tea warm on your way to work. But make sure you get one with a sturdy lid, and a tight closing opening so that you avoid any spills.

15. Glass Infuser Bottle

Some like it hot, but not everyone does. This glass infuser bottle is perfect for someone who likes homemade iced tea on the go!

16. Book About Tea

great gifts for tea lovers

The gift of knowledge is one of the best gifts you can give a tea lover. So why don’t you? A book about tea can give your tea lover a little more understanding about their favorite drink, and lead them to trying teas they had no clue about before.

17. Tea Art

Photo courtesy of ShelbyKregel

Who doesn’t love to fill their walls with their favorite things? A not cheesy piece of art centered around tea is a cool gift, and Shelby Kregel‘s pieces are the perfect choice!

18. Electric Kettle

The kitchen isn’t the only place you can make tea. With gifts like this electric tea kettle, tea lovers can bring their water to a boil in any room in the house. It’s a great gift for people who work in an office, or have a home office on a different floor than the kitchen. It will save them a trip and quickly become one of their favorite tea related gifts.

19. Coasters

It’s easier to put your cup of tea down for a second when you have something so gorgeous to put it on. Coasters are one of the best gifts for tea lovers because they prevent surfaces like coffee tables from being destroyed from spills and heat damage. These coasters from Totally Turkish on Etsy are gorgeous, and will make a great gift.

20. On the Go Infuser

This is a quick fix if you love looseleaf tea, but are only in the mood for one cup. Fill up your on the go infuser, give it a few dunks, and then place it back on the petal to drain off. It’s a great, cheap, gift for tea lovers.

21. Tea Bag Organizer

perfect tea gifts for organization

If your loved one is a true tea connoisseur then they probably have a large variety of tea on hand at all times. this tea bag organizer is a great solution to stuffing them all in a jar and lets them display their tea proudly!

There you have it! Any of these tea gifts would make for a great surprise for a tea lover! If you liked this list, you might also enjoy Gifts for Coffee Lovers or some of the other gift lists on GoodGiftLists.com