21 Thoughtful Gifts for Nursing Students

21 Thoughtful Gifts for Nursing Students

the best gifts for nursing students

That’s why it’s so important to encourage the people in our lives that decide to take this career path. Nursing is a job that requires patience, perseverance, dedication, and hard work and getting through the schooling aspect of it is just the beginning. While your loved one is going through this process, its nice to find them some great gifts for nursing students to encourage them to never give up.

Gifts for nursing students are easier to come by than you’d think.

You have the option of going for nursing student gifts specifically, which include things like knick knacks and clothing that literally say ‘nursing student” on them, or tools to help them. with studying, or the plethora of actual nursing gifts that can be found on the internet. These include more useful gifts like a good pair of daily wear shoes, or a sleep mask that helps them maintain a dark atmostphere during the middle of the day.

We’ve included it all in this epic list of gift ideas for nursing students!

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  1. Pharmacology Flash Cards
helpful gifts for nursing students

Flash cards are a tool that many students find helpful in their studies. These neat flashcards take away the work of creating them and let your nursing student get right down to studying.

  1. Nursing School Planner

Organization is key when it comes to being a nursing students. They often have hectic schedules and keeping track of where to be, when to be there, and what assignments are due can make their lives a whole lot easier.

  1. Nursing School Mug
drinkware gifts for nursing students

This cute mug is a great reminder for your nursing student to maintain their cool while they push through their schooling experience.

  1. Light Blocking Sleep Mask

Because of the unpredictable schedule that is often required of nurses, they often find themselves needing to get some extra sleep during the day in preparation for a night shirt. This eye mask will help them block out the light while they take a nap.

  1. Medical Paperclips

These cute paperclips will be a great accessory to any notebook or textbook your nursing student is using.

  1. Tote Bag and Tumbler Set

A gift set like this makes for perfect gifts for nursing students who are just starting out. The tote bag is a great option to pack a lunch in and the tumbler will be useful when they need to fill up their coffee during the day.

  1. Nurse Themed Inspirational Tumbler Mug
drink ware gifts for nursing students

If you’re looking for a more unique kind of insulated mug for your nursing student than you could go with this one. While it doesn’t say student on it, it does come with a bunch of helpful daily affirmations that will come in handy during tough times.

  1. Nursing Clipboard

Nurses are often required to carry around paperwork for their patients, and this clipboard is a great gift for a nursing student who doesn’t have one yet.

  1. Helpful Reference Cards

Nursing students hav to remember a lot of terminology in order to get through their studies, and this handy little reference card pack can be a helpful gift to give them.

  1. Nursing Student Shot Glasses

if the nursing student in your life is of age then they’ll likely appreciate a gift like these cute shot glasses.

  1. Nursing Tip of the Day

The nursing student in your life might need a bit of encouragement every once in a while, and this tip of the day calendar will be nice to have on the days they don’t speak to you.

  1. Stethoscope Bracelet

This little bracelet would make a good stocking stuffer for a nursing student.

  1. Funny Nurse T-Shirt

If the nursing student in your life appreciates a bit of humor then they’ll love this silly t-shirt.

  1. Nursing Student Gift Pack

If you don’t feel like putting together a gift basket on your them you’ll appreciate this already put together pack of great gifts for nursing students.

  1. Comfortable Nurse Shoes
helpful gifts for nursing students

Comfortable shoes are a must for any nurse or nursing student. Help protect their aching feet by gifting them shoes like these!

  1. Nursing Badge Clip

Nurses will always need badge clips, and these fun little clips will give their uniform a little more personality.

  1. Nurse Themed Candle
relaxing gifts for nursing students

Coming home from a long day of nursing school is a lot more exciting when you have a fresh scent to light. This canlde makes an excellent gift for a nursing student who needs a little relaxation in their lives.

  1. Hand Lotion Gift Set
useful gifts for nursing students

Nurses have to wash their hands a lot during the day which can lead to dry and cracking hands when they get home. help them combat this problem by gifting them a helpful hand lotion set like this one from Burts Bees!

  1. Nurse in Training Sweatshirt
clothing gifts for nursing students

If your nurse in training isn’t afraid to rep their student status then they’ll love a cozy sweatshirt like this one.

  1. Nursing School Survival Kit

Make your own little nursing school survival kit in this cute canvas pouch.

  1. Nursing School Wine Glass
nursing student gifts

When you’re over 21 few things feels better than drinking a nice glass of wine after a long day. This wine glass is perfect for nursing students

There you have it! These are some of the best gifts for nursing students that we found on the internet!

We hope you found a few that you think your nursing student will love. Let us know if we missed any awesome ideas by telling us in the comments. And be sure to check out some of the other epic gift lists at Good Gift Lists!