The Best Gifts for History Teachers

the best gifts for history teachers

While the subject does have a serious rep, that doesn’t mean that your history teacher is all books and no fun. On the contrary, these professionals are just normal people like you and me who have found a passion for the past. And the past isn’t always so serious, so your gifts for History teachers should gear more towards the positive aspects of the subject.

After all, History can be fun, exciting, and thrilling to learn about!

It’s also a topic that has a lot of different subjects under it’s umbrella. Things about the globe can fall under history, as can information about different countries, cities, and states. So get creative when looking for gifts for History teachers. We sure did. All gifts for teachers are special but these gifts really hone into their expertise.

Some of the coolest gifts we found can help to expand the knowledge of these extremely knowledgable people, or give them a way to work their passion into their free time. There’s a million things you could get for a History teacher but these are just a few that really stuck out to us at Good Gift Lists.

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1. Globe Pencil Holder

What better way to hold any loose pens and pencils than in this neat globe themed pencil holder? These make great gifts for history teachers whose desks can get pretty messy after a long day. They can hold all kinds of knick knacks floating around on their desk and encourage a little more organization while looking pretty cool.

2. History Themed Beer Glass

If your history teacher enjoys a cold beverage after a long day of work then they’ll love this funny beer glass. It says “Don’t make me repeat myself” which is a funny nod to how we should always be learning from the failures of the past so we don’t repeat them. It’s also a good reminder for students to listen the first time.

3. Presidential Mug

Help your history teacher enjoy their hot beverage by gifting them the perfect mug to pour it in. They’ll love the presidential theme of this mug. Maybe pair this gift with one for the gifts for coffee lovers!

4. Chronology Game

Knowing that happened when is just one of the many things that history teachers are known to be good at. This game will test that skill in the best way possible. Give it as a gift and then try to convince them to play it in the classroom.

5. Geography Tie

If tie’s are your teacher’s thing then try adding to their collection with this geography inspired tie. It’s will look great with any outfit!

6. Funny History T Shirt

If your history teacher has a funny side then they’ll appreciate this silly history t-shirt. It features on of the most notable presidents getting a good old fashioned work out in.

7. Presedential Socks

Most people wear socks, and most history teachers love presidents so you really can’t go wrong with this gift. It’s one of the more useful gifts for history teachers on this list!

8. Geography Card Game

If Geography is their specialty then you may want to consider giving this game to your history teacher. It will truly test their knowledge in a fun way!

9. Globe Stress Balls

fun gifts for history teachers

A good stress ball can help alleviate tensions you didn’t know you had. They’re also just fun to play with. Grab this gift an hand them out to the whole class. Your teacher will love having one during a stressful day a work.

10. Book Themed Tissue Holder

historical gifts for history teachrs

It’s rare to find a teacher’s classroom that doesn’t have at least one box of tissues in it. So why not help them make that box more exciting by gifting them something like this? This tissue box holder fits over any standard tissue box and can make people a little more excited about going up to grab one.

11. History Teacher Poster

This poster would look great in any classroom, especially that of a elementary history teacher. It’s a simple and silly sign that would be a great gift for a history teacher with a sense of humor.

12. History Room Decor

If your history teacher is new to the classroom, or lacking some good history room decor then they might appreciate gifts for history teachers like this one. It can easily go on the rim of any classroom and give the space a little historical flare.

13. 365 History Fact Calendar

informational gifts for history teachers

This History Channel provides so much useful information through their network, but this little creation is one of their bests. It’s a 365 day calendar that gives recipients a little historical fact to read each day. It’s a great way to test your history teacher’s knowledge and perhaps even teach them something they don’t know. It’s also a gift that keeps on giving, as they can flip the page and learn something new 365 days year.

14. Constitution Whisky Glass

the best gifts for history teachers

The constitution is one of the most notable documents ever created and is usually a favorite of any lover of history. That’s why these whisky glasses are such a hit. They’re great gifts for history teachers who like a hard drink and a good read.

These gifts for history teachers are a great way to show how much you appreciate them. Consider gifting them this holiday season or for teacher’s appreciation day! And if you have more teachers to buy for check out our other teacher gift lists!

Let us know if you ended up choosing anything from this list to give the special teacher in your life.