The Best Coraline Merch for Fans of the Movie

The Best Coraline Merch for Fans of the Movie

I remember the first time I ever saw the movie Coraline. It was likely my first experience watching claymation and I’ve been hooked ever since. Now my daughters loves it just as much, and while looking for gifts for her I ended up finding a ton of awesome Coraline merch on the internet.

They really do have everything that any Coraline fan could ever want.

So you can imagine that it was tough for me to decide what gift was best. Luckily with this list I didn’t have to narrow it down to just one. We found everything from dolls to backpacks, posters, and more! Each with it’s own spin on the character or the movie, these Coraline gifts are all special in their own way.

And while there were a ton of great options to choose from, these few were my ultimate favorites.

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  1. Oversized Coraline Plush Blanket

This Coraline oversized plush blanket is the perfect option to throw over a bed or your couch. It features Coraline going through the infamous tunnel and is one of the more visually stunning pieces of Coraline merch on this list. It would also be a great item to wrap yourself up in the next time you watch the movie!

  1. Movie Poster

If you’re looking for a bit of classic Coraline merch than this poster and others like it will be a good fit for you. They’re reminiscent of the original movie posters and can bring abit of nostaligia to your walls.

  1. Button Eye Glasses

I know I’m not the only one who has considered dressing up like Coraline for Halloween, or maybe even the other mother. These pair of button eye glasses are the perfect option to use to complete your costume!

  1. Coraline Doll
children's coaline merch

A child who is obsessed with this movie would love to have a little Coraline doll like this one. It looks just like the doll that Wybie gives Coraline after they meet.

  1. Key Necklace & Dragonfly Haircpin
coraline jewelry merch

Coraline has a few special items that she carries around in the movie, and this fun Coraline merch set makes them both into neat jewelry items you can wear every day.

Coraline Board Game

Want to have a little fun? This Coraline board game will bring the movie to life as players act as the Ghost children from the movie and try to free Coraline and her parents from the evil clutches of the other mother.

  1. Coraline Glow in The Dark Book bag
Coraline backpack coraline merch

There are a ton of fun Coraline book bags to choose from but not many of them come with the added feature of glowing in the dark. We love that this one features her face too!

  1. Coraline Sticker Pack

If you really want to deck out your items with Coraline merch then you’ll love this sticker pack! It features a ton of cool Coraline stickers with a variety of character art to choose from. We think these would look great on a laptop or on the back of a phone case, but the possibilities for placement are truly endless.

  1. Coraline Plush Toy
Cool pieces of coraline merch

We’ve found the perfect Coraline gift for younger fans of the movie. I’ll admit, I didn’t think this movie was for a younger audience but my one year old can’t get enough of it, and so did my niece when she was her age, and this is a nice safe toy for her to have.

  1. Coraline Socks
Coraline merch socks

You can now wear the other mother on your feet with these funky Coraline inspired socks. Put them on under a classic pair of yellow rain boots like the ones Coraline would sport in the movie.

  1. Figurine

Looking for a more stoic display of Coraline? This little figurine would look great on a desk or mantle, or even beside the official book on a bookshelf.

  1. Coraline T-Shirt

One of the easiest ways to rep your Coraline merch is to wear it, and this neat Coraline t-Shirt makes it easy to do just that. Featuring Coraline and a background shadow of the other mother, it’s a spooky to show you’re a fan.

  1. Coraline Plush Mini Backpack

Little Coraline fans will love this plush Coraline backpack. It looks just like her doll but is a great way to store any little knick knacks you want to bring along with you.

  1. “Other” Character Blanket
coraline merch

The “other” characters play such a huge role in this film, and if they are among your favorites you’ll like this piece of Coraline merch. This cozy blanket features the “other” characters and the Pink Palace!

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  1. Enamel Pin

A cute little Coraline enamel pin can fit conveniently on tons of items. Try sticking it to one of the backpacks on this list, or an article of clothing to rep your favorite movie.

  1. Stainless Steel Mug

Coffee lovers will love a pice of Coraline merch like this stainless steel to go mug. It’s. the perfect option to bring with you when you’re on the go or just want to keep your drink warmer longer on a cold day.

We hope you found at least one Coraline gift that brought you joy. Now you can go watch th movie for the 100th time! Be sure to check out our other tv and movie inspired gift lists for some more gift giving inspiration!