The Ultimate Handmaid’s Tale Costume Halloween Style Guide

The Ultimate Handmaid’s Tale Costume Halloween Style Guide

You’re not alone. Tons on people want to look like a character from The Handmaid’s Tale for halloween, but finding the right costume can be tricky. If you’re a fan of the show then you’ll want your Handmaid’s Tale costume to be as realistic as possible, and that often includes going a little above and beyond the standard costume offered in stores.

We’ve found a few DIY options that can help complete your handmaid’s tale costume this season.

These standard costumes mixed with a little bit of creativity can help you create the look of a handmaid, a wife, or even Aunt Lydia if you’re feeling extra sinister. They go great with a few Handmaid’s Tale merch options as well, if you really want to fan out.

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  1. Classic Handmaid Costume
handmaids tale costume

This costume is the base for anyone hoping to look like a handmaid. It covers all the basic costume requirements and you’ll be sure to be noticed for your handmaid like appearance. But why stop there? Complete the look with a few necessary accessories.

  1. Handmaid Bonnet
handmaids tale costume

If you’re going for a DIY Handmaid’s Tale costume then you’ll need this bonnet. It’s one of the classic bonnets worn by the handmaids in the series. This hat and a simple red cloak will make your costume recognizable to most fans of the series.

  1. Handmaid Scarf

The women in the show are known for their modest appearance, which often includes a red scarf when they’re out and about. This one should do the trick. It’ll keep you warm, especially if you plan on doing some adult trick or treating this Halloween.

  1. Red Knit Gloves

Red gloves are also a staple in any handmaid’s wardrobe. Their few moments of free time are often spent walking outdoors with other handmaids to and from the market or on errands for the Gilead wives. These gloves are the perfect option and can also be worn without your handmaid’s costume.

  1. Brown Boots

June is often seen wearing brown books like these when she’s in her handmaid’s tale attire. They’ll really set off the old timey feel of her outfit. They’r also the perfect option if you have to make a quick escape from a party, or to Canada.

  1. Janine’s Eye Patch

If you want to look like a specific handmaid why not try for Janine? Her notorious eye patch makes her stand out from the crowd and reminds everyone of the horrors that are really happening inside of Gilead’s walls.

  1. Gilead Wife’s Costume

handmaids tale costume wife

A handmaid’s costume isn’t the only option you have when trying to dress like the women in the series. Dressing like one of the wives of Gilead is another cool choice to go with and it doesn’t take much to capture the look. This cape set. isa great place to start.

  1. Blue Kitten Heels
handmaids tale costume diy

Gilead wives are often seen wearing kitten heels like these. They give the costume a feminine feel while still staying as modest as the wives like to appear. Make sure to wear a tight bun with this costume to help you commit to this serious role.

  1. Classy Blue Gloves

The wives also like to appear very modest, which is why they’re often seen with gloves on when they leave the house. This pair looks just like something Serena would own.

  1. Aunt Lydia Cloak
hamdmaids tale costume

If you’re feeling extra sinister you may want to try dressing up as Aunt Lydia for your Handmaid’s Tale costume. While this look doesn’t come with an easy to find premade costume like the rest, you can still put together a convincing Aunt Lydia costume with a bit of creativity.

  1. Brown Beret

Aunt Lydia is almost always seen wearing a brown hat, similar to this one. This brown beret could help to complete an Aunt Lydia style costume.

  1. Cinch Waist Belt

Aunt Lydia is also always sporting a cinch belt similar to this one. It cinches her coat and dress together to give a more together look for this intimidating character.

  1. Sinister Walking Cane

If you really trying to complete the Aunt Lydia look for your Handmaid’s Tale costume then you’ll want to purchase a walking cane like this one. It will give your costume a scary feel, much like Aunt Lydia does to hr handmaids.

Are you ready to perfect your Handmaid’s Tale costume this halloween?

We hope our list helped you to gather some DIY ideas to help you look like your favorite Handmaid’s Tale character! Dressing up like our favorite characters will give us all somethng to do while we wait for this beloved series to return to our screens. If you love the series as much as we do you might also like to check. out some cool Handmaid’s Tale merch!