15 Magnificent Music Teacher Gifts

15 Magnificent Music Teacher Gifts

We’ve found a few music teacher gifts that are sure to bring a smile on your teacher’s face. These gifts are perfect for the holidays, teacher appreciation week, or any occasion where you want to show your music teacher how much you care.

Remember, gifts for music teachers aren’t exactly like other gifts for teachers.

These gifts should have a musical flare to them. If you can, try to find a gift that relates to the specific instrument they play. But if they teach music in general then you’ll be good with nearly any option on this list. Some out favorites include items like a useful music teacher tote bag, musical themed pens, and a few awesome music themed items of clothing!

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  1. Music Teacher Tote Bag

What teacher doesn’t need a good tote bag? These bags are perfect for putting all of their necessities in while they travel from room to room or just from the car to the building. This one has a thoughtful definition of what a music teacher is.

  1. Music Teacher Bracelet
trendy music teacher gifts

If your music teacher likes to wear jewelry then they might be interested in this gorgeous music teacher bracelet. It features awesome pink stones and a kind message on its packaging.

  1. Musical Travel Coffee Mug
useful music teacher gifts

Any hot or cold beverage can be enjoyed in a travel mug like this. It’s the perfect option for music teachers on the go, and looks pretty cool if I do say so myself. It reminds me of some. ofthe artsy gifts featured on our gifts for art teachers blog.

  1. Music Teacher T-Shirt

A cool t-shirt can be worn any time, and this can be worn proudly by all music teachers! It comes in a variety of colors so you can pick which one you think your music teacher would like best. We love this bright orange, but there are definitely some more low key colors to pick from if your music teacher doesn’t like to stand out in the crowd.

  1. Musical Sticky Notes
helpful music teacher gifts

Most music teachers end up using a sticky note or two throughout the day. These unique sticky notes make perfect music teacher gifts for teachers who like to keep their supplies in theme with their subject.

  1. Musical Themed Pens

Speaking of staying gin theme, these musical note themed pens make perfect gifts for music teachers. They come in a variety of fun colors and can ensure that they don’t run out of pens in the near future. And if they ever let someone borrow them it’ll be easy to remember who they originally belonged to.

  1. Vinyl Themed Coasters
fun music teacher gifts

Some music teacher gifts have less to do with instruments and more to do with a love of music itself. These vinyl inspired coasters are a cool nod to the past and make great gifts for music teachers who appreciate a little nostalgia.

  1. Musical Themed Paper Clips
useful music teacher gifts

If you are a teacher you know how important these little gadgets are, and how there never seems to be enough. Give your music teacher a useful gift like these musical note paper clips, and they’ll be sure to thank you!

  1. Music Themed Magnetic Poetry Kit

Bring together music and words with this awesome music lover magnetic poetry kit! It has all the words you ned to crate the next big hit song, or just a lovely sentence or two. It’s a great gift to use on a kitchen refrigerator, but it will stick to any magnetic surface.

  1. Musical Wine Glass

Wine lovers will enjoy music teacher gifts like this one, that mix together two of their favorite things! This glass would be a great gift to pair with an actual bottle of wine if you’re old enough to purchase it.

  1. Music Note Neck Tie

If your music teacher is known to wear ties to work then they’ll likely enjoy receiving music teacher gifts like this one. This musical tie features colorful musical notes and will look great with any outfit!

  1. Music Home Decor
thoughtful music teacher gifts

Liven up the classroom with music teacher gifts like this one. This bit of home or classroom decor can be a great reminder of the impact music can have on people. Helping to decorate the classroom is something that everyone who enters it can enjoy, and we’re sure your teacher will appreciate your help in adding to the vibes of the space.

  1. Engraved Guitar Pick

Not every teacher resides in a school. Music teachers are known to teach in all sorts of locations, especially guitar teachers. if you have a special guitar teacher in your life they’ll probably really appreciate a thoughtful gift like this one.

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  1. Guitar Shaped Decorative Hooks

These epic guitar inspired decorative hooks make the perfect option for hanging anything from coats to bags in your teacher’s musical space. They may even just want to take it home.

  1. Music Teacher Socks
clothing gifts for music teachers

Your music teacher can kick back, relax, and maybe enjoy some awesome tiny desk concerts while they lounge in these comfy socks.

There are so many awesome gifts you can gifts the music teacher in your life.

We hope you found a few that you think your music teacher will love. Let us know if we missed any awesome ideas by telling us in the comments. And be sure to check out some of the other epic gift lists at Good Gift Lists!